Israel killed autistic Palestinian who ‘didn’t know what soldiers are’

The mother of Eyad Hallaq, an autistic Palestinian man who was killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem on 30 May 2020 [Twitter]
The mother of Eyad Hallaq, an autistic Palestinian man was killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem on 30 May 2020

Israeli forces killed an autistic Palestinian man in spite of his carer’s pleas for them not to because of his disability.

Eyad Hallaq was shot twice in the chest on Saturday after he ran away in a panic after he heard Israeli officers yelling.

His carer, Warda Abu Hadid, frantically tried to alert the soldiers that Hallaq was severely autistic and didn’t understand, but her warnings fell on deaf ears.

She recalled shouting: “He’s disabled, disabled! Wait a moment, take his ID card, check his ID.”

“Suddenly they fired three bullets at him, in front of my eyes, Don’t shoot him. They didn’t listen; they didn’t want to hear.”

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Hallaq was diagnosed with low-functioning autism when he was a child, and had trouble communicating with people.

His cousin, Dr Hatem Awiwi said: “He didn’t absorb things; he didn’t have the knowledge that there even was another side. He didn’t know what a soldier is or what a weapon is. He saw a stranger and fled, and then they shot him.”

“He didn’t even know there was such a thing as Jews and Arabs in this country.”

Hallaq had been given special documentation by a rehabilitation centre he had attended for the past six years explaining his disability so he could prove his condition to Israeli forces, as he was unable to explain his autism himself.

Although Defence Minister Benny Gantz has apologised and said that the matter would be investigated “swiftly” and “conclusions would be reached”, human rights organisation B’Tselem has said that justice is “unlikely”.

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Comparisons with the racially-motivated murder of black US citizen George Floyd by police have been drawn with Hallaq’s death, with photos of Palestinians having their necks crushed by Israeli soldiers – in the same way that Floyd was suffocated – circulating on social media.

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91% of eviction orders issued by Israel were against Palestinians, report reveals

Palestinians try to prevent the Israeli army demolishing a Palestinian two-storey building in Ramallah, West Bank on 26 August 2019 [Wisam Hashlamoun/Anadolu Agency]
Palestinians try to prevent the Israeli army demolishing a Palestinian two-storey building in Ramallah, West Bank on 26 August 2019 

Over 90 per cent of land eviction orders issued by Israeli authorities in the occupied West Bank between 2005 and 2018 were issued to Palestinians, a report published yesterday by rights groups revealed.

The report, entitled “National Calamity” (Makat Medina), which looks into 670 evacuation orders, was released by Israeli NGO’s Haqel and Kerem Navot.

The civil administration originally refused to release the data and did so only in response to two court petitions, according to Haaretz.

It reveals that 609 of eviction orders – 91 per cent – were handed to Palestinians, while only 57 – 8.5 per cent – were issued to Israeli settlers.

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Moreover, the data, which spans from 2005 through 2018, also shows that Israel evacuated people from more land in the Jordan Valley than any other region.

“When you examine the locations of the eviction notices, you see a strong correlation between territory Israel has for many years devoted great efforts to annex and the numbers of orders, as well as their sizes,” said Dror Etkes, founder of Kerem Navot.

The Jordan Valley is considered some of the most fertile agricultural land, providing produce for the Palestinian population.

Palestinians believe such measures are part of Israel’s Judaisation of the area, which include emptying it of its Palestinian residents.

Eviction orders are mostly issued on agricultural land, or land being prepared for construction, but some of the orders were also related to built-up areas.

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Another area heavily targeted with eviction orders was around the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, where hundreds of Jewish settlers live illegally in the heart of the city, protected by 1,500 Israeli soldiers, even as the city’s 200,000 Palestinian Arabs have to navigate around army checkpoints.

The ancient city, home to the Ibrahimi Mosque, is also included by right-wing lawmakers among areas over which they refuse to ever cease control. The local Palestinians resisted attempts by illegal settlers planted in the city after the 1967 war to control the mosque.

The civil administration didn’t respond to Haaretz’s questions regarding the reasons for the spike in orders issued during these years.

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Israeli Troops Confiscate Palestinian-owned Vegetable Stands in Jordan Valley

Israeli troops reportedly removed by force, a number of Palestinian-owned vegetable stands, early on Monday, in the Al-Aghwar area of the Jordan Valley, eastern West Bank.

Local Palestinian sources in agriculture-rich Ein Albayda’ and Bardala villages of Al-Aghwar, said that an Israeli army force broke into Al-Aghwar and began removing five produce stands, owned by local Palestinians.

