Occupation strengthens the distribution of demolition notices in the West Bank taking advantage of emergency situations

The occupation continued its policies aimed at stabilizing settlement plans in the West Bank, through the distribution of demolition notices to Palestinian installations, and these notices became a tool for the independence of Palestinians who could not take any legal action due to the emergency situation in the Corona pandemic, which, according to daily Palestinian reports, increased.

“After his bankruptcy by deporting families from many areas in the Jordan Valley and demolishing their facilities several times, the occupation resorts to giving families notices under the heading of stopping the destruction of antiquities, and dozens of similar notices have been given to citizens since the beginning of the year, which makes it more difficult to respond to the ongoing occupation measures against palestinian land and human beings in the Jordan Valley and many other areas,” said Aref Dragma, a notary of Israeli violations in the Jordan Valley.

He added: ” Although the world has stopped all its operations to confront the Coronavirus, notifications and demolitions are still continuing in all areas, and in the jordan valleys in particular, this time in line with the declaration of the occupation government annexation next July. On it.”

Bashar al-Quraiti, a specialist in settlement affairs, tells the story of his village Of Qaryut with demolition and confiscation decisions 20 years ago, and says: “The story of long steadfastness for more than 20 years, and we suffer from these violations that took our land, closed our streets, and targeted the people of the town, where it was organized More than 116 mass protest marches to demand land and road, but the suffering, despite the violations, continues to close the street, and our entry into the territories came after an ongoing legal follow-up against the settlers who took our land, and we must continue to face the occupation measures and its ferocious barbarity in taking over the land and narrowing The noose.

In Qalqilya, demolition notices have not stopped, and the provincial settlement specialist, Mohammed Abu al-Sheikh, says: “The notices against the citizens have not stopped, the demolitions are continuing and the construction of agricultural facilities has been halted. Their way of reporting, which is fictitious, and many stakeholders do not pay attention to the decision, because it is lost or not going to its territory under the Corona pandemic, and there is a time limit for the objection, and may run out of time without submitting an objection, as the objections today are electronic, and need to be followed closely, because the period specified for the objection is limited to hours between 48 hours and 96 hours.”

In Salfit governorate, in Zawiya, Deir Alot and other towns, demolitions and notifications continue.

“The Corona pandemic did not stop this occupation sector,” he said. Today, the world is confronted with the epidemic caused by the Corona virus, and the Palestinians are facing the epidemic of notifications, demolition and confiscation without mercy, but a deliberate process of resignation. “His own land, allowing the settlers to expand their settlements, which have become large cities, while our villages and communities live with a structural map that has not been expanded for decades.”

(Source / 26.04.2020) 

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