In Video| Israeli raids with police dogs in Jerusalem resulting in 7 arrests

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces, accompanied by police dogs, arrested seven native Palestinians from occupied Jerusalem, including three siblings from Az Za’tari family, on Monday.

Local sources said Israeli forces used police dogs to raid houses at At Tour neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem and attacked one of the families.

The houses that were raided include the houses of Jamal Zatari, Sari Abul Hawa, Hamza Abul Hawa, Sari Joulani, and Muhammad Abu Jom’a. Israeli forces vandalized the houses that were raided.

The Israeli forces also arrested Muhammad and Ahmad Za’tari and brutally beat them in front of Al Maskubiyyeh interrogation center before arresting their brother Jamal as well.

(Source / 15.06.2020)

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