The sources added that such an action was unjustified and that it has caused the owners a great deal of financial losses, as families rely on the income they earn from selling produce.

Over the past several weeks, Israeli troops have reportedly stepped up their assaults on Palestinian-owned properties in the Al-Aghwar area. Among those properties were green houses and water wells.

Recently, Israeli leaders have signalled Israel’s intention to annex the Al-Aghwar area, among other areas to the Israeli occupation state.

The Jordan Valley is considered some of the most fertile agricultural land, providing produce for the Palestinian population.

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Israeli Forces Hand out Demolition Orders near Hebron

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is demolitionordr-e1533060397740.jpg

Palestinian residents of Birayn village, south of Hebron, were informed, on Sunday, about Israel’s intent to demolish five residential structures in addition to village council building, according to a local activist.

Activist, Foad Amour, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that an Israeli army force invaded the village to hand demolition orders to resident, under the pretext of having no permission to build.

Amour called on human rights organisations to annul the demolition order which he said aims to displace indigenous Palestinians in order to further the Israeli colonial enterprise.

Also on Sunday, Israeli forces seized a Palestinian-owned tractor in the village of Az Zubeidat, north of Jericho in the occupied West Bank.

Owner of the tractor, Mohammed Zubeidat, told WAFA correspondent that Israeli soldiers confiscated his tractor and issued him a fine of 3500 Shekels (about $897).

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19 Palestinians arrested in Israeli pre-dawn raids

The Israeli army arrested 19 Palestinians including member in the legislative council, children, and former prisoners

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli forces launched a pre-dawn arrest campaign throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem last night, arresting 19 Palestinians including member in the legislative council and former prisoners.

Confrontations erupted in several villages and towns following Israeli raids that aimed to arrest citizens. Israeli soldiers broke into houses and committed vandalism, using bullets and poisonous tear gas grenades against locals.

In Jenin, Israeli forces rearrested the member in the legislative council Sheikh Khaled Abu Hasan and Fathi Otoum, both are former prisoners, after breaking into their houses.

In the refugee camp of the city, the Israeli army arrested Muhammad Nabhan, medical student in the Arab American University, in addition to the former prisoners Muhammad Nashrti, Ahmad Nashrti, and Imad Abul Heja.

In Ramallah, Israeli forces arrested Ahed Rimawi (18 years old), Khaldoun Barghouthi (40 years old), and Qusai Khazar (18 years old) after breaking into their houses.

Several others were arrested in Nablus, Salfit, and Jerusalem, including a 13-year-old child named Rawhi Jabbar.

Israeli forces also fired intensive tear gas canisters at houses in Shufat refugee camp in East Jerusalem, starting a fire in the overcrowded refugee camp.

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New video reveals how Iyad Hallaq was killed by Israeli police

Jerusalem (QNN)- On May 30, Israeli police officers opened fire at Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old Palestinian intellectually disabled man, accusing him of holding a gun, which turned out to be his gloves and face mask.

Hallaq was shot with ten bullets even with the appeals of bystanders, who repeatedly told the police that Hallaq wasn’t posing any threat.

Israeli police claimed that Hallaq was holding a toy gun but changed its claims claiming that the disabled guy refused to obey police orders.

Israeli channel 13 published a new surveillance video, showing the last minutes before the execution of Iyad Hallaq.

Iyad appears holding garbage to throw it out then walking towards the institution, in which he studies. No signs of violence or intentions to harm Israeli policemen appear on Iyad.

When Iyad approaches an area where Israeli police officers are deployed near Al Asbat gate, Israeli officers start shooting at him, claiming that they thought Iyad was a member of the resistance.

Wardah, workers at the institution where Iyad works as well, stated that the Israeli policemen were not in danger.

“Iyad fell down holding his gloves and face mask”, Wardah said. “The officers started shouting “a terrorist… a terrorist… here is a terrorist”, they did not stop or take his ID. They only shot him with three bullets”.

“I asked them to stop shooting because he has a special needs card but they were not listening. They did not want to listen.”

She also said that Iyad tried to hide behind her to avoid Israeli bullets but that did not save his life.

“Iyad stood behind me and said Wardah I’m with you… He was asking me for help but I couldn’t do anything! how could they murder an innocent guy like him at close range?!”

Wardah stated that after her appeals an officer told her that he ordered the officers to stop shooting but one of them continued to shoot, killing Iyad.

