Palestinian With Special Needs Shot Dead By Israeli Police In Occupied Jerusalem

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A Palestinian youth with special needs was shot to death by the Israeli police in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday morning.

Local sources reported that the Israeli police opened fire at a Palestinian youth with special needs near al-Asbat Gate in the Old City, instantly killing him.

The Israeli police first claimed the deceased Palestinian was carrying a suspicious object and attempted a stabbing attack, but it later transpired that he was unarmed.

The Israeli police closed off the area and prevented Palestinian citizens from entering or leaving the city.

On Friday evening, Israeli forces heavily opened fire at a Palestinian car near Nabi Saleh village in Ramallah, killing the driver Fadi Samara, 41.

Samara was accused of attempting to run over Israeli soldiers, but the allegations turned out to be unfounded.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

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