The organization: Israel practices daily terrorism against the Palestinians in Jerusalem

The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization condemned today, Tuesday, the continuous escalation of “violations” of Israel against Palestinian citizens and officials in and around Jerusalem.

Member of the Executive Committee d. Hanan Ashrawi, in a statement, “The wide campaign of arrests that targeted 13 Palestinians, among them the Secretary General of the National People’s Congress of Jerusalem, Major General Bilal Al Natsheh, and storming and searching homes.”

Ashrawi said that “the daily organized terrorism that affects occupied Jerusalem and outside it, is a true translation of the occupation state’s policy and approach, aimed at implementing plans for ethnic cleansing, forced displacement and apartheid.”

She added that Israel practiced the forced displacement of the Palestinians in Jerusalem “to deny them the right to remain on their land and property, with the support and partnership of the American administration.”

Ashrawi considered that “these dangerous and destructive practices come within the framework of an attempt to thwart the efforts of the Palestinian government to combat the new Corona virus in Jerusalem, where the occupation state has ignored the health status of Jerusalemites, and hindered Palestinian efforts in providing health and financial assistance to them.”

Ashrawi said that “the Israeli racist and extremist occupation and its illegal and inhuman practices constitute the real threat to the lives of citizens in and around Jerusalem,” calling on the international community and relevant international institutions to stop these violations and hold Israel accountable and responsible for its practices.

(Source / 06.05.2020) 

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