PA asks UN chief to exert efforts to undermine Israel’s annexation plan

Permanent Observer for the State of Palestine to the United Nations Riyad Mansour addresses the UN Security Council New York, US on 18 December 2017

Palestinian Authority (PA)’s Envoy to the UN Riyad Mansour yesterday asked the UN Secretary-General António Guterres to halt Israel’s plan to annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.

The London-based newspaper reported that the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP) slammed the Israeli annexation plan as a “flagrant violation of international law”.

Mansour spoke with Guterres asking him to exert all efforts to prevent Israel from carrying out its plan.

The PA’s envoy reiterated the Palestinian position which rejects the Israeli annexation plan, stressing that such measures damage all chances of peace.

He also called for the UN Security Council to intensify its efforts in preserving international safety and security, as well as to bear its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause.

The Israeli government yesterday stepped up settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories ahead of a US-backed plan to annex parts of the West Bank in July.

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WHO: Coronavirus will inevitably reach Gaza

Security forces loyal Gaza's Islamist rulers Hamas, wearing personal protective equipment as a precaution against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, check the papers of an intensive care ambulance at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip on 13 April, 2020 [SAID KHATIB/AFP via Getty Images]
Hamas security forces wearing personal protective equipment as a precaution against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, check the papers of an intensive care ambulance at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip on 13 April, 2020

The representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Gaza, Dr Abdul Naser Soboh, said on Wednesday that the coronavirus Covid-19 is heading inevitably to Gaza as it has elsewhere, Al-Rai News Agency has reported.

Soboh expressed his concerns in an interview about the underestimation of the protective measures, especially in supermarkets and malls. He said that he expects this downplaying of the threat that the virus poses to lead to its spread in the enclave.

The WHO official called for the Palestinians to maintain safety measures, including social distancing, quarantine and other guidance issued by the Ministry of Health. This should be done, he explained, for at least another two months.

“We hope that we are buying time in the battle against the coronavirus,” Soboh added, “and that a vaccine is developed before it is too late.”

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Israel approves building 7,000 new settlement units

An Israeli settlement in the West Bank on 19 November 2019 [Mosab Shawer/Apaimages]
An Israeli settlement in the West Bank on 19 November 2019

Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett yesterday approved the construction of 7,000 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The new settlement units will be built in the settlement of Efrat in the illegal Gush Etzion settlement bloc near Bethelem in the southern West Bank.

The Jerusalem Post reported the defence minister saying that the approval came following the completion of the needed legal procedures.

The Israeli government has stepped up settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories ahead of a US-backed plan to annex parts of the West Bank in July.

All Israeli settlements and outposts are deemed illegal under international law.

“The building momentum in the country must not be stopped, even for a second,” Bennett tweeted, according to Al Jazeera.

The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, was quoted by Israel Hayom as saying that sovereignty over the occupied West Bank and the Jordan Valley was “an Israeli issue”.

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Army Abducts Fateh Secretary In Al-Jalazoun

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday evening, the secretary of Fateh movement in the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers abducted Tha’er Nakhla, while he was heading back home after a visit to the al-‘Ezariyya town, east of occupied Jerusalem.

Nakhla is a former political prisoner who was repeatedly abducted and imprisoned by Israel, including being held under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial.

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Explosion In Gaza Injures Several Palestinians

In a brief statement, the Palestinian Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that several Palestinians were injured, on Wednesday evening, in an explosion in Gaza city.

Eyad El-Bozom, the spokesperson of the Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip, said medics evacuated the wounded to the Shifa Medical Center, where surgeries have been performed on them, and are all receiving the needed treatment.

The official did not comment on the seriousness of the injuries, but only said that the Ministry and its security services have initialed an investigation into the explosion.

Similar incidents have occurred numerous times before in the Gaza Strip, many of them due to undetonated bombs, missiles and explosives dropped by Israeli soldiers during the various offensives and bombardments of the coastal region, and other cases took place when fighters were preparing explosives.

Many explosives and undetonated missiles, which were dropped by the Israeli army, have caused numerous deaths and serious injuries to scores of Palestinians, especially workers, farmers, and shepherds, in addition to children in both the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.

