Facebook accused of blocking Palestinian activists’ accounts

A mobile phone screen displays the Facebook Messenger logo in front of a computer screen showing the Facebook sign on 27 February, 2020 [Ali Balıkçı/Anadolu Agency]
A mobile phone screen displays the Facebook Messenger logo in front of a computer screen showing the Facebook sign on 27 February, 2020

Facebook has blocked accounts belonging to Palestinian activists, bloggers and journalists, violating the right to freedom of opinion, according to the London-based think tank ImpACT International for Human Rights Policies.

The social media giant is closing millions of accounts in the Middle East and North Africa region, the NGO has warned, calling it an early sign of failure of the company’s newly appointed oversight board.

“The Facebook oversight board should assess the company’s policies in the Middle East, particularly whether the geographic location of its offices impacts human rights-related practices,” it said.

“Mass blocking of Facebook silences voices and restricts freedom of expression,” it added, and calling on Facebook management “to stop blocking bloggers’, journalists’ and activists’ accounts, protect the right to opinion and expression guaranteed in international conventions and treaties, and adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits suppression of dissenting voices.”

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Palestinians have for years complained that Facebook is targeting their accounts, deleting them without notice.

Last October, journalists and activists in Palestine launched a social media campaign against Facebook accusing it of censoring Palestinian content in cooperation with Sada Social Centre, a group that monitors social media violations against Palestinian content.

Al Jazeera noted that “in late 2016, Facebook signed an agreement with Israel’s Justice Ministry in which it promised to “monitor” content on Palestinian accounts”.

It said the attacks it is facing are part of Facebook’s targeting of Palestinian media organisations and aimed to please Israel which seeks to stop the occupation’s crimes from being exposed on an international basis.

(Source / 08.06.2020)

Ex-Israel security official calls for reoccupying Gaza

A Palestinian schoolgirl covering her ears 09 march 1993 in Gaza City [PATRICK BAZ/AFP via Getty Images]
A Palestinian schoolgirl covering her ears 09 march 1993 in Gaza City

Former Director of Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet, Yitzhak Ilan, has called for reoccupying the Gaza Strip, Israeli news website Akka reported yesterday.

According to Akka, Ilan’s remarks came in an interview with a Hebrew newspaper on Saturday.

In the interview, Ilan said that Hamas Chief in Gaza Yahya Al-Sinwar had realised “unprecedented” achievements for Hamas, pointing out he used tools from the stone age and described them as amazing.

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Ilan added: “I know Al-Sinwar very well as I met him in the prison and he asked me what language I would have spoken to him and I said: Arabic. I passed some messages to him. He is a bitter, clever and wise enemy.”

He cited the protests of the Great March of Return, the incendiary kites and balloons and the night disturbance units as of Al-Sinwar’s own planning.

Ilan added: “Al-Sinwar knows us very well. He reads [Israeli papers] Yedioth Ahronoth and Maariv. He has very good knowledge about Israeli society.”

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Israeli Soldiers Abduct 23 Palestinians In Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, 23 Palestinians, most of them are members of Fateh Movement, from their homes in several parts of occupied East Jerusalem, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported.

Silwanic stated that the soldiers conducted violent searches of dozens of homes in Silwan, Wadi al-Jouz, Sur Baher, al-‘Isawiya, Beit Hanina and the Old City, before abducting the Palestinians.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud stated that the Israeli army’s “justification” for abducting the 23 Palestinians is that “they work for the Palestinian Authority” in Jerusalem.

One of the abducted Palestinians is Amjad Abu al-‘Assab, the head of Detainees Parents Committee in Jerusalem.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Amjad Abu al-‘Assab.
  2. Ehab Abu Sbeitan.
  3. Mohammad Sayyad.
  4. Ahmad Mousa Mustafa.
  5. Farid al-Basity.
  6. Mohammad ash-Shibil.
  7. Ahmad Khweiss.
  8. Talal Sayyad.
  9. Naji Abu Jom’a.
  10. Khaled Abu Ghannam.
  11. Eyad al-Hadra.
  12. Moath al-Ashhab.
  13. Jihad ‘Oweida.
  14. Ahmad Arafat.
  15. Nidal Affana.
  16. Samer Shanak.
  17. Hazem Gharabla.
  18. Mazen Bader.
  19. Wasim Resheq.
  20. Ashraf Obeid.
  21. Zoheir Obeid.
  22. Fawzi Sha’ban.
  23. Ashraf Najeeb.

