Israeli Forces Teargases Citizens, Kidnaps Two Young Men In West Bank

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The Israeli occupation forces violently attacked last night Palestinian young men in al-Fawwar refugee camp in southern Hebron and kidnaped two citizens in Qalandiya and Bethlehem.

According to local sources, the Israeli Forces stormed al-Fawwar camp and showered local citizens with tear gas canisters.

The Red Crescent said its ambulance crews provided medical assistance for six citizens before transferring them to Yatta Hospital in Yatta city.

The clashes started after Israeli soldiers brutalized some citizens near the cemetery of al-Fawwar camp.

In Jerusalem, a special force aboard a civilian vehicle stormed an apartment building in the airport street in Qalandiya and kidnaped a young man after assaulting him.

The Israeli Forces also stormed Bethlehem city and kidnaped 19-year-old Laith Yuman from his home in al-Saf street.

(Source / 27.04.2020) 

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