Call for UN to stop Israel’s expropriation of Palestine lands in Jerusalem

Israeli police stand guard in front of doors as Palestinian Muslims gather to perform Eid al-Fitr prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is closed as a precaution against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Jerusalem on May 24, 2020. [Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency]
Israeli police stand guard in front of doors as Palestinian Muslims gather to perform Eid al-Fitr prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is closed as a precaution against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Jerusalem on May 24, 2020

Dr Hanna Eisa, secretary-general of the Christian-Islamic Commission to Support Jerusalem and the Holy Sites, called on Friday for the United Nations (UN) to urgently stop Israel’s expropriation of Palestinian lands in occupied Jerusalem.

In a press release reported by Al-Quds Al-Araby, Eisa called on the UN to prevent Israel from carrying out geographic and demographic changes in the occupied city of Jerusalem, or to carry out any other measure that might undermine the outputs of the final status negotiations.

Eisa stated that Israel adopts the policy of imposing a de facto reality which is rejected by the international community and was denounced by several international resolutions and conventions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention and the founding regulations of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ratified in 1998.

He noted that Israel is carrying out “illegal” actions such as the Judaisation of Jerusalem and building settlements. “Keeping the situation unchanged is a continuous violation of the Palestinian rights protected by the international conventions,” he asserted.

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In his press release, Eisa reiterated that the Israeli military occupation of Jerusalem does not give it sovereignty over the occupied city, pointing out that international law gives limited authorities to the occupation power that enables it to run the occupied areas.

“This means that all the administrative and legislative measures carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Jerusalem to change the reality are invalid,” according to Eisa.

Eisa also noted that there are tens of international resolutions which were issued by the UN Security Council that call on Israel to respect Jerusalem, as these decisions reiterate that the holy city is part and parcel of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1967.

The city of Jerusalem has been subjected to a fierce settlement campaign which includes demolition of Palestinian homes and displacing their residents, in order to build Israeli Jewish settlements and replace the Palestinians with Israeli settlers.

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Health of Hamas representative in Saudi deteriorates in prison

Palestinians take part in a protest in solidarity with prisoners in Saudi jails, in front of the Red cross office, in Gaza city on on 16 October 2019. [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]
Palestinians take part in a protest in solidarity with prisoners in Saudi jails, in front of the Red cross office, in Gaza city on on 16 October 2019

The health condition of Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia, Dr Mohamed Al-Khodari, 81, has dramatically deteriorated while inside Saudi prison, Quds Press reported on Friday.

According to Quds Press, “Prisoners of Conscience”, a Twitter account which documents the situation of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, revealed that Al-Khodari, who has been detained since April 2019, lost his ability to move due to severe illness.

Saudi Arabia arrested dozens of Palestinian students, academics and residents arbitrarily a year ago, including Al-Khodari, the official representative of Hamas in the kingdom.

No formal charges have been made against them.

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Netanyahu: ‘We will annex 30% of the West Bank area to Israel’

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, delivers a statement to the press during a Likud Party meeting on 1 March, 2020 in the city of Lod, Israel [Amir Levy/Getty Images]
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, delivers a statement to the press during a Likud Party meeting on 1 March, 2020 in the city of Lod, Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that his government will annex 30 per cent of the occupied West Bank area, Israeli media reported on Friday.

Speaking to the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon, Netanyahu disclosed that Israeli sovereignty would be applied to 30 per cent of the occupied West Bank, which is the equivalent of 50 per cent of Area C.

Area C, according to the Oslo Accords, represents 60 per cent of the occupied West Bank and is under full Israeli administrative and security control.

According to Netanyahu, the map of the would-be annexed area was not yet finalised.

Meanwhile, he affirmed that according to the “deal of the century”, the Palestinians and the Israelis would not be allowed to build any structure on the remaining 50 per cent where Israel would not impose its sovereignty.

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Netanyahu told the Israeli newspaper that his government would bring the issue to a vote in the Knesset, as indicated by the agreement of the coalition government with the Blue and White Party leader.

However, when asked about the chance to allow Palestinians to create a demilitarised state in 70 per cent of the occupied West Bank area as specified in the “deal of the century”, Netanyahu answered: “That subject is separate. A government decision on the matter is not expected.”

