91 deaths and 1601 corona injuries among the Palestinian community

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today, Thursday, that two new deaths were registered with the new Corona virus, 22 infections, and 23 recoveries among the Palestinian community around the world.

The State Department said in a statement today, that the total outcome regarding Virus Covid-19 “has risen to 91 deaths, 1601 injuries, and 777 recovery cases

She indicated that the death of 27-year-old Omar Sail Amin due to Corona in the US state of Michigan was recorded, bringing the number of deaths among the community to 52, and recording 4 new injuries, bringing the number of injuries to 771, and 17 recovering cases, bringing the number of recovery cases to 276 .

She pointed out that 4 new HIV infections were recorded among the Palestinian community in Russia, including one student, two of which are in stable health status, bringing the number of infections to 12, 7 recovered, and there is only one death .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the first death case was recorded in the Palestinian community in Chile, and 3 new infections were recorded, bringing the number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 16, of which 5 were recovering, leaving the total of active infections 10, including one in critical condition.

It stated that two new injuries were recorded among the Palestinian community in the Emirates, bringing the number of injuries to 57 .

And she confirmed that in Brazil, a whole family of 9 people was infected with the virus, and it is a refugee from Syria, who are in the house quarantine and their health conditions are stable, while there is one case of them in the hospital, bringing the number of infections to 28, recovering 18 cases, while a death was recorded Previously one.

The Palestine Mission to Norway noted that no new infections were recorded in the community, so the number of infections was 21, 13 recovered, and no deaths were recorded.

(Source / 24.05.2020)

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