Israel Arrests Ten Palestinians In Ar’ara

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Israeli police on Thursday arrested 10 Palestinian citizens in Ar’ara town in the 1948 Occupied Palestinian Territories following a demonstration protesting the murder of a Palestinian youth at the hands of Israeli security guards.

Mustafa Younis, 26, went to receive treatment at Tel HaShomer Hospital near Tel Aviv on Wednesday noon but he was murdered by the hospital’s guards following a verbal argument with them.

High Follow-Up Committee for Arab citizens of Israel (the 1948 Occupied Territories) has called for another mass demonstration on Sunday in front of Tel HaShomer Hospital where Younis was killed.

The committee mandated its human rights forum to meet within two days and investigate the case as well as the cases of 58 Palestinian citizens who have been killed by Israeli security services since October 2000.

(Source / 16.05.2020) 

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