Hamas mourns Palestinian executed by Israeli occupation in Jerusalem

Ahmad Mustafa Erekat
Ahmad Mustafa Erekat

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas mourned Ahmad Mustafa Erekat, a 26-year-old resident of Abu Dis town in occupied Jerusalem, who was shot dead by Israeli occupation soldiers at the “Container” military checkpoint in the West Bank city of Nablus on the day of his sister’s wedding party.

In a press statement, Hamas offered its sincere condolences to Erekat’s family, stressing that “the blood of martyr Ahmad, who was left bleeding to death by Israeli occupation soldiers, is the fuel of the resistance option.”

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Attempts by the Israeli occupation to break the Palestinian will through killings are bound to fail, Hamas added, reaffirming that the resistance option is the only way capable of deterring the Israeli occupation from continuing its aggression and crimes against the Palestinian people and their rights.

Hamas called for intensifying the Palestinian action against the Israeli occupation in order to foil its plans to annex and judaise Palestinian territories and holy sites. 

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Israeli soldiers shot Palestinian young man and left him leading to death at a checkpoint to the east of of Jerusalem.


فيديو مُضمّن

١٥١المعلومات والخصوصية لإعلانات تويتر٢٦٦ من الأشخاص يتحدثون عن ذلكIsraeli CrimesWest BankJerusalemHamasAhmad Erekat

(Source / 24.06.2020)

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