Updated Occupation launches a large campaign of arrests

The occupation forces arrested 17 citizens of the West Bank, including two brothers, a father and a son, in addition to former prisoners, Monday evening, at dawn.

The Al-Asir Club said that six citizens were arrested from several parts and towns in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, namely: Wa’d Mamdouh Al-Ramahi, Moaz Sufyan Al-Ramahi, and Ahmed Muhammad Matar, who are from Al-Jalazoun camp, while three citizens were arrested from the towns of Kober and Abu Shakhidem, and they are: Basil Al-Barghouthi and his son Muhammad and Muhammad Zahi Abu Zahir.

He added that the occupation was arrested by the brothers, Ahmed and Muhammad Ibrahim Hammad (Sheikh), in addition to Wassim Jihad Nazzal

From the town of Tayasir in Tubas Governorate, the occupation arrested: Zahi Ahmed Abu Ali, Daham Fayez Subaih, and Iyad Mithqal Abu Mohsen, according to Al-Asir Club.

Added to the detainees are Ali Abu Surur (25 years), Muhammad Akram Taqatqa (27 years old), both from Bethlehem, Ali Sufyan Obeid from Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem, and two other citizens from the towns of Anabta and Zita in Tulkarm, namely: Moamen Salim Hanoun and Badr Mazen Saeed Ahmed (23 years old), according to Al-Asir Club.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Human Rights Center: 45 days in prison, an Israeli officer, who killed a Palestinian fisherman in Gaza

An Israeli court issued a reduced and formal judgment on an Israeli officer, who killed a Palestinian fisherman, in 2018, which was 45 days in prison.

And the Israeli courts used to issue virtually negligible rulings against Israeli soldiers in the event of committing crimes against the Palestinians, as it had spent (30) days in prison (through military labor) against another Israeli soldier accused of killing the child Othman Rami Helles (14 years), according to Al-Mizan Center. For human rights.

Al-Mizan Center stated today, Monday, that the Israeli military court in Lod issued a reduced sentence on the fifteenth of this month, against an Israeli officer accused of killing the Palestinian fisherman Nawwaf Ahmad Al-Attar (23 years), a resident of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, with a live bullet in the abdomen. While practicing his fishing career, on the 14th of November 2018, on the shore of Al-Sudaniya area.

According to the center, after a criminal complaint filed by Al-Mizan to the Military Public Prosecutor on 11/27/2018, supported by supporting evidence and eyewitnesses, the Israeli military police began investigating the incident on 7/4/2019 and summoned the victim’s brother on 5/13/19 2020 AD to the Beit Hanoun crossing, “Erez”, to testify.

The aforementioned ruling included the actual prison sentence with the military action for a period of (45 days) in circumstances determined by the qualification authority official (the military police officer), and the suspended prison sentence of between two months and two years in the event that the accused committed a violation of the violations he was convicted of, or Violation on the basis of unlawful use of the weapon, and demotion of his rank to a soldier, for committing two violations of “deviations from powers to the point of forming a danger to life or health,” according to Article (72) of the Israeli Military Judiciary Law of 1955 AD, and “sabotage through negligence, According to Article (341) of the Israeli Penal Code of 1977 AD, after the Military Prosecutor on 2/6/2020 issued an indictment to the officer accused of killing the fisherman Al-Attar for violating the powers and materials mentioned, and the judgment was issued on 15/6/2020 AD.

The Center pointed out in a statement that after reviewing the merits of the judicial ruling, which shows the accused’s explicit confession to the commission of his crime, in addition to the evidence presented by the center to the military prosecutor in his pursuit of the victim’s access to justice, and the nature of the reduced sentence issued against the defendant who considered the murder a violation, which It is not commensurate with the seriousness of the crime, as well as withholding the date when the sentence began to be carried out from the agent and the victim’s family.

The center said, “The Israeli judiciary is proceeding with attempts to protect the Israeli soldiers from proper accountability and accountability, unfairness of the victims and reparation for their damages, and in an attempt to circumvent the principle of the integrated jurisdiction of the international judiciary, by opening investigations and conducting mock trials seeking to stop the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, given that The Rome Charter establishing it does not allow a person to be tried twice for the same crime under Article (20). However, paragraph (3) of it established two exceptions that enable it to retry the person, namely: if the national judiciary in its trial deliberately protects the person from criminal responsibility, or The trial was not conducted in an independent or impartial manner, and accordingly, Al Mezan Center affirms that the jurisdiction of the international judiciary remains in the mentioned case.

The Center affirmed that the right to life and physical integrity is guaranteed under international law, and that the occupation forces ’continued targeting of civilians constitutes a grave violation of the essence of the protection provided by international law to individuals without discrimination, and the judicial rulings of the occupying state and its orientation towards reducing the punishment for perpetrators of clear violations, Additional evidence of its failure as a system to meet international standards for judicial independence.

The Center referred to the ruling of the Israeli Military Court on 10/28/2019, against an Israeli soldier accused of killing the child Othman Rami Hilles (14 years) during the return march activities in the past year, in actual imprisonment for a period of (30) days (by military labor), and (60) days suspended execution and demotion.

