In pictures | Israeli forces intensify crackdown on Ya’bad

Jenin (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces on Friday morning intensified its ongoing crackdown on and sealed off all entrances to the town of Ya’bad, west of Jenin city in the occupied West Bank, four days after a soldier was killed when someone dropped a large rock on his head during an overnight raid in the town.

Israeli forces closed the main eastern entrance of the town as well as other secondary roads linking the town to the surrounding villages of Nazleh, Tura al-Gharbiya and Tura Ash-Sharqiya with barrels and cement blocks, maintaining a tight cordon on the town.

The western entrance of the town has been closed with a metal gate for over 10 years.

Israeli soldiers raided the town as part of the ongoing manhunt for a Palestinian who killed a soldier by dropping a rock on his head on Tuesday predawn, detaining a Palestinian teen after ransacking his parents’ house.

Leila Hamarsheh, a local journalist, confirmed that soldiers stormed her family’s house after smashing the main door, and assaulted her family members, including her father, a disabled person, who spent 14 years in Israeli imprisonment.

All her family members were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

Israeli forces have been conducting raids into the town since Tuesday, 12 May, arresting scores of residents, including entire families, storming civilian houses, and heavily using live fire that alight with Israel’s collective punishment policy. At least 34 residents were documented, including two women and six children.

(Source / 15.05.2020) 

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