(Source / 08.06.2020)

Israeli Military Razes Land in Gaza, Sets up Mobile Homes in West Bank

The Israeli military invaded the blockaded Gaza Strip, on Monday morning, and razed land in the Abu Safiya area.

A local monitor told Quds Press, that military vehicles, including 3 bulldozers intruded into and proceeded to level Palestinian lands, east of Jabalia, northern besieged Gaza Strip.

In the occupied West Bank, on Sunday, Israeli forces placed a number of tents and mobile homes near the northern West Bank village of Beit Furik, east of Nablus City, a local activist said.

Activist, Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors Israel’s illegal settlement activities in the area, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that soldiers placed the structures on al-Matala mountain, east of Beit Furik village.

These actions by the Israeli military appear to be a prelude to Israel’s impending annexation of the much of the West Bank, and its illegal colonial settlements, therefore seizing full control and sovereignty.

(Source / 08.06.2020)

WAFA: Israel Committed 27 Violations Against Journalists in May 2020

The Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) said in a report, on Sunday, that it has documented 27 violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against journalists and media institutions working in the occupied Palestinian territories during May.

The report on Israeli violations against journalists states that these violations included the use of live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets and tear-gas canisters against journalists, in addition to physical assault and arrest.

WAFA said 11 journalists were either injured by live fire or rubber-coated rounds, suffocated by teargas or beaten by Israeli forces during the month, while 15 journalists were either arrested or targeted by Israeli gunfire but were not injured. Other journalists, meanwhile, had their press card revoked by Israeli soldiers.

On May 3, the report said, the Israeli military court of Ofer sentence Mays Abu Ghoush, a student of media at Birzeit University, to 16 months in jail in addition to a fine of 2000 shekels. Abu Ghoush was arrested on August 29, 2019, and was savagely tortured by Israeli interrogators during her first weeks of detention.

On May 4, Israeli police detained Palestinian journalist Tamer Ebeidat, a correspondent of Ma’an News Agency, after storming his home in occupied Jerusalem.

On May 10, Israeli occupation authorities ordered a renewed ban on the work of the official Palestine TV in occupied Jerusalem for an additional six months, under the pretext that it is run by the Palestinian Authority, which is not allowed to operate in the city.

On the same day, freelance journalist, Karim Khamayseh, was injured by Israeli soldiers who fired rubber-coated bullets at him while covering the Israeli army invasion of Kobar village, near Ramallah.

On May 12, Israeli soldiers assaulted journalists, Nasser Shtayyeh and Majdi Shtayyeh, while they were covering the Israeli crackdown on the town of Ya’bad, northern occupied West Bank.

On May 14, Israeli soldiers assaulted journalist, Layla Hamarsheh, after invading her family’s home in Ya’bad.

On May 19, Israeli forces detained journalist, Mohammad Ameen Abu-Daqqa, a cancer patient, at Beit Hanoun border crossing, on Gaza-Israel border, while he was returning back from Jordan where he had undergone chemotherapy for eight months.

On May 23, Israeli occupation authorities ordered Adnan Najib, a freelance journalist, to stay away from Jerusalem on the pretext of “incitement to violence and threatening Israeli security”.

Other similar incidents of assault, injury, or detention of journalists by Israeli troops also documented during the last week of the month.

(Source / 08.06.2020)

Israeli municipality demolish cemetery in Jaffa to build housing complex

Dozens of Palestinians in Jaffa gathered around the cemetery in protest against the demolition process while an Israeli bulldozer was exhuming the corpses of Palestinians and muslims buried in it

Occupied Jaffa (QNN) – The Israeli municipality in the occupied city of Jaffa demolished the Palestinian-Muslim cemetery of “al-Isa’af” in order to build residential structures on the cemetery’s land on Sunday, according to local media sources.