Al-Mezan Center called on the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards the residents of the occupied Palestinian territories, and to urgently intervene to stop the grave violations by the occupying forces of international human rights standards and rules of international humanitarian law, provide protection for Palestinian civilians, and activate accountability and accountability tools in the occupied Palestinian territories.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Israel fines Palestinian $30,000 after demolishing his East Jerusalem home

Israeli soldiers leave Palestinians homeless as they demolish a 2 storey building with bulldozers in East Jerusalem on 22 July 2019 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]
Israeli soldiers leave Palestinians homeless as they demolish a 2 storey building with bulldozers in East Jerusalem on 22 July 2019

A Palestinian home located in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan was demolished because it allegedly lacked the necessary construction permit, reported Wafa news agency.

Palestinians are rarely granted building permits by the Israeli occupation authorities, especially in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Centre said that the occupation municipality crews, accompanied by a large number of Israeli occupation forces, stormed the Al-Bustan neighbourhood to surround the house of Mohammad Al-Rajabi and proceeded to demolish it.

Al-Rajabi said the municipality issued the demolition order against his house, which was built two months ago, and did not give him the right to appeal the order.

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An Israeli court also gave the family a deadline that expired last week to raze the property themselves or pay the municipality $30,000 to carry out the demolition.

A restrictive planning regime applied by Israeli authorities makes it almost impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits in Area C, impeding the development of adequate housing, infrastructure and livelihoods.

This latest violation against the residents of East Jerusalem comes two weeks before the planned Israeli annexation of large swathes of the occupied West Bank as part of the US’ so-called ‘deal of the century’.

ZERO building permits were issued by Israel in 2015 !

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian after alleged car-ramming in West Bank

27-year-old Ahmad Erekat [Twitter]
27-year-old Ahmad Erekat

Israeli forces on Tuesday shot dead a Palestinian who they said had tried to run over an officer with his car in the occupied West Bank.

The officer was lightly injured in the incident, a police spokesman said. It took place at an Israeli military checkpoint near the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem.

Palestinian officials questioned the police’s account of the man’s death. They identified him as 27-year-old Ahmad Erekat.

“This young man was killed in cold blood. Tonight was his sister’s wedding,” said Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Erekat said the man killed was his relative and that his wedding was set for next week.

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“What the occupation forces claim, that he was trying to run someone over, is a lie,” he said.

Video showed Israeli troops placing a plastic sheet over the man, who lay shirtless on the ground next to his vehicle.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet due on July 1 to begin discussing the annexation of the West Bank, territory Israel captured in a 1967 war, and that Palestinians seek for a state.

Palestinians vehemently oppose the annexation plan, as do most world powers.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Young Women at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Israeli police assaulted and arrested five Palestinian young women, and an Al-Aqsa guard, on Sunday, inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the southern occupied West Bank city of Jerusalem, Quds Press reported.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwanic) said in a brief statement, “The occupation forces arrested five girls and a guard at the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Bab Al-Rahma area.”

Eyewitnesses identified the abducted young women as; Shifa Abu Ghalia, Ayat Abu Nab, Ayat Maatouk, Maram Al Natsheh, and Mayar Al Natsheh.

The Islamic Endowments and Affairs condemned the actions of the occupation police in assaulting the worshipers inside the sacred mosque, as well as the arrest of the Al-Aqsa Mosque guard, Abdel Karim Qaoud, for objecting to the assault on the five young ladies.


(Source / 23.06.2020)

Illegal Israeli Colonists Attack Palestinian Property Near Ramallah

Several fanatic illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked, Monday, Palestinian property in Beitillu village, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Local sources said the colonists infiltrated into the village and punctured the tires of many cars, in addition to writing racist graffiti.

They added that the colonists fled the village heading back to a nearby illegal colonialist outpost.

Earlier Monday, several paramilitary colonist Israeli settlers attacked many Palestinian-owned vehicles in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Two weeks ago, the colonists carried out similar violations against Palestinian property in Zeit and as-Sawiya villages, north of Nablus.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Palestinian Baby Dies After Israel Denies Permit for Medical Treatment

The Israeli Annexation Plan, announced last month by Israeli authorities, and put into practice this month, has apparently claimed its first victim, as a Palestinian baby scheduled for a lifesaving operation in Israel was denied a permit by Israeli authorities who run the West Bank and Gaza under martial law.

An eight-month old infant from the Gaza Strip was the first to die under this new system of closure and annexation – but the Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHRI) warn that he will not be the last.

Omar Yaghi, an infant with a cardiac condition, died on Thursday after Israeli military officials denied his family the access to go to Israel for his scheduled May 24th surgery at Sheba Medical Center. The stated reason for the denial of his travel was the cessation of coordination between the Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee (PCAC) – a part of the Palestinian Authority (PA) – and the Israeli military authorities which control all access to the West Bank and Gaza, and all internal roadways and travel.

Israeli authorities have long used an antiquated and nearly-impossible to navigate ‘permit’ system which requires Palestinians who need medical care to go to a military base and wait for hours or days to try to get a permit to reach the hospital. This system has cost hundreds of lives over the years, and now, with the Palestinian Authority pulling its implicit consent for this martial law, there are no permits being issued and therefore, no travel for medical care.

