For third day on a row.. PA security services continue to arrest journalist in Tulkarm

West Bank (QNN)- The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) security services on Friday arrested the journalist Anas Hawwari after beating him at a checkpoint near Tulkarm. The Magistrate’s Court has extended the arrest of Hawwari today for fifteen days.

Hawwari’s family stressed that he was beaten and arrested while he was with some relatives.

The police claimed that Hawwari had beaten and insulted a policeman and violated the emergency law. The claims were completely denied by Anas, according to his lawyer Muhannad Karrajeh.

Quoting Hawwari, Karrajeh confirmed that Hawwari suffers from bruises on different parts of his body. He stated that he has medical reports that prove being beaten by the police.

Karrajeh stated that during the first interrogation session, Hawwari had a wound and stitches in his head in addition to bloodstains all over his torn clothes.

During the interrogation, Hawwari denied all charges and restated being beaten by the cops, who used their rifles and boots, wounding him and causing a teeth to fall. He stated, however, that he insulted the cops after they brutally beat him.

Hawwari’s sister, who was accompanying him with her husband when the incident took place, stated that the cops assaulted them without any reason. They also prevented them from entering Tulkarm under the pretext of having no permission. The cops had an argument with Hawwari then they started beating him, she said.

Human rights watchdogs and journalists condemned the PA’s assault against Hawwari, reiterating his narrative and stressing that the PA has to open investigations on similar violations related to the emergency status in the country.

(Source / 19.05.2020) 

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