Tayseer Khaled : US Secretary of State gives green light for Israel’s annexation policy

Tayseer Khaled , member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ), member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, described the speech of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at his press conference, which was held yesterday at the headquarters of the US State Department, in which he explained that the decision to annex lands in the occupied West Bank ultimately returns to Israel , provocative, aggressive  and  illegall , and as a green light for the Netanyahu-Gantz government to move forward with the arrangements agreed upon between them regarding the start of imposing Israeli sovereignty over lands in the West Bank as soon as the American-Israeli crew finish drawing the maps, which allow the government of Israel to directly implement the deal of the century on the ground unilaterally with annexation measures for settlement , amid the world’s preoccupation with the war against Corona virus epidemic.

He added , that the speech of the American Secretary of State confirms beyond any doubt that the determination of the first of next July in the partnership agreement to form a new Israeli government between the Likud party and the remains of the blue-white party as a date to start the annexation and impose Israeli sovereignty on the targeted settlement areas did not come  improvisational   , but an agreed estimate in the American-Israeli staff to finish  the  maps before this date to facilitate  implementing  unilateral steps by Israel with American approval announced by Minister Pompeo in his public speaking mentioned in front of the media in defiance of international law, and international legitimacy related to the Palestinian issue, and the rights of the Palestinian people,  for bullying policy and jungle laws, which have become, under US President Donald Trump, a major component of US foreign policy.

Tayseer Khaled called in light of these developments, for strengthening the role of the PLO institutions, especially the executive committee of the organization, and enabling it as a competent authority and daily political leadership for the Palestinian people and its only legal representative to start translating the decisions of the Palestinian National Council at its meeting held at the end of April of early May 2018 and  decisions the Palestinian Central Council in its successive sessions in response to the expected Israeli annexation steps and  imposing Israeli  sovereignty ,  as legitimate proactive response at the appropriate time, which can only move stagnant water and push the  Arab League , Organization of Islamic Cooperation  and peace-loving  countries  ,  to move and prevent Israel from taking unilateral annexation steps, taking advantage of the world’s preoccupation with the war on the pandemic Corona.

23.4.2020                                                              Press Office

(Source: www.nbprs.ps / 23.04.2020) 

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