Israel destroys barns, seize water pipes in northern Jordan Valley

Israeli forces can be seen confiscating water pipes in the Jordan Valley [Ma'an News Agency]
Israeli forces can be seen confiscating water pipes in the Jordan Valley, 6 July 2018

Israeli occupation forces raided and demolished livestock pens belonging to Palestinian bedouins in Al-Baqaa villages in the northern Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, reported Wafa news agency.

Local human rights activist Aref Daraghmeh said occupation forces invaded the Al-Baqaa area, before destroying and confiscating water pipelines owned by a local resident, identified as Mowaffaq Daraghma.

He also said the several of the livestock pens demolished during the raid in the Ras Al-Ahmar area were owned by local farmer Jarrah Bani Odah.

Residents of these communities earn their living from raising livestock and herding, he explained, adding that the occupation’s actions are an effort to force them out of their land.

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The Jordan Valley makes up about one third of the total area of the occupied West Bank.

Farmers and shepherds in the territory are already suffering from a slowed economy that was already in crisis, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two areas are subject to frequent Israeli invasions, including the demolition of homes, structures and barns, in addition to the levelling of farmland and grazing areas, amidst constant plans to build and expand Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian lands in direct violation of international law.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the government will begin discussions in July on exerting sovereignty over the occupied Jordan Valley and illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

A Middle East ‘peace plan’ announced by US President Donald Trump in January outlined America’s recognition such a move while envisaging a demilitarised Palestinian state.

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Arab producers condemn Israel measures against Palestine TV

Palestine TV logo

The General Union of Arab Producers has condemned Israel’s ban of Palestine TV in Jerusalem, saying it aims to coverup Israeli crimes and Judaisation policies in the holy city, Jordan’s Addustour newspaper reported yesterday.

The General Union announced its full solidarity with Palestine TV and launched a worldwide media campaign in support of the channel.

“This campaign comes as part of our role as an Arabic media body that works under the umbrella of the Arab League,” the Union said, pointing out that this came in support of the Palestinian media and the Palestinian cause.

Arab producers called on NGOs, Arab and international organisations interested in the freedom of speech and media rights to bear their “legal and ethical” responsibilities towards Palestinians in Jerusalem, as well as towards the Palestinian media.

The Union called on these bodies to condemn Israeli measures, disclose its crimes and prosecute the occupation.

Earlier this week, Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erden extended for six more months an earlier decision to close Palestine TV’s office in East Jerusalem and ban the station’s activities in the Holy City and in Israel.

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Abbas: Palestine will reconsider deals with Israel, US amid annexation plans

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends a executive council meeting of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Ramallah, West Bank on 7 May 2020 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends a executive council meeting of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Ramallah, West Bank on 7 May 2020

President Mahmoud Abbas announced that Palestine will reconsider the deals and understandings reached with both Israel and the US, should Israel annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

“We will hold the American and Israeli governments responsible for all the consequences,” Abbas said.

The televised announcement comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated the new Israeli government has “the right and the obligation” to decide if and how it wants to apply sovereignty over the occupied West Bank during his one-day visit to Israel yesterday.

“I reminded them that, at the end of the day, this is an Israeli decision,” said the top US diplomat in an interview with the Israel Hayom daily. “They will have both the right and the obligation to make a decision on how they are going to do it.”

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However, Pompeo noted the issue was complex and required coordination with Washington, which has formed a joint team with Israel to map out new territorial lines in the West Bank in accordance with Trump’s Middle East plan.

Abbas accused Israel of turning its back on the agreements that had been reached with the Palestinian side.

He also noted that “Israel, which is encouraged by the US”, was planning to annex lands in Palestine, mainly in East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.

“This fact will compel us to reconsider all the agreements, treaties and understandings which had been either reached with the state of occupation or with the US,” added Abbas.

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Research: Annexation will have ‘series of negative consequences’ on Israel

Israeli authorities use heavy machinery to demolish a two-storey building belonging to Palestinians, allegedly for being unauthorized, in Hebron, West Bank on September 25, 2019. ( Mamoun Wazwaz - Anadolu Agency )
Israeli authorities use heavy machinery to demolish a two-storey building belonging to Palestinians in Hebron, West Bank on 25 September 2019

Israel’s plan to annex illegal Israeli Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank “is likely to spark a series of negative consequences”, the country’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) warned on Tuesday.

“The idea of unilateral annexation of territories in the West Bank, while supported by [US] President [Donald] Trump, is likely to spark a series of negative consequences, and should therefore be avoided,” the INSS said in a long and detailed research document published on its website.

The research stressed that the “progress toward annexation is expected to propel a series of significant events with negative consequences for Israel, led by the termination of security cooperation with the PA [Palestinian Authority] and the collapse of the PA.”

It also stated that the annexation means “the assumption of responsibility for 2.5 million Palestinians by Israel…, the allocation of national resources to annexation at the expense of Israeli economic recovery, and more generally, support of the ‘path of resistance’ identified with Hamas and weakening of the ‘path of negotiation’ identified with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.”

According to the research,

Annexation measures are liable to create a very long defense border, prevent future negotiations, and could also lead to increased international recognition of Palestinian claims.

The research also expected that the annexation would negatively affect Israel’s relations with Egypt and Jordan.

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“The Jordanian response to annexation is liable to have a negative impact on cooperation toward safeguarding Israel’s longest border and even on the peace treaty, and similar consequences for relations with Egypt are possible,” the research said.

It added: “Other than the current United States President, who supports the measure, it appears that no other party in the world or the Middle East will recognize the annexed territory as part of Israel, while some parties may recognize Palestinian rights to a state in all of the West Bank.”