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Palestine may sue US for supporting Israel’s plans to annex Palestinian lands

Ramallah – The Palestinian Justice Minister said on Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority intends to file lawsuits against the United States for supporting Israel’s plans to annex Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

“We are looking for legal mechanisms to hold the U.S. government accountable in committing war crimes against the Palestinians together with Israel,” Mohammed al-Shalaldeh told Xinhua.

The US support for Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian lands in the West Bank is one of these crimes, he noted.

“Recognizing the occupier’s sovereignty on the occupied lands is a war crime in itself, and according to the international law, no state has the right to recognize the sovereignty of any occupying state on others’ land,” al-Shalaldeh explained.

In addition, lawsuits will be filed against international companies that operate at Israeli settlements, the Palestinian minister said.

The Palestinian government filed a lawsuit against the United States in the International Court of Justice for violating the Vienna Treaty of 1961 after it moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018, according to the minister.

Fatou Bensouda, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), issued a report on Thursday that confirmed the jurisdiction of the ICC to investigate in Palestine, al-Shalaldeh told Xinhua.

Earlier in the day, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman announced that imposing Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank “is Israel’s decision,” Israel Radio reported.

The radio also reported that Friedman said Washington is preparing to recognize Israel’s plans in the coming weeks.  

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Unraveling the myths of Zionism

Zionism: Conflating religion with ethnicity and historical events to justify a colonial project

Growing up in New Zealand I was instilled with the standard Western narrative on modern Israel: This is an ethno-religious community driven from their Middle Eastern homeland in Roman times, persecuted during their long exile in Europe, merely reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

Only as an adult did I begin to question this and read up on the subject. Firstly, there is the obvious fact that religion and ethnicity are not the same thing. Judaism is an ancient religion which spread far and wide. Its followers include many ethnicities, from Iranian and Arab to Ethiopian and European.

The ancient Israelites themselves do not appear to have been native to the Levant. Semitic tribes emerged from the Arabian Peninsula several thousand years ago, perhaps during a time of great climatic change. Some settled in Mesopotamia, mingling with the locals in the great empires of Akkad, Babylon and Assyria. Others included the Phoenicians of Lebanon.

The Israelites were distinctive only for the adoption of a monotheistic religion, Judaism, and this seems to be the only authentic link between the ancient kingdom and the modern Zionist colonial project.

Indeed, today’s Israelis claim that there are historical and religious sites in Palestine of great importance to them. But this is a medieval crusader mentality, surely. What of the historical and religious sites that are important to the Palestinians themselves?

Far from “a land without people,” Palestine had a Jewish population all along – living in relative harmony alongside a Muslim majority as well as a local Christian community. But they were Palestinians first and foremost and opposed Zionism – colonization by European Jews.

Although Sephardic Jews were welcomed by the Ottomans following the Spanish Inquisition, they seemed to have preferred the large metropolises of Constantinople, Selanik and Smyrna. Very few made their way down to Palestine. Even after the collapse of the empire, America was the popular destination.

My readings also assure me that one may convert to and renounce Judaism and that this is perfectly common practice, even required under certain Jewish Orthodox laws. But how can one convert to or renounce their race? Of course, the notion is preposterous.

The religion has been conflated with ethnicity to place it beyond reproach – and Zionism has been conflated with Judaism for the same reason. Westerners have thus been blackmailed into silence on the issue. But not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Far from it.

The idea that a community of people sat around in Europe for 2000 years waiting to get back to some ancient homeland in the Middle East is absurd. That’s not so different to the British claiming the right to colonize Africa on the grounds they had distant ancestry there! And in their case, at least, there would have been a grain of truth involved.

The original Zionist colonizers did not speak a Semitic language. They spoke Yiddish and other European dialects and were required to learn Hebrew. Semitic languages are not exclusive to Israel, of course. By far the biggest member of the group is Arabic with 420 million speakers worldwide (compared to 7 million Hebrew-speakers).

As for the so-called ‘wars’ Israel claims to have won, most were simply massacres instigated by the Zionists themselves. This includes the 1967 ‘Six Day War,’ after which Israel’s leaders openly conceded they had “made a choice” and attacked their neighbors by surprise. Much of the territory seized remains under occupation, including Syria’s Golan Heights, in violation of international law.

