In Pictures| Angry protests in occupied Jaffa continue after Israeli decision to demolish Islamic cemetery

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- For over a week, the locals of occupied Jaffa continued to protest against the Israeli decision to demolish an Islamic cemetery in the occupied city.

A wave of angry protests has been sweeping the occupied city against the Israeli plans to demolish Al Is’af Islamic cemetery and build residential buildings instead.

The protesters set fires to dumpsters and threw Molotov cocktails at the building of Jaffa’s municipality last night after the Israeli authorities cracked down on several peaceful protests and arrested several protesters.

Last Friday, the Israeli police has closed several main roads and deployed throughout Palestinian neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, locals of the city set a set-in tent near the cemetery and performed Friday prayer at it. After performing prayers, they walked in a peaceful march that was repressed by the Israeli police.

Last Monday, the Israeli police accompanied by bulldozers broke into the cemetery and started leveling it, while dozens of protesters reached the cemetery to stop the leveling operations.

(Source / 14.06.2020)

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