Giving its recommendation to the new Israeli government, the INSS said: “The new government is to refrain from unilateral annexation measures in the West Bank.”

The research recommended that Israel upgrade its actions in two aspects: “Perpetuating the separation between the PA in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

It stated that this could be achieved through “strengthening the PA as the sole legitimate party for a future settlement.” Therefore, “Israel should release deferred payments, supply electricity and water, and expand employment of laborers from the PA.”

And through agreeing on “a prolonged ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, following but separate from a release of security prisoners held in Israel in exchange for the return of Israeli civilians and bodies of Israeli soldiers held by Hamas.”

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Soldiers Confiscate Three Tents, Solar Panel, Near Jericho

Israeli soldiers invaded, Thursday, the al-Mo’arrajat Bedouin community, west of Jericho city in the occupied West Bank, before confiscating three tents and one solar panel.

Local sources said a large military force invaded the al-Ras area, in the al-Mo’arrajat Bedouin community, before dismantling and confiscating two residential tents, and one tent that was used as a barn, and confiscated them.

They added that the dismantled and confiscated tents are owned by a local shepherd, identified as Eid Ahmad Fazza’.

The attack is part of constant violations against the Palestinians in the area, and the entire Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, in order to build and expand the illegal Israeli colonies, in direct violation of International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In related news, the soldiers invaded the al-Ras al-Ahmar and the al-Baq’a Bedouin communities, in northern Jordan Valley of the occupied West Bank, and demolished livestock pens in addition to seizing water lines.

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Army Injures Several Palestinians Near Jenin

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Thursday at dawn, the town of al-Yamoun, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and injured several Palestinians during ensuing protests.

Media sources said a large military force invaded the town at dawn, before the soldiers stormed and violently searched many homes, causing damage.

They added that the soldiers smashed the main doors of a few invaded homes, including those owned by the sons of the late Mohammad Saber Lubbadi, in addition to Abu Raqi Houshiyya, before storming them and conducting the violent searches.

The soldiers also interrogated many Palestinians in their own homes, while examining their ID cards.

The invasion led to protest in the town, and the soldiers fired several live rounds, gas bombs and concussion grenades at local youngsters, who hurled stones at the army jeeps, especially in the neighborhoods of al-Lubbadi and as-Saudi.

Several Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, before receiving the needed treatment by local medics.

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Palestinian Mother Hospitalized After Israeli Soldiers Abducted Her Two Sons

A Palestinian woman from Ya’bad town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, was rushed to a hospital, on Thursday morning, after Israeli soldiers invaded her home and abducted two of her sons, including a child.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers stormed and ransacked a home in the town, before abducting Mo’tasem Ribhi Asfour, 19, and his brother, Khaled, 13.

The soldiers violently searched the property before abducting the two siblings, an issue that caused a severe anxiety attack to their mother, who was soon rushed by Palestinian medics to a hospital in Jenin.

It is worth mentioning that the child, Khaled, was also abducted by the soldiers several days ago, and was released shortly afterwards until the soldiers came back for him, and his brother, earlier Wednesday.

The woman is also the wife of a Palestinian political prisoner, held by Israel, identified as Ribhi Asfour.

The Israeli army has intensified its invasions, and very violent searches of homes, in addition to abducting many Palestinians, including children and women, in the town after one soldier, identified as Amit Ben Ygal, 21, was killed, on May 12th, 2020, during a pre-dawn invasion into Ya’bad.

On May 13th, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian child, identified as Zeid Fadel Qaisiyya, 15, after shooting him with a bullet to the head, during an invasion of Zeid neighborhood in the al-Fawwar refugee camp, southwest of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Video By Palestine TV:

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Israeli Soldiers Assault And Abduct A Young Woman And Her Brother In Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers assaulted, on Wednesday evening, a young Palestinian woman, and her brothers, in the al-‘Isawiya town in occupied East Jerusalem, before abducting them.

The incident took place while the two were in a gas station at the entrance of the town, after they headed there to buy something from the convenience store.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers first stopped the young man, Ali Mheisin, and started assaulting him, before his sister, Aya, tried to intervene.

They added that the soldiers constantly assaulted the young woman and her brother, and were dragging them on the ground, causing various cuts and bruises, before forcing them to sit on the floor of their military vehicle.

The reason for abducting the two siblings remains unknown, and they were both taken to the Police Station in Salahuddin Street, in Jerusalem.

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Israeli police execute Palestinian youth in front of his mother

The Israeli policemen could detain him, but it seems that they intentionally wanted to kill him

Israeli occupation police executed on Thursday Palestinian youth in front of his mother in opposite to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian youth was identified as Mustafa Darwish Younis.

Speaking to Palestine Post 24, his mother said: “The Israeli police stopped our car and asked my son to take off. He refused, but they pulled him off.”

The bereaved mother continued: “When he was pulled out, I took off and turned around to see the Israeli occupation police shooting at him directly from a very close distance.”

A video for the incident went viral on the internet shows the Palestinian youth being put down and he used a nail cutter or a very small screwdriver to defend himself, but the Israeli policemen executed him.

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Settlers Attack Beitin Village In West Bank, Clash With Residents

A group of Israeli settlers at daybreak Tuesday stormed Beitin village in the West Bank district of Ramallah and clashed with local youths.

Reporter of Safa news agency said that a group of Israeli settlers raided Beitin village and spray-painted racial slurs on the walls of several Palestinian houses.

Dozens of Palestinian youths confronted the settlers and managed to force them out of their village.

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