Israel Arrests Citizens, Searches Homes In Dawn Raids

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Israeli occupation forces at dawn Friday abducted nine Palestinian citizens during large-scale home raids in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinian young men over alleged weapon possession after stopping their car at Hizma Checkpoint near Jerusalem.

Two Palestinians, including a minor, were kidnapped from their homes in al-Isawiya town in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile in the West Bank, four Palestinians, three of whom aged 17, were kidnapped in home raid campaigns in al-Khalil, Jenin and Qalqilya districts.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces tightened the siege imposed on Ya’bad town in Jenin, stormed several Palestinian homes, wreaked havoc on them and assaulted their residents.

The Israeli occupation forces blocked the main entrance to the town with cement blocks and warned Palestinian citizens against entering or leaving the area, according to the same sources.

Palestinian journalist Laila Hamarsha said that the Israeli occupation forces violently broke into her family’s home in Ya’bad and assaulted her father, brothers, uncle, mother and grandmother who were all transferred to a hospital for treatment.

The Israeli occupation forces has waged a collective punishment policy against the Palestinian residents of Ya’bad, arresting whole families, closing main roads and expelling citizens from their homes.

This followed the killing of an Israeli soldier by a rock thrown at him from a Palestinian building during an arrest campaign in the town on Tuesday.

(Source / 16.05.2020) 

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