She added that the officers pointed their rifles at her, ordering her to give them the gun that Iyad was holding but she answered that he wasn’t holding any gun, reassuring that he was only holding his gloves and face mask.

Israeli crime wasn’t limited to the execution of Iyad, Israeli police broke into the house of his family, beating his sisters and trying to find anything that may link him to an a track.

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Mishaal Calls For Continuing To Send Anti-Siege Convoys To Gaza

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Former head of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal called on organizers of Freedom Flotilla aid and solidarity convoys to resume their efforts to break and challenge the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Mishaal made the remarks during his online participation in a meeting held last night by the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation IHH on the 10th anniversary of the pro-Gaza Freedom Flotilla fleet and the martyrs of the Mavi Marmara ship.

“We are remembering with pride and love the 10 dear martyrs who were heading for Palestine to break the siege on the Gaza Strip and sacrificed themselves for the sake of values and humanity,” Mishaal said, addressing the participants.

“The place of those martyrs is in our hearts,” he added.

“Thanks to everyone who participated in the fleet for their nobility and courage and for the values of humanity, morality and manhood they showed as they faced the danger,” the Hamas official said.

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Two New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In West Bank; Total Reaches 630 In Palestine

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Two new coronavirus cases were confirmed this morning in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilya, bringing the total in Palestine to 630, according to Minister of Health Mai Alkaila.

The new cases were in the village of Azzoun, where recent cases were discovered, and they were for a two-year-old child and a 25-year-old woman, said the minister in a statement, who got the disease after coming in contact with infected people.

Alkaila said 84 percent of the coronavirus cases in Palestine have recovered and only 23 active cases remain in the Jerusalem district, 17 in the Hebron district, 16 in Qalqilya district, and 42 in the Gaza Strip.

Out of the 630 cases, 390 are in the West Bank, 61 in the Gaza Strip and 179 in occupied Jerusalem. A total of five corona patients have died, including two in the West Bank, two in  Jerusalem and one on Gaza. Recoveries included 372 in the West Bank and Gaza and 155 in  Jerusalem.

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Israeli Settlers Destroy Property, Kick Farmers Out Of Their Land In West Bank

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An Israeli settler today razed lands in Arab al-Malihat area, northwest of the occupied West Bank city of Jericho, in order to build a wall, according to sources.

Suleiman Malihat, a Fatah official, told that an armed settler razed 350 dunums of lands in order to build a wall that separates the dwelling from an illegal Israeli settlement outpost.

Meanwhile, settlers forced farmers out of their lands in the village of Kisan, to the east of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Ahmad Ghazal, from the Kisan village council, told  that settlers from the illegal Israeli settlements of Maale Amos and Eli Hanahil kicked farmers out of their lands as they were plowing it claiming the farmers need to have a permit to access their lands.

He noted that farmers cannot access their lands amidst settlers’ threats.

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At Least 20 Palestinians Detained By Israel In West Bank, Jerusalem Raids

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Israeli forces detained early today at least 20 Palestinians from various parts of the occupied West Bank and  Jerusalem, said the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

Israeli forces detained five Palestinians from the northern West Bank district of Jenin.

The detainees were identified as two former prisoners from Jenin city in addition to three others – an undergraduate student at the Arab American University and two former prisoners – from Jenin refugee camp.

The raid into the camp triggered violent confrontations which saw Israeli troops opening fire at local youths who attempted to block their passage.

Elsewhere in the northern West Bank, Israeli soldiers rounded up five others during multiple raids in Nablus district.

One of the five detainees was identified as a resident of Nablus city, another as a resident of al-Ein refugee camp, another as a resident of Tel village, west of the city, and two others as residents of Beita town, south of the city.

In Salfit district, PPS said an Israeli military raid into Kufl Haris village, north of Salfit city, resulted in the detention of two Palestinians.

A similar military raid was carried out in Tulkarm district, resulting in the detention of another.

In Jerusalem district, PPS said four Palestinians were detained in several raids across the district.

Israeli military vehicles raided Abu Dis town, south of Jerusalem city, where soldiers detained a Palestinian.

Two others, including a 13-year-old child, were detained after ransacking their family homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. Police also detained a Waqf-appointed guard while at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s old city.

In the meantime, Israeli troops broke into several houses and rounded up three Palestinians from Ramallah and al-Bireh district.

One of the three detainees was identified as a resident of Beit Rima village, northwest of Ramallah city, another as a resident of Kobar village, north of the city, and the other as a resident of Silwad town, east of the city.

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