Israel stops testing coronavirus samples coming from Gaza

Testing performed by army for 2 days before it was stopped by government, local media report

Israeli Defence Minister has testing coronavirus (covid-19) samples coming from the blockaded Gaza Strip, an Israeli daily said on Wednesday.

The Israeli army had recently announced an initiative to perform 50 coronavirus testing per day on samples from the Gaza Strip.

Only for two days, the initiative continued and 100 samples were tested at one of the army’s bases on the outskirts of the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The Israeli government cancelled the initiative, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported, adding that the Defence Minister Naftali Bennett himself was not aware of the army’s initiative due to “lack of communication.”

At least 17 coronavirus cases have been recorded in the Gaza Strip which has been under blockade for 14 years.

Currently, testing for the coronavirus is being supervised by the Palestinian Authority and the World Health Organisation.

(Source / 22.04.2020) 

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