‘Israel’ cuts half billion NIS of PLO money over Security Council complaint

The Israelis are angry about remarks made by PLO officials regarding Israeli efforts to spread the coronavirus in the West Bank

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- ‘Israel Hayom’ reported that the occupation state decided to hold back half a billion Shekels of the PLO’s money due to ‘incitement’ by Palestinian officials against the occupation state.

The newspaper claimed that officials in the Palestinian authority made remarks on the Israeli intentional efforts to spread the coronavirus in the West Bank. The officials, according to the newspaper, said that the Israeli army intentionally spreads the virus among native Palestinians, while the Palestinian curriculum continues to ‘incite against Israel’ even through distance education.

It added that the Palestinian Authority filed a complaint at the security council last week, accusing the Israeli army of imposing restrictions on the Palestinian efforts to fight coronavirus.

The complaint also accused the Israeli army of throwing medical waste in Palestinian villages, putting a lot of fear in people. The occupation state also forces Palestinian workers to go back to the West Bank through wastewater tunnels and prevents them from going through checkpoints, where Palestinian medical teams test those, who come from the occupation state to the West Bank.

Several surveillance videos had shown Israeli soldiers spitting at Palestinians’ vehicles and houses to spread the virus, raising concerns over the ability to control the outbreak in the West Bank.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

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