Jordan’s Abdullah warns about an Israeli annexation of West Bank

Amman (QNN) – Jordan’s King Abdullah has warned of an Israeli decision to annex parts of the West Bank in July, saying it will destroy stability in Palestine and the Middle East.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to extend sovereignty to Israeli settlements through annexation to the parts of West Bank that Israel seized from Jordan in 1967.

Netanyahu’s new government is due to begin discussing the de facto annexation on July 1, but it is unclear whether Israel’s main ally, the United States, would greenlight the step.

Thus, King Abdullah expressed worries about the Israeli`s annexation plan, noting to U.S. lawmakers that peace would only come with the creation of an independent, sovereign and a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Officials fear that the annexation decision will lead to the non-establishment of the state of Palestine and affect to Jordan because it has many Palestinian refugees who were forcibly displaced from their home in 1948.

Meanwhile, European and Arab states warned of possible violence and diplomatic repercussions and urged Israel not to annex its settlements, regarded by many countries as illegal.

(Source / 18.06.2020)

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