The newspaper then posed the question: “Will there not be a government decision that would recognise Palestinian statehood?” To which Netanyahu responded: “There will not be a government decision with regard to the details of the plan or the adoption of the plan. Like I said in Washington, I am willing to engage in negotiations [with the Palestinians] on the basis of the Trump plan.”

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Updated: “Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Ramallah”

Israeli soldiers killed, on Friday evening, a Palestinian father of five children, including an infant, allegedly after he tried to ram them with his car near Nabi Saleh village, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah. His family denied the military allegations and said the man lost control of his car after Israeli colonialist settlers opened fire at it.

The Israeli army claimed that the soldiers fired live rounds at the Palestinian car after the driver reportedly tried to ram them, and that the soldiers “neutralized the threat,” a term Israel and various Israeli media outlets frequently use when the soldiers fatally shoot a Palestinian.

The slain man has been identified as Fadi Adnan Sarhan Samara, 37, a father of five children, including an infant (two months of age) from Abu Qash village, north of Ramallah.

He works in Israel and came back home to Nabi Saleh to celebrate the Muslim feast of al-Fitr with his family.

His brothers stated that he left his home in the evening heading to the az-Zawiya village, west of Salfit in central West Bank, to drive his wife and children back home, as they were visiting her family there.

The Israeli army claimed that the man tried to ram soldiers with his car near a natural spring in the Ramallah governorate. He was shot in the leg and was left to bleed for about an hour,  without any first aid.

Palestinian media outlets and residents in the area said the man lost control of his car when illegal Israeli colonialist settlers, who repeatedly invade the area, opened fire at his car, before the soldiers fired a barrage of live rounds at it, claiming that he was attempting to ram them.Haneen Zaid@HaneenZaid6

#Watch| Israeli forces kill Fadi Samara, father of 5 children, near Nabi Saleh. Samara was killed in his car and left bleeding for over an hour.

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One of his brothers, and one of his cousins, were both detained by the army, and after being released, they stated that an army officer told them, after confirming his identity, that they cannot take his corpse for burial.

They stated that the military was taunting them by stating that the family can have his corpse back “maybe in an hour or two, a month or two, a year or two….”

His family, and the residents of his village, strongly denounced his murder, and stated that the Israeli soldiers are always “trigger happy” when it comes to shooting Palestinians, and that the army tries to justify these crimes by making false allegations.

They called for a serious investigation into the fatal shooting and called on international organizations to act and hold Israel accountable at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its escalating crimes and ongoing violations against the Palestinian people, their homes and property.

Protests erupted after the fatal shooting of the Palestinian man, and the soldiers fired live rounds and rubber-coated steel rounds.

A Palestinian man with Downs Syndrome was struck with a live round in his leg.

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Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops after Alleged Car-ramming Attack — May 29, 2020, at 22:11

Israeli troops reportedly opened fire, on Friday evening, towards a Palestinian man, near the Al-Nabi Saleh (Prophet Saleh) village, northwest of Ramallah city, in the central occupied West Bank.

An Israeli army spokesperson was quoted as saying “a short while ago, we received a notification that someone driving a vehicle, has attempted to crush a number of our soldiers operating in Ramallah”.

The army spokesperson stated that the soldiers responded to the incident by opening fire, adding that there were no causalities among the soldiers.

Israel’s TV channel 12 claimed that a Palestinian young man, near the illegal Halamish Settlement, attempted to run over soldiers with his vehicle.

Local sources said that Israeli soldiers opened fire at the young man’s vehicle, killing the driver instantly, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

The young man’s identity was not yet released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health at the time of this report.

In the ensuing confrontations, Palestinian civilians, protesting the shooting, were met with live and rubber-coated steel rounds fired by the soldiers.

A Palestinian man with Downs Syndrome was struck with a live round in his leg.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

Soldiers Abduct Four Palestinians, Confiscate Their Car, Near Nablus

Israeli soldiers abducted, Friday, four young Palestinian men near Sebastia town, north of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Mohammad Azem, the head of the Local Municipal Council in Sebastia, stated that the soldiers installed a roadblock at the entrance of the town, before stopping and searching many cars, and interrogated the Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

Azem added that the soldiers abducted four young Palestinian men, who remained unidentified at the time of this report, and confiscated their car.

In related news, the soldiers closed all roads leading to Bethlehem governorate, south of occupied Jerusalem, without providing any reason for this closure.