Dozens of Palestinians in Jaffa gathered around the cemetery in protest against the demolition process while an Israeli bulldozer was exhuming the corpses of Palestinians and muslims buried in it.

#Watch | The Israeli municipality in the occupied city of Yaffa exhumed corpses of Palestinian, Muslims in the cemetery of “al-Isa’af” after razing it on Sunday in order to build residential structures on the cemetery’s land.

Palestinians in the occupied city began protesting against the Israeli plan a few months earlier. They sumbitted a request to the Supreme Court of “Israel” to cancel the Israeli project that aims to build a housing complex on the cemetery’s land, but the request was rejected.

The Israeli occupation’s authorities took over the cemetery, like many other Palestinian lands, through the “Absentees’ Property Law,” which has been the main legal instrument used by Israel since 1950 to take possession of the land belonging to the internal and external Palestinian refugees, and Muslim Waqf properties across the state.

(Source / 08.06.2020)

Israel orders demolition of structures in north and south of West Bank

Hebron (QNN) – Israeli authorities today issued demolition orders against several structures in the north and south of the occupied West Bank under the pretext of building without permit, according to local sources.

Demolition orders were issued against a park, unpaved road, retaining walls, a children playing ground and a storage space owned by a Palestinian family in the village of Hares, to the west of the northern West Bank city of Salfit, and built on a 100-dunum plot.

Amin Dawood, son of the owner of the structures, told official news agency WAFA that the forces handed his family the demolition notices against the structures claiming they were built without a permit.

In the south of the West Bank, the Israeli army notified six people in Khillet al-Khaldieh and Khillet Azouh, in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, of the intention to demolish their homes, animal barns and a water well also under the pretext of building without permit from the army, according to Rateb al-Jabour, a local activist.

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Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian toddler in West Bank

The Israeli criminal settler, who ran over the Palestinian toddler, did not stop and fled the scene, Palestinian police said

Palestinian toddler was killed on Sunday evening when Israeli settler ran over him in the West Bank town of Yatta, south of Al Khalil, Palestinian police reported.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Police, Loai Irzeiqat, said that a two-and-a-half-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Israeli criminal settler, who ran over the Palestinian toddler, did not stop and fled the scene, said Irzeiqat.

According to Irzeiqat, the identity of the Israeli Jewish settler is still unknown, but he reiterated that the settler fled to a nearby illegal Jewish settlement.

We could not have a picture for the toddler so that we posted a picture for Tariq, a seven-year-old Palestinian boy killed by run over of Zionist settler in last year in the town of Tarqomia, west of Al Khalil.

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Een groot moment in huis

Een van de grote gunsten is ongetwijfeld dat Allah jou van kinderen voorziet. In hun eerste jaren zijn zij niet meer dan een bron van geluk en plezier in huis. Naarmate ze ouder worden zie je de verantwoordelijkheden toenemen.

Ze gaan van fase naar fase totdat ze een hele belangrijke fase bereiken. Eén die voor ons als ouders een grote verantwoordelijkheid met zich meebrengt. Het kind wordt namelijk (islamitisch) volwassen. Dit betekent dat alle islamitische richtlijnen die voorheen niet verplicht waren, dit nu wel zijn.

Vaak vindt deze overgang van kind naar volwassene plaats in huis zonder dat de ouders hierbij stilstaan. Laat staan dat de kinderen hier bewust van worden gemaakt. Hier moeten we met ze allen verandering in brengen door meer over dit onderwerp te spreken en te schrijven.

Dan is nu de belangrijke vraag: hoe weet ik als ouder dat mijn kind deze overgang heeft gemaakt? Er is sprake van deze overgang wanneer één van de volgende zaken zich voordoet:

1) Zaadlozing. Wanneer het kind een zaadlozing heeft gehad die gepaard gaat met genot, ongeacht of dit tijdens de slaap is of overdag, dan heeft hij of zij deze overgang gemaakt.

