‘Israel’ levels 15 dunums of West Bank land

Tulkarm (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers on Monday leveled 15 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land near the village of Shufa in the West Bank governorate of Tulkarm.

Quoting activist Tahseen Hamid, WAFA agency reported that over ten Israeli bulldozers accompanied by Israeli soldiers and settlers raided land owned by Palestinian citizens.

It added that the bulldozers started leveling the land, damaging and breaking fruitful olive trees and crops.

The targeted land is located to the west of the Avni Hefetz illegal settlement, which is built on land grabbed from the village of Shoufa, Kafa, Kafr Libd, and Hafasi.

Hamid stressed that the Israeli repeated assaults against Palestinians aim at expanding settlements and protecting illegal settlers.

Israeli bulldozers had closed roads leading to the targeted area and prevented farmers from reaching their lands over a month ago.

(Source /  18.05.2020) 

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