Al-Khudari: The message of the Norwegian institutions is an important plan to press towards lifting the siege on Gaza

Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the People’s Committee to confront the blockade in the Gaza Strip, today, Saturday, considered the message that 58 Norwegian institutions sent to their country’s government to demand the end of the siege on the Gaza Strip, as an important step towards pressuring the occupation to lift the siege.

Al-Khudari welcomed, in a press statement, this important step that came at a sensitive and difficult time in which Gaza’s suffering increased due to the Corona pandemic, which increased the crises that the sector has experienced due to the Israeli siege 14 years ago.

He stressed that more work is currently required internationally in this direction, and the institutions and the competent authorities are moving to pressure their governments to have an important word towards lifting the blockade.

He said, “The United Nations and the European Parliament are required to have clear and declared positions on lifting the blockade, and work to end it quickly and urgently, as the health, economic, educational and environmental situation and the various areas of life are in serious deterioration.”

Al-Khudari reaffirmed that the blockade is contrary to international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international laws and norms, and it must be ended, because its continuation means a real catastrophe that affects two million citizens, and warns of worse. like he said.

He stressed the need to support and relieve the Gaza Strip in various fields, as it lives under siege and measures to counter the pandemic of Corona, which caused a significant increase in the poverty rate to reach about 85%, while the number of unemployed workers reached about 350 thousand workers.

He pointed out that unemployment rates reached nearly 60%, and among the youth category 70%, indicating that the average daily per capita income is $ 2, and 70% of families are threatened by food insecurity.

Al-Khudari pointed out that 50% of medicines and medical consumables are not available, in addition to the ongoing electricity and water crisis.

(Source / 10.05.2020) 

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