Al-Dameer warns of the collapse of the health sector and demands the introduction of all medical supplies into Gaza hospitals

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights warned of the collapse of the health sector and called on the international community and the occupation authorities to enter all medical supplies into the Gaza Strip hospitals.

Al-Dameer said in a statement, “According to the information available to it and based on the testimony of Dr. Munir Al-Barrash, Director General of Pharmacy in the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the Ministry of Health suffers from a 30% drug shortage, as well as 40% of medical supplies, especially in the previous two years. 70% of the medicines for primary health care, especially those with chronic diseases (such as mental illness, pressure and diabetes), and added that the occupation authorities prevent the introduction of alcohol that is used in the manufacture of most sterilizers, especially that the gel is the first sterilizer in fighting the spread of Corona virus.

Al-Dameer indicated that the occupation authorities prevent the exit of the broken medical devices and equipment in Gaza hospitals for maintenance and repair abroad, and prevent the introduction of some spare parts for these devices from the countries that manufactured them.

A number of institutions at home, in cooperation with Palestinian companies in the Gaza Strip, submitted to the Israeli occupation authorities a number of requests and petitions to allow the exit of equipment and devices that need maintenance (burn treatment device in operating rooms, which is the only one of its kind in the Gaza Strip, and equipment to measure the doses of anesthesia In the operating room, equipment for operating an ultrasound machine to examine children and prematurity in intensive care units), not to mention the policy of procrastination and procrastination and the high costs and mechanisms for transporting this equipment and devices on the Israeli side.

According to the World Health Organization in the Gaza Strip, the health situation and its preparations to confront the “Korna” virus are weak due to the lack of medicines and medical and laboratory equipment as a result of the blockade imposed by the occupation authorities since (14 years) and the division.

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights affirmed that the Gaza Strip is legally described as a territory subject to occupation according to the rules of international humanitarian law, and that the Israeli occupation as the occupying power bears responsibility for the residents of the Strip, and therefore the occupation authorities are obligated to fulfill their legal and humanitarian obligations towards the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip It must take positive steps to ensure that medicines and medical devices reach the Gaza Strip hospitals as quickly as possible and that citizens receive their right to health care.

Al-Dameer Association has warned of a major humanitarian catastrophe that might befall the Gaza Strip due to poor health conditions, and demanded the international community to pressure the occupation authorities to force it to comply with its duties, allow the entry of medical devices and equipment into the Gaza Strip, and work to maintain and maintain the broken equipment.

International health organizations, humanitarian organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross have also called for providing the medical supplies needed by hospitals to help save the health sector from collapse, and called on the Palestinian government in Ramallah, especially the Ministry of Health, to supply all medicines and medical supplies needed immediately by the medical sector facilities, To avoid further health risks to the lives and health of citizens in the Gaza Strip.

(Source / 09.05.2020) 

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