The problem lies not with the Palestinian Authority, however, as most media have tried to claim, but with Israel, which has an obligation under international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention to provide the means for the population under its military’s occupation since 1967 to be allowed freedom of access to medical care.

According to Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHRI), “In recent days, we have seen a spike in requests for help from Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank who need medical treatment that is not available locally. These patients, some in critical condition and who require life-saving treatment, have told us that the Palestinian agencies in charge of liaising with the Israeli authorities have stopped transferring exit permit applications that were submitted for medical reasons.

“Patients further reported that the Palestinian Ministry of Health refuses to refer them to Israeli hospitals or cover the cost of treatment in Israel. Consequently, Israeli hospitals have refused to admit back organ transplant patients who have returned to their homes for post-surgery rehabilitation.

“Among the people affected are two leukemia patients from Nablus aged 25 and 46, whose routine treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem was halted over lack of coverage by the Palestinian Authority; a 37-year-old lung transplant patient who stopped receiving care at Beilinson Hospital as the Palestinian Ministry of Health refused to cover the 900 shekel per-visit cost; an eight-month-old baby with a heart condition from the Gaza Strip who has been unable to travel for treatment at Sheba Hospital because the Palestinian Civilian Affairs Committee refuses to forward an exit permit application for him and a 24-year-old woman from the Gaza Strip who requires ongoing treatment for orthopedic issues and whose application for a permit was denied by the Palestinian coordination. ”

The Israeli human rights group concludes, “Given the fact that Israel controls the area, the crossings and the living conditions of the Palestinian population, and since Israel instituted the failed permit system, it shoulders the responsibility to find a quick solution to enable patients to travel freely to receive medical treatment. Most patients in the Gaza Strip travel for treatment in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and their health must not be affected. We are on the brink of medical chaos. Right now, hundreds are affected. Thousands will be affected soon.”

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Eight Palestinians Injured by Israeli Forces in Jordan Valley Protest

Israeli military forces shot and injured 8 Palestinian civilians, Monday evening, in Jericho in the occupied Jordan Valley, Palestinian Information Center reported.

Thousands of Palestinians turned out to the protest against the impending annexation of much of the Jordan Valley, however, Israeli forces closed entrances to Jericho city, leading to confrontations between demonstrators and the Israeli army.

Local sources said the military fired at the Palestinians with rubber-coated steel rounds, tear-gas canisters and concussion grenades, injuring eight.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported four Palestinian injuries by rubber-coated steel rounds and four others were injured by tear-gas canisters.

No further information regarding the details of the injuries, or the current conditions were available at the time of this report.

Important to note, a Palestinian man was shot and wounded, by Israeli soldiers, on Monday. The Israeli military alleged that the Palestinian man threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli military vehicles.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Injure one Palestinian, Arrest Three at Joseph’s Tomb

In the West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli soldiers shot and wounded a Palestinian youth, late on Monday night, and caused many others to suffocate by tear gas fired at protesters, by Israeli forces, near Joseph’s Tomb.

Witnesses told media outlets that the soldiers clashed with tens of Palestinian locals, who protested the invasion of the ancient memorial site, Joseph’s Tomb, late on Monday night.

Witnesses said that several Israeli armored vehicles, along with dozens of colonial Israeli settlers, broke into the site and soldiers began shooting rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas canisters, to disperse Palestinian crowds, who apparently attempted to turn the invading forces back.

They further noted that during clashes with local Palestinian residents, Israeli soldiers assaulted, with batons local Palestinian residents, Mohammad Tarteer and Sa’d Abu Mazrou’, causing both of them to suffer bruises.

Media sources in Nablus city confirmed the slight injury of a local youth, with a rubber-coated steel bullet, as well as the suffocation by tear gas inhalation of many others, during last night’s protest.

In the meantime, other sources in Nablus confirmed that Israeli soldiers, at the Huwara checkpoint, south of Nablus, abducted three youths, Said Dwaikat, Aseel Dwaikat and Ahmad Dwaikat, all members of same family.

The sources noted that the three youths are residents of the Beta village, on the outskirts of Nablus, and that they were abducted when they attempted to pass the long-standing Huwara checkpoint.

(Source / 23.06.2020)

Israeli Troops Dismantle Palestinian-owned Agricultural Structures in Hebron

Israeli troops dismantled by force early on Tuesday morning a Palestinian-owned Caravan in the West Bank city of Hebron.

Local Palestinian activist in southern Hebron, Fo’ad Alemour, told the Palestinian Wafa News Agency that Israeli troops invaded the Al-Awar neighborhood, using armored vehicles and bulldozers and abruptly began dismantling an agricultural room, owned by Palestinian resident, Thaer Ghaith.

Alثmour further said that Israeli troops also dismantled by force a Caravan, used for agricultural purposes, owned by the local Palestinian family of Abu Rajab and is located in the Zaif neighborhood, near the southern entrance of Hebron city.

Noteworthy, there is a number of major Israeli colonist settlements in the Palestinian city of Hebron. These settlements are said to have strangulated the city, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians live.

(Source / 23.06.2020)