Israel’s bombing of densely populated residential areas in 2014 was a clear example of state terrorism. Almost 2000 people were killed, mostly civilians, about a quarter of them children. Hamas, meanwhile, killed mainly soldiers in response, only three civilians and no children. But we are supposed to believe it is they who are the terrorists!

The Zionist army bombed schools and hospitals, claiming they were being used to hide weapons caches. International observers found otherwise, however, and have also noted that it is the Israelis who use human shields, not the resistance. It would seem that everything Israel has accused the Palestinians of, it has in fact been guilty of itself.

Such are the multitudinous lies woven into the Western narrative. The Zionists are not a beleaguered ethnic group but the impostors and the aggressors. It is not their right to exist nor their right to defend themselves which is being denied – but the native Palestinians.’

This is the way things looked to me now, and for what it’s worth, much of what I have read on the issue has been penned by Israeli and Jewish authors.

(Source / 07.05.2020) 

Israeli settlers level agricultural land in Hebron

Hebron (QNN)- Local sources said that Israeli illegal settlers continued for the second day to level agricultural land near the village of Dura in Hebron, according to WAFA.

The sources said the leveling operations aimed to construct a new settlement road serving the illegal settlement of Nigihot, which is built on the village’s land.

The leveled land belongs to the families of Sweiti and Jadallah.

Moreover, Israeli settlers had created nearly six new settlement outposts on Palestinian land in occupied Hebron.

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Het leven na de dood!

Het geloven in het leven na de dood is een van de zes zuilen van ons geloof. De zes zuilen van al-Imaan (het geloof) zijn namelijk als volgt:

  1. Het geloven in Allah.
  2. Het geloven in Zijn engelen.
  3. Het geloven in Zijn boeken.
  4. Het geloven in Zijn boodschappers.
  5. Het geloven in de laatste dag.
  6. Het geloven in het lot (voorbeschikking).

De laatste dag is de dag waarop Allah de meest Verhevene de gehele schepping, vanaf de eerste mens Adam, tot aan de laatste der schepping, zal opwekken. Op deze dag zullen zij verantwoording afleggen voor hun daden. 

Het plaatsvinden van de laatste dag is iets waar de Koran uitgebreid over heeft bericht en waar de gelovige dus van overtuigd is, zoals dat altijd het geval is van de gelovigen; alles wat Allah en Zijn boodschapper hebben verkondigd, geloven zij zonder enige twijfel. Allah zegt:

Hij (Allah) zal jullie bijeenbrengen op de Dag der Opstanding, waaraan geen twijfel is. En wiens woorden zijn oprechter dan die van Allah. [4:87]

In een ander vers:

Zeg: “Allah brengt jullie tot leven (i.e. wereldse leven), daarna doet hij jullie sterven en daarna verzamelt Hij jullie op de Dag der Opstanding, waaraan geen twijfel is.” Maar de meeste mensen weten het niet. [45:26]

Naast de vele verzen die berichten over het plaatsvinden van die grote dag en haar details, heeft Allah ook vele bewijzen genoemd die de natuurlijke aanleg en het gezond verstand aanspreken.

Doel schepping
In dit vers verduidelijk Allah het doel van de schepping. Allah zegt:

“Dachten jullie dat Wij jullie zo maar geschapen hebben? En dat jullie niet tot Ons terugkeren? Verheven is Allah, de ware Koning ..” [23:115,116]

Als er geen leven zou zijn na de dood, zou dat betekenen dat het bestaan geen enkel zin heeft. Dat het leven niet meer is dan dagen die de nachten opvolgen.

De natuurlijke aanleg samen met het gezond verstand duidt op een dag waarop de mens verantwoording zal afleggen voor zijn daden. Het kan immers niet zo zijn dat tirannen en andere onrechtplegers een spoor van verderf achterlaten en hier vervolgens mee wegkomen, simpel door te sterven en hiermee bestraffing te ontvluchten. Allah geeft dit ook aan in de Koran: 

“En wij hebben de hemel en de aarde en wat daartussen is niet voor niets geschapen. Dat is een vermoeden van degenen die ongelovig zijn. Wee daarom het Vuur voor de ongelovigen. Zouden Wij degenen die geloven en goede werken verrichten, behandelen als de verderfzaaiers op aarde? Of zouden Wij de vromen behandelen als de grote zondaars?” [38:27,28]

