Three Palestinian brothers in Israel complete 18 years behind bars

The whole family was one time in the Israeli jails and their house was demolished five times, the last of which in 2019

Three brothers, out five incarcerated in Israeli jails, have completed yesterday 18 years behind Israeli bars, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) announced on Tuesday.

Nasser, 48, Nasr, 46, and Sharif Abu Hmeid, 44, from Amari refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, have been in jail since 2002 over resisting the Israeli occupation.

Nasser spent a total of 31 years in Israeli jails and the first time he got arrested he was only 13 years.

Nasr also spent a total of 28 years in jail and was 13 the first time when he was arrested, while Sharif was 14 when he was first arrested and spent nine years in prison before was rearrested along with his brothers in 2002.

Nasser was sentenced to seven life terms plus 50 years. Nasr was also sentenced to five life terms and has a son who was also arrested 10 months ago and is now in prison, while Sharif was sentenced to four life terms.

Two other brothers are also serving time in Israeli jails, said the PPS: Mohammad, 37, serving two life terms plus 30 years, and Islam, 34, arrested in 2018 and sentenced to one life term plus 8 years.

A sixth brother, Abdul Meniem was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in 1994.

At one point, the entire Abu Hmeid family members were in prison. The Israeli army had also demolished their home five times, the last of which was 2019.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

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