Hamas will spare no effort to stop annexation

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Husam Badran on Monday said that his movement will never fail its people and will try by all means to stop the Israeli annexation of the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

Badran said, in press statements, that Israel is not “invincible”. “We have already defeated it in many occasions,” he added.

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Badran said that Hamas believes in a comprehensive and inclusive national project that is built on all forms of resistance: armed, diplomatic, popular and political.

He pointed out that Hamas has talked to several Palestinian parties and is ready for a dialogue with Fatah movement to agree on a strategy to confront the imminent annexation.

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“The Palestinian people have the final word and the exclusive right to determine their options in resisting the occupation. They are qualified enough to thwart the annexation, and they can be bet on,” the Hamas official stressed.

(Source / 16.06.2020)

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