IOF arrest three citizens in Ramallah

Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli army arrested three citizens from their houses in the village of Beit Sira in western Ramallah at the dawn of Friday.

Kifayah Anqawi, the mother of the martyr Yousef Anqawi, told QNN that nearly ten Israeli soldiers broke into her house at dawn and vandalized it.

She added that the soldiers damaged the contents and even food at her house. They also damaged clothes that belong to her son Yousef, whom the Israelis killed last year.

A canine dog was accompanying the soldiers, according to her.

The soldiers arrested Muhammad Anqawi (22 years old) and took him for an unknown place.

They also arrested Muhammad’s cousins Ibrahim (20 years old) and Muhammad Anqawi (20 years old) after breaking into their houses.

She added that volunteers from the Arab Emergency Committee rushed to her house to sterilize it after the soldiers left.

Kifaya called on human rights institutions to find out the place where the Israelis took her son.

The Israeli army killed Kifaya’s son, Yousef, last year and the Israelis continue to withhold his body in a cemetery of numbers.

In the same context, several citizens in the Tulkarm refugee camp were wounded at dawn when Israeli forces broke into the camp and vandalized the house of the wounded prisoner Muhammad Risheh.

Local sources stated that confrontations erupted between locals and Israeli occupiers after the later stormed Risheh’s house and interrogated his mother. Israeli soldiers threw poisonous tear gas at the locals, causing several suffocation cases.

(Source / 01.05.2020) 

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