A settler opens fire near a Palestinian checkpoint in Kisan village

A settler last night opened fire from his weapon near a Palestinian checkpoint placed on the outskirts of Kisan village east of Bethlehem.

According to local sources, the settler, who arrived at the checkpoint, descended from the nearby winding road, got out of his car and started shooting in the air with the aim of terrorizing the Emergency Committee activists present at the checkpoint.

The sources added that the settler boarded his vehicle after that, and returned to his direction.

(Source / 24.04.2020) 

Palestine artist attacked over anti-Bin Salman caricature

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian cartoonist working at Al Jazeera [Twitter]
Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian cartoonist working at Al Jazeera 

Saudi social media users launched a campaign against a Palestinian cartoonist working at Al Jazeera after the news site published a piece which criticised Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.

Following the dramatic decline in oil prices, cartoonist Mahmoud Abbas, who lives in Sweden, drew a caricature showing an oil barrel rolling fast towards a man who is clearly from the Gulf.

The caricature aroused the anger of the Saudi social media army who considered it an attack on the crown prince.

The hashtag “Palestine is not my issue” began to trend on Twitter as a result.

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“Do not incite Saudis by targeting those they love: country, resources and rulers. At first, you have to purge your country from the traitors who are trading with your [the Palestinian] cause,” one user wrote.

Others threatened the cartoonist and published personal information about him and his family, describing him as a “terrorist”.

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(Source / 23.04.2020) 

Health in Gaza: Two new Corona infections were recorded

Corona Gaza

Gaza’s health spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qedra, announced that two new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in the Gaza Strip, bringing the number to 17 patients who recovered from them 9.
He explained during the press briefing that the Ministry of Health was following 1954 hosts inside 26 quarantine centers in the Gaza Strip, all of them in good health condition After that, it is the quarantine of 74 hosts in Saad Building, Deir Al-Balah, according to the approved preventive measures.

He stressed that health recently received a new shipment of drugs and medical consumables from Ramallah, stressing that the shipment of medicines is not sufficient.
Al-Qaddara demanded more support to tackle the Corona virus.

He called on the ability of all citizens to be responsible in implementing safety and prevention measures to spare the Gaza Strip from the threat of a pandemic by maintaining a stay in homes and when out of necessity must wear masks, wash hands and achieve spacing between people, especially when shopping or receiving services.

(Source / 23.04.2020) 

Hamas: Israel Mossad involved in promoting drugs in Palestine refugee camps

Image of drugs [Dimitris Kalogeropoylos/Flickr]

Hamas yesterday accused Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad of being involved in promoting drugs among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Quds Press reported.

During a meeting with other Palestinian factions, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmed Abdul-Hadi hailed the detention of drug dealers in the refugee camps.

Abdul-Hadi reiterated that Mossad is involved in promoting drugs in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, pointing out that the intelligence agency makes drugs available with very low prices in order to make it accessible to a large number of people.

Israel, the movement said, promotes drugs among Palestinian refugees in order to undermine their spirit of resistance.

Palestinian factions carried out a campaign to capture drug dealers in Burj El-Barajneh camp on Tuesday, handing them over to the Lebanese security services.

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(Source / 23.04.2020) 

PLO calls for international support to protect heritage sites in Hebron

The general view shows the Ibrahimi Mosque after closure by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron on 22 April 2019 [Mashhor Wahwah/ WAFA]
The general view shows the Ibrahimi Mosque after closure by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron on 22 April 2019

Member of PLO’s Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi yesterday called on the international community to protect heritage sites in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Safa news agency reported.

In a statement, Ashrawi condemned the Israeli approval to seize land belonging to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron as part of judaisation efforts under the pretext of renovation.

Ashrawi stressed that Israel is using global preoccupation in the fight against the coronavirus and escalates its violations against “our land, people, identity and heritage”.

She noted that the Israeli occupation uses its judicial and legal systems to serve the “oppressive occupation enterprise,” stressing this is a “flagrant violation of the UN, its decisions and rules.”

According to Ashrawi, the Israeli occupation “systematically” violates all the agreements signed with Palestinians.

