Israel sends olive oil harvested in occupied West Bank as Memorial Day gift

Olive harvest in Gaza [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]
Olive harvest in Gaza 

Israel’s Defence Ministry gave out bottles of olive oil produced in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank as this year’s Memorial Day present, reported +972 Magazine.

The bottles, which are labelled as having been produced by Meshek Achiya, claim to be “Made in Israel”, however, the olives are harvested on land belonging to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian landowners, represented by the Israeli NGO Hakel filed a complaint to the Civil Administration, the arm of Israel’s military government that rules over the occupied West Bank.

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The Civil Administration then issued six different eviction orders against Meshek Achiya between 2008 and 2012, including a demand to vacate privately-owned Palestinian land that the company had seized illegally.

Palestinian olive oil producers based in the occupied West Bank have faced enormous difficulties as Israeli authorities have confiscated or denied access to land, uprooted ancient trees and controlled water resources.

Over 800,000 Palestinian olive trees have been uprooted by Israeli authorities and settlers since 1967, according to research from the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem.

Last week, Israeli forces uprooted 150 olive trees without prior notice. The trees were ‘illegally planted’…

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(Source / 21.04.2020)

Abbas orders easing of coronavirus restrictions

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, West Bank on 11 November 2019 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, West Bank on 11 November 2019

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ordered yesterday the easing of some of the lockdown measures imposed in the occupied West Bank as part of the battle against the coronavirus Covid-19, Anadolu has reported. Speaking during a weekly cabinet meeting held online, Abbas did not specify what restrictions would be lifted.

However, Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said that shops selling goods related to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan would be allowed to open their doors from 10am to 5pm. Ramadan is expected to start later this week, subject to the sighting of the new moon.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister said that small businesses with a maximum of three workers would also be allowed to open. Staff will still be required to follow safety measures such as social distancing.

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Abbas accepted that the measures are strict, but said that he had to choose between not imposing restrictions and losing people. “I choose not to lose my people,” he added.

The veteran leader claimed that he has ordered his government to pay special attention to the situation in occupied Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. However, the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which is doing relatively well with the coronavirus, insists that Abbas is neglecting the besieged enclave.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Israeli Forces Invade Homes, Detain Several Palestinians Across the West Bank

Israeli forces detained a total of 9 Palestinians in invasions across the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian WAFA news Agency.

Security sources said that Israeli forces, on Tuesday, detained 2 Palestinian youths from the Bethlehem-area village of Nahalin, after storming and searching their family homes.

Sources added that the soldiers detained 4 Palestinians from the Hebron district, including earlier reported former prisoner, Mohammad Alsaleeby, 24.

In the northern West Bank, soldiers detained 2 youths from the town of Yabad, southwest of Jenin, after invading and searching their homes, according to local sources, and 1 teenager from the town of Faroun in the Tulkarem district after invading and searching his family home, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) reported.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Israeli Forces Abduct Freed Prisoner in Hebron

Israeli troops abducted, early on Tuesday, a freed Palestinian prisoner from the Beit Ummar town in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

Local media sources reported that an Israeli army force invaded the Beit Ummar town and began invading several Palestinian-owned homes, before they abducted freed Palestinian prisoner, Mohammad Alsaleeby, 24.

The sources said that the soldiers took Alsaleeby to the nearby Israeli colonial settlement of Karmy Tsour, south of Beit Ummar, at the time of this report.

Alsaleeby was released from an Israeli prison six months ago, after having served five years of imprisonment.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

‘Israel’ cuts half billion NIS of PLO money over Security Council complaint

The Israelis are angry about remarks made by PLO officials regarding Israeli efforts to spread the coronavirus in the West Bank

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- ‘Israel Hayom’ reported that the occupation state decided to hold back half a billion Shekels of the PLO’s money due to ‘incitement’ by Palestinian officials against the occupation state.

The newspaper claimed that officials in the Palestinian authority made remarks on the Israeli intentional efforts to spread the coronavirus in the West Bank. The officials, according to the newspaper, said that the Israeli army intentionally spreads the virus among native Palestinians, while the Palestinian curriculum continues to ‘incite against Israel’ even through distance education.

It added that the Palestinian Authority filed a complaint at the security council last week, accusing the Israeli army of imposing restrictions on the Palestinian efforts to fight coronavirus.

The complaint also accused the Israeli army of throwing medical waste in Palestinian villages, putting a lot of fear in people. The occupation state also forces Palestinian workers to go back to the West Bank through wastewater tunnels and prevents them from going through checkpoints, where Palestinian medical teams test those, who come from the occupation state to the West Bank.

Several surveillance videos had shown Israeli soldiers spitting at Palestinians’ vehicles and houses to spread the virus, raising concerns over the ability to control the outbreak in the West Bank.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

‘Israel’ to confiscate Ibrahimi mosque land to build additions

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The Israeli Channel Seven reported that the judicial advisor Avichai Mandelblit approved to confiscate land that belongs to the Ibrahimi mosque in order to add elevators to the holy mosque.

The channel added that the Minister of war, Naftali Bennett, has approved the project four months ago. Netanyahu is now supposed to approve the confiscation of the land, owned by the Palestinian Islamic Endowment, to use it in the project.

Bennet’s advisor said that they are finalizing the plans of the 5-million-NIS project, which is supposed to be completed in one year.

Bennet had approved a plan to build a new settlement in the occupied city a few months ago, while Israeli officials announced that they intend to enforce the Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank city.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza, injures one

The fishing boat used by the Palestinian fishermen was also targeted and sustained severe damage

Palestinian fisherman was injured and his boat was damaged when Israeli occupation navy opened fire at him while sailing off Gaza coast on Monday.

The Israeli navy fired rubber bullets at the 25-year-old fisherman hitting him in the head.

His boat was also hit by bullets while sailing within the allowed three nautical miles off the coast.

Officials from the fishermen syndicate confirmed that the wounded fishermen had not exceeded the fishing limit permitted by the Israeli occupation.

However, the Oslo Peace Accords, singed between Israel and PLO in 1993, stipulate that Palestinian fishermen are allowed to sale up to 20 nautical miles in the sea, the Israeli occupation has been reluctant to let them do so.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Three Palestinian brothers in Israel complete 18 years behind bars

The whole family was one time in the Israeli jails and their house was demolished five times, the last of which in 2019

Three brothers, out five incarcerated in Israeli jails, have completed yesterday 18 years behind Israeli bars, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) announced on Tuesday.

Nasser, 48, Nasr, 46, and Sharif Abu Hmeid, 44, from Amari refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, have been in jail since 2002 over resisting the Israeli occupation.

Nasser spent a total of 31 years in Israeli jails and the first time he got arrested he was only 13 years.

Nasr also spent a total of 28 years in jail and was 13 the first time when he was arrested, while Sharif was 14 when he was first arrested and spent nine years in prison before was rearrested along with his brothers in 2002.

Nasser was sentenced to seven life terms plus 50 years. Nasr was also sentenced to five life terms and has a son who was also arrested 10 months ago and is now in prison, while Sharif was sentenced to four life terms.

Two other