Gebrek inzicht
De ongelovige is gaan twijfelen aan de wederopstanding door het voor onmogelijk of ver gezocht te achten dat het mogelijk is om iemand wiens lichaam na zoveel jaren is opgelost in de aarde weer tot leven te brengen. Hierbij vergetend dat de mens voorheen niet eens bestond en dat Allah de eerste mens, Adam, heeft geschapen uit klei. En dat de schepping van de mens zich ontwikkelde vanuit een zwakke druppel. Allah zegt hierover:

Ziet de mens dan niet dat Wij (Allah) hem uit een druppel hebben geschapen? Toch is hij een duidelijke redetwister. En hij (de mens) geeft Ons een voorbeeld , terwijl hij vergeet hoe hij zelf geschapen is. Hij zei: “Wie zal de beenderen tot leven brengen, nadat zij gruis (en verpulverd) zijn?” Zeg: “Hij Die ze de eerste keer heeft doen ontstaan, Die zal ze weer tot leven brengen!” [36:77-79]

In een ander vers noemt Allah een soortgelijke twijfel van de ongelovigen:

(De ongelovigen zeiden) “Als wij gestorven zijn, en stof zijn geworden (worden wij dan weer opgewekt?). Dat is een onwaarschijnlijke terugkeer.” [50:3]

Allah zegt hierop, Zijn volledige macht, kennis en heerschappij tonend:

“Waarlijk, Wij weten wat de aarde van hen heeft weggenomen!” [50:4]

Allah geeft aan dat Hij kennis heeft van alles, zelfs van datgene wat van het lichaam is ontbonden en vergaan is in de aarde!

Herhalen is makkelijker dan het begin
Het ontwerpen en creëren van iets voor de eerste keer is moeilijker dan het de tweede keer te herhalen. Allah heeft naar dit logisch beginsel verwezen in de Koran:

En Hij is Degene Die de schepping schept en haar daarna herhaalt (i.e. voor de wederopstanding), en dat is voor Hem nog gemakkelijker .. [30:27]

Dit is enkel om het logisch verstand aan te spreken. De wederopstanding voor Allah van de hele schepping is zoals Hij zei:

Jullie schepping en jullie opwekking is (voor Allah) slechts als die van één ziel. [31:28]

Uitgedroogd grond
Allah heeft het tot leven brengen van de doden in meerdere verzen vergeleken met het tot leven brengen van een uitgedroogd levenloos stuk grond met het neerdalen van regen:

En het behoort tot Zijn tekenen dat jij de aarde nederig (uitgedroogd) ziet, en als Wij er dan water op doen neerdalen, dan beweegt zij en zet zij zich uit. Voorwaar, Degene Die haar doet leven, zal de doden tot leven brengen. Voorwaar Hij is tot alles in staat. [41:39]

De gelovige wordt dagelijks herinnerd aan het leven na de dood. In het voortreffelijkste hoofdstuk van de Koran, surah al-fatiha, dat we dagelijks minimaal zeventien keer reciteren in de vijf verplichte gebeden, zeggen wij in het derde vers:

“De Bezitter van de Dag des Oordeels” [1:3]

De profeet vrede zij met hem heeft ons aangespoord om voor het afsluiten van het gebed met de tasleem (de groet rechts en links) onze toevlucht bij Allah te zoeken tegen o.a. de bestraffing van het graf en het Vuur. Degene die het gebed met concentratie verricht, wordt dagelijks meerdere malen herinnerd aan het graf en de Dag des Oordeels. 

Beste broeders en zusters:
Naast de vele bewijzen uit de Koran en Sunnah voelt de moslim, en zelfs de niet-moslim, diep van binnen dat er een leven zal zijn na de dood. Alleen is het leven na de dood bij de niet-moslims, en helaas ook bij vele moslims, als een compleet zwart gat. Niet wetende wat hen te wachten staat.

Wordt vervolgd ….

(Source / 07.05.2020) 

Palestinian Expatriate Dies Of Coronavirus

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A Palestinian expatriate identified as Basem Jibril Awad, 45, died in Kuwait today after contracting coronavirus, said the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

It said Awad is the first fatality among the Palestinian community in Kuwait.

With his death, a total of 71 Palestinian expatriates have died worldwide, 1300 infected and 526 recovered, said the ministry.

(Source / 07.05.2020)