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(Source / 23.04.2020) 

Turkey to send medical, financial aid to Palestine

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (L) and Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki (R) shake hands prior to their bilateral meeting within the consultation meeting with ambassadors of Palestine to European countries in Istanbul, Turkey on March 03, 2019 [Cem Özdel / Anadolu Agency]
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu (L) and Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki (R) shake hands prior to their bilateral meeting within the consultation meeting with ambassadors of Palestine to European countries in Istanbul, Turkey on 3 March 2019

Turkey has accepted Palestine’s call for medical and financial assistance in the fight against the novel coronavirus, according to an official statement Thursday, Anadolu reports.

Turkey announced an aid package for Palestine during an extraordinary meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said in a statement.

COVID-19 test kits, masks, special clothing and other basic equipment will be provided to the Health Ministry of Palestine, the statement said.

Al-Maliki thanked his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu and the Turkish government for the assistance, it added.

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On Wednesday, the OIC held an extraordinary meeting to discuss measures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Founded in 1969, the OIC is a 57-member bloc of Muslim countries. It is “the collective voice of the Muslim world” and works to “safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony.”

Since first appearing in Wuhan, China last December, the virus, officially known as COVID-19, has spread to at least 185 countries and regions, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University in the US.

More than 2.62 million cases have been confirmed worldwide and at least 183,000 deaths with over 710,000 recoveries.

(Source / 23.04.2020) 

Israeli Military Vehicles Infiltrate Gaza Strip, Raze Palestinian Land

A number of Israeli occupation military vehicles penetrated, on Thursday morning, the Palestinian agricultural lands along the border with Israel, east of Gaza City, local sources reported.

Local sources and residents told Quds Press, that Israeli military vehicles infiltrated dozens of meters into the agricultural lands of citizens east of the Al-Zaytun neighborhood.

Sources added that the vehicles razed land, shot into the air, and prevented farmers from accessing their lands.

Important to note that Israeli military vehicles infiltrated the southern Gaza Strip border, on Wednesday morning, near the city of Rafah and razed land, Palestinian WAFA News correspondent reported.

He stated that six military vehicles breached the border east of Rafah and razed land, while shooting in the air.

On Tuesday, occupation forces carried out limited incursions into parts of the northern and southern besieged Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian fisherman was also injured on Tuesday, when an Israeli navy ship opened fire at him while he was sailing off the Mediterranean coast, within the Israeli dictated limit of three nautical miles off shore.

(Source / 23.04.2020) 

PCHR: Fisherman Wounded & Fishing Boats Damaged, Israeli Naval Forces Continue Attacks on Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza Waters

Israeli Naval Forces continued its attacks on Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza waters, under the continued Israeli restrictions on fishermens’ freedom to work and banning their access to areas rich with fish, all while fishermen do not pose any threat to the Israeli naval forces stationed in Gaza waters, which is a violation of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, including Article 6 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)’s investigations, at approximately 09:30 on Tuesday, 21 April 2020, Israeli naval forces stationed at Gaza sea, northern Gaza Strip, chased Palestinian fishing boats while the latter sailed at 3 nautical miles. Israeli forces opened fire at the fishing boats, damaging the engine of Fahed Zeyad Hassan Baker’s (43) boat; the forces surrounded the fishing boat and continued to fire at it for at least 10 minutes before withdrawing. Fishermen were able to pull the boat into the seaport, where Zeyad Fahed Baker (25), the son of the boat’s owner, was found wounded with a rubber bullet in his head. Baker was transferred to al-Shifa Hospital, and medical sources indicated that his injury was minor.

In a separate incident, at approximately 13:30 on Saturday, 18 April 2020, Israeli naval forces stationed northwest of Gaza city waters, chased Palestinian fishing boats while the latter sailed at 4 nautical miles and opened fire at them, damaging the boat’s engine. The boat is the property of Ahmed Ahmed Hasan Zaydan (29) and it sustained several bullets that caused damaged.

PCHR condemns the continued Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza sea, and calls upon the international community, including the State Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, to force Israeli authorities to cease attacks and persecution of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza waters, and to allow fishermen to fish freely. Additionally, PCHR calls upon Israeli authorities to compensate fishermen for their losses caused by the continued Israeli attacks.

(Source / 23.04.2020) 

Zo start je het vasten van de Ramadan!