2) Schaamhaar. En daarmee wordt het haar bedoeld dat grof en ruw is. Dus niet de lichte haartjes die kinderen al op jonge leeftijd kunnen hebben.

3) De leeftijd van vijftien jaar bereikt. Maanjaren wel te verstaan. Als er geen sprake is van de andere kenmerken, maar het kind wel de leeftijd van vijftien jaar heeft bereikt, dan is hij of zij islamitisch gezien volwassen.

4) Een vierde kenmerk die specifiek geldt voor de vrouw is het vloeien van menstruatiebloed.

Wanneer er sprake is van één van deze vier kenmerken, dan heeft jouw kind islamitisch gezien de volwassenheid bereikt en gelden alle islamitische verplichtingen nu ook voor hen. Zij zijn nu toerekeningsvatbaar voor hun daden, wat wil zeggen dat ze zondig zijn wanneer ze de verplichtingen verzuimen of verboden zaken begaan. 

Nieuwe fase
Waren ze voorheen nonchalant met het gebed en had dit geen gevolgen, wanneer ze het nu nalaten zijn ze zondig. Werden sommige dagen van de Ramadan wel en sommige niet gevast, nu moet de hele maand worden gevast en zijn ze zondig als ze niet vasten.

Droeg jouw dochter af en toe wel de hoofddoek en af en toe niet, nu is het een verplichting en is ze zondig wanneer ze deze niet draagt. En dit geldt nu voor alle islamitische richtlijnen.

Beste ouder

We zullen door Allah worden gevraagd over de opvoeding van onze kinderen. Bereid je voor op deze ondervraging door je tot het uiterste in te spannen voor hun islamitische vorming.   

Heeft jouw kind deze overgang nog niet bereikt, wees dan niet nonchalant maar bereid ze tijdig voor op deze fase. Zien we niet hoe onze profeet vrede zij met hem ons beveelt om onze kinderen al op hun zevende aan te sporen tot het gebed?! Een aantal jaren voordat het gebed daadwerkelijk verplicht is!

Dit hoort onze houding te zijn met alle islamitische richtlijnen. En zo ook met de hoofddoek. Dit is niet iets wat je uitstelt totdat ze bijna 15 zijn!

Twijfel je of jouw kind deze fase heeft bereikt, bespreek het gewoon met ze. Een dergelijke band hoor je te hebben met jouw kinderen. Helemaal in deze tijd waarin ze al op jonge leeftijd worden geconfronteerd met van alles en nog wat. 

Heeft jouw kind deze fase bereikt, neem dan jouw verantwoordelijkheid en wijs jouw kind op een zachte manier op zijn of haar verplichtingen en wees hier geduldig in. 

Moge Allah ons allen begrip schenken van Zijn religie

(Source / 08.06.2020)

Israeli forces raid houses, detain 28 Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces detained on Monday 28 Palestinians from various districts of the West Bank, but most of them occupied East Jerusalem, said the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

PPS noted that since the beginning of 2020, Israel has detained a total of 845 Palestinians from the occupied holy city.

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During the raid into al-Tur, police seized a private vehicle.

PPS noted that since the beginning of 2020, Israel has detained a total of 845 Palestinians from the occupied holy city.

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In Hebron district in the south of the West Bank, PPS said Israeli soldiers detained a resident of al-Shuyukh town, northeast of Hebron, after stopping him at a checkpoint in al-Ezariya town, east of Jerusalem. The detainee is a senior at Birzeit University.

In Bethlehem district, Israeli military raided al-Khader town, west of Bethlehem city, where soldiers detained two minors aged 16.

Soldiers conducted a similar raid in Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem, resulting in the detention of a 15-year-old boy.

In Jenin district, PPS said that two Palestinians were detained in a raid in Qabatia town, south of Jenin city.

During ensuing confrontations, Israeli troops opened fire towards local teens who attempted to block their passage. No injuries were reported though.

PPS said that another Palestinian was detained from Khirbet al-Hadidiya in the northern Jordan Valley.

(Source / 08.06.2020)