In Pictures| ‘Israel’ closes Jerusalem charity for 6 months

Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Sunday ordered to close a charity in Beit Hanina in northern Jerusalem for six months.

The Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, claimed that the “Volunteer for Hope” charity works for the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Jerusalem and that it violated what he called the “Israeli sovereignty”.

He added that based on his claims, the charity was closed for six months and all its workers were suspended.

Israeli police broke into the building of the charitable association and closed it this morning.

Volunteer for Hope is a non-governmental charitable association based in Jerusalem. It provides different kinds of aid for youth and children, including people with special needs and needy families, in the occupied city.

Israeli police and members of the Shin Bet had broken into the association’s headquarter several times and summoned its manager Silvya Abu Laban for interrogation more than four times.

(Source / 18.05.2020) 

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