Ramadan 2020 begin

De maan is zojuist aanschouwd. Dit betekent dat morgen, 24 april, de eerste dag van de gezegende maand Ramadan is! En dit houdt in dat de intentie voor het vasten van Ramadan vóór aanvang van fajr (ochtendgebed) moet zijn genomen, vanwege de volgende overlevering:
Wie geen intentie voor het vasten heeft vóór fajr, zijn vasten is niet correct. [Bayhaqi]

Het nemen van de intentie is geen ingewikkelde handeling. De intentie houdt in dat jij vastberaden bent om de volgende dag te vasten. En dat ben je. Want wanneer iemand jou zou vragen of je morgen vast, dan zou je direct antwoorden: ‘natuurlijk!’ Dit duidt erop dat jouw intentie gewoon aanwezig is. 
Moet deze intentie dagelijks voor iedere dag afzonderlijk worden genomen of volstaat de intentie, om de hele maand te vasten, aan het begin van de maand?
De geleerden verschillen hierover in mening. Meerdere grote geleerden neigen naar de mening dat de intentie aan het begin van de maand volstaat. Wellicht dat deze de sterkste mening is.
Wel moet daarbij in acht worden genomen dat degene die het vasten heeft verbroken, vanwege bijvoorbeeld ziekte, reis of menstruatie, zijn intentie moet vernieuwen indien hij of zij de volgende dag weer van plan is om te vasten.
De sahoer
Het valt onder de manieren van het vasten om de vastende dag met sahoer (ochtendmaaltijd) te starten. Dit was de gewoonte van onze nobele profeet vrede zij met hem en zijn metgezellen. De profeet vrede zij met hem zei: 

“Nuttig de sahoer, want de sahoer is gezegend.” [Bukhari] 

En hij zei: 

“Nuttig de sahoer, ook al is het slechts een beetje water.” [ibn Hibbaan]
De profeet heeft in een overlevering het eten van dadels als sahoer geprezen, het is daarom aanbevolen om ook dadels te nuttigen met de sahoer.

Degene die de sahoer nuttigt, dient dit te doen met de intentie van het navolgen van de sunnah van de profeet vrede zij met hem, zodat dit een aanbidding is en hij hiervoor wordt beloond.

De sunnah van sahoer is om deze uit te stellen tot aan het einde van de nacht, vlak vóór fajr aanbreekt. Dus als je bijvoorbeeld aan een kwartier genoeg hebt voor de sahoer, nuttig je deze een kwartier vóór fajr.
Van de voordelen van het nuttigen van sahoer kort vóór fajr, is dat je het fajrgebed tijdig verricht, vóór zonsopgang. Beter kan je de dag niet beginnen!
Ook is de tijd van sahoer een gezegende tijd voor smeekbede en het vragen van vergiffenis. Allah heeft zijn vrome dienaren geprezen in de Koran voor het feit dat zij Hem op dat tijdstip vergiffenis vragen. Allah zegt:
“En in de ashaar (tijd vóór fajr) vragen zij om vergiffenis.” [51:18]
Het kwartier of langer voor tijd stoppen met eten, ook wel aangeduid op sommige gebedskalenders met imsak, wordt door de geleerden als een innovatie (bid’ah) beschouwd en als overdrijven in het geloof. Je mag eten totdat fajr aanbreekt.

Beste broeders en zusters

Weet dat het bereiken van deze gezegende maand op zich een grote gunst is. Hoeveel van onze jonge broeders en zusters dachten er deze maand gewoon bij te zullen zijn, maar is de dood tussenbeide gekomen? Hoeveel van onze broeders en zusters genoten tot voor kort nog van een goede gezondheid totdat zij plotseling met een ziekte zijn getroffen? Maak gebruik van jouw leven en goede gezondheid door altijd bezig te zijn met datgene waar Allah van houdt en tevreden mee is. 

Beste broeders en zusters

Allah zegt:

“O jullie die geloven, het vasten is jullie verplicht gesteld zoals het ook degenen vóór jullie verplicht is gesteld opdat jullie Allah zullen vrezen. (het vasten is slechts) Een beperkt aantal dagen.” [2:184]

We vasten een maand, maar in werkelijkheid zijn het slechts een beperkt aantal dagen, voor je het weet is deze mooie maand weer voorbij!
Moge Allah de meest Verhevene ons helpen bij het nuttig besteden van deze gezegende maand en ons vergeven voor onze tekortkomingen.

(Source / 23.04.2020)