A Woman From Jerusalem In Wheelchair Forced To Raze Her Own House

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The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) displaced a Jerusalemite elderly woman after forcing her to demolish her own house in Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in Jerusalem at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

According to local sources, 72-year-old Rasmiya Basheer, who is confined to a wheelchair, was ordered to have her own home knocked down to avoid paying thousands of shekels if the Israeli municipal authority came and carried out the demolition.

The IOA took such measure against the elderly woman with no regard for her age or her suffering from a physical disability preventing her from walking and other chronic health problems.

With the help of her family, Rasmiya had tried during long years to obtain a construction permit for her house from the Israeli municipality and paid large sums of money for that, but to no avail.

Israel’s systematic demolition of Palestinian homes in Occupied Jerusalem is believed to be aimed at psychologically destroying the Jerusalemite families in an attempt to force them to move from the holy city.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

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