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Five Palestinians, Including Journalist Injured at Kufur Qaddoum

A photojournalist was among the five Palestinians injured, on Friday, when Israeli soldiers opened fire at protestors, during the weekly protest in the village of Kufur Qaddoum in the northern West Bank, according to local sources.

Morad Eshteiwi, Coordinator for the popular resistance against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that Israeli soldiers responded to the peaceful protest by firing rubber-coated steel rounds and tear-gas canisters.

Nedal Shtayyeh, a photojournalist with the Chinese Xinhua News Agency was among the five injured, all of whom were treated in the field.

The village of Kufur Qaddoum has been staging demonstrations for many years to express their objection to the Apartheid Wall, illegal settlements and the closure of the road connecting the village to Nablus City.

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In Video| Israeli forces kill man, wound another with Down Syndrome in Nabi Saleh

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli forces on Friday shot a Palestinian man dead and wounded another man with Down Syndrome in western Ramallah.

Local sources told QNN that Israeli soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian vehicle in Wadi Rayya near the village of Nabi Saleh in western Ramallah. The army claimed that the man, named Fadi Samara, was planning to run over them.

WAFA quoted local sources, who said that the soldiers prevented medical teams and journalists from reaching Samara and left him bleeding until he died.

Violent confrontations erupted in the village. Israeli forces used live rounds and tear gas canisters against citizens, wounding a man with Down Syndrome in his leg with a live bullet.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

‘Israel’ forces family to demolish house of handicapped mother

Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Friday forced the family of Rasmiyyeh Basheer, a 72-year-old handicapped mother, to demolish her house in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said the grandson of Rasmiyyeh had to demolish the house, in compliance with the Israeli orders.

The family of Rasmiyyeh had built the house 7 years ago specifically to suit her health condition, according to her son. The old lady has been using a wheelchair and suffering from several chronic diseases.

The Israeli army demolished the 85-meter house, displacing three of Rasmiyyeh’s family in addition to her.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

Israeli police executes intellectually disabled man for holding toy

Israeli cops directly executed Iyad because he was holding a “suspicious object” that turned out to be a toy

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli police on Saturday shot dead a Palestinian intellectually disabled man near Al Asbat gate in occupied Jerusalem only because he was holding a toy.

Israeli media confirmed the victim is Iyad Khairi Hallaq (32 years old), an intellectually disabled student, who was on his way to school.

The Israeli police claimed in a statement that police officers who were stationed near Jerusalem’s Al Asbat Gate noticed a young man holding a “suspicious object,” that they claim looked like a gun, and told him to stop in his tracks, after which the man began to flee, so they executed him immediately.

UltraPal quoted a member of his family, who said that Hallaq’s disability makes him with the capacity of a 7-year-old. He also has hearing and speech troubles, which is probably why he didn’t stop when he was ordered to.

Hallaq used to study in a school, specialized for people with intellectual disabilities, near Al Asbat gate. He was executed while on his way to school.

Israeli Police chased the man on foot, during which they fired at him, resulting in his death, admitted Israeli police.

Following the crime, the gates to the old city have been closed by police, fearing of protests.

Hamas issued a statement, condemning the Israeli crime and stating that “the execution of a Palestinian with special needs proves the sadism of the Israeli leadership.”

“Such crimes are a fuel for the Palestinian people’s revolution, which will not stop fighting until the withdrawal of the occupiers from all our lands,” Hamas said. “The response of our people, every time, will be continued resistance and intifada.”

(Source / 30.05.2020)

New Coronavirus Case Confirmed In West Bank Raising Total In Palestine To 626

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A new coronavirus case was confirmed today in the West Bank raising total in Palestine to 626, said Minister of Health Mai Alkaila.

The new case was discovered in the village of Hajja in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilya of a 56-year-old man who got the disease after interacting with an infected person in the same area.

The Qalqilya district has recently witnessed more than a dozen new cases of coronavirus.

With the new case, a total of 386 cases were confirmed in the West Bank since the outbreak of the disease in early March and 61 cases in the Gaza Strip, most confirmed this month. In addition, 179 cases were reported in occupied East Jerusalem.

Five patients have died from the disease, including two in the West Bank, two in occupied Jerusalem and one in the Gaza Strip.

Recoveries reached 368 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in addition to 155 in Jerusalem.

(Source / 30.05.2020)