Gaza Interior Ministry arrests terror cell affiliated to ‘Israel’

The cell was planning for terrorist attacks against targets inside the Gaza strip

Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in the Gaza strip announced on Friday that it arrested a terror cell affiliated to ‘Israel’, which was planning to carry out a terrorist attack against the Palestinian resistance.

In a press release, the Ministry said withing its efforts to maintain the security of the Gaza strip, it “detected suspicious movements of several persons”.

The police “started intensive investigations and tracking operations of the suspects”, the statement said. “The suspects were arrested after a multi-day operation”.

The police added that it confiscated technical equipment which was used to carry out their missions inside the enclave, as well as amounts of money that were provided to them as rewards by the occupation state.

The investigations and interrogation revealed that the terrorists were planning for terrorist attacks against the Palestinian resistance under the direct supervision of Israeli officers in the Israeli army.

“The Security Services will continue the investigations and initiate legal procedures against the suspects”, the statement added.

(Source / 03.07.2020)

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