‘Israel’ renews solitary confinement of Palestinian award-winning intellectual

Walid Daqqa, is one of the longest serving prisoners in Israeli jails

Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli authorities renewed solitary confinement decision against the writer and intellectual Walid Daqqa (59 years old) without announcing the period of the new sentence.

The Israeli decision came as part of a series of measures that the Israelis have been taking against Daqqa since 2018 when he published the latest of his works.

After he published his novel ‘The Story of Oil’s secret’ in 2018, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) took punitive measures against him, including the confiscation of his writings, denial of visitation, and the repeated transfer of him from jail to another.

The Israeli punitive measures against Daqqa have even escalated this year, after he and his wife Sanaa had their baby “Milad” through smuggled sperm.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Association stated that Daqqa’s isolation has been doubled during the coronavirus crisis. Daqqa is denied lawyers’ visits now, which used to be his only way to communicate with his wife and the world.

The Israelis also prevented Daqqa from reaching the jail canteen, from which he used to get his essential needs, worsening his health condition.

Daqqa is serving a life sentence. He is one of the longest-serving prisoners as he was arrested 35 years ago. The occupation state refused to release him in all swap deals.

Daqqa succeeded to get a master’s degree in political science while in jail. He also got married to the activist Sanaa Salameh and they had their daughter ‘Milad’ through smuggled sperm last February.

Daqqa has several works, the most famous of them is a letter describing his marriage. The letter was an inspiration for the well-known play “The Parallel Time”.

(Source / 29.04.2020) 

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