‘Israel’ levels large swaths of Azmout to construct settlement road

Nablus (QNN)- The Israeli army continues to level large swaths of the village of Azmout in the north-east of Nablus to construct a settlement road that swallows most of the village’s lands.

The Secretary of Fatah movement, Alaa Thabet, told QNN that the leveling operations that the Israeli army has done over the recent months aimed at constructing a road for the illegal settlement of Elon Moreh, grabbing nearly 50 dunums of the village’s land.

He added that the Israeli army leveled today large swaths of the village and put six mobile houses. The army had built a military tower to control the houses of the village.

The residents of the village had organized several protests against the leveling and settlement operations in their village.

“The Shin Bet threatened several activists, who took part in the protests”, said Thabet. “Two Israeli officers called me and threatened to harm me if I continue my anti-settlement activities.”

Thabet added that the Israeli army declared the area a military zone, preventing dozens of farmers from reaching their lands.

“Wastewater from the settlements floods the village, affecting the environment due to the harmful industrial chemicals that it contains”, he added.

(Source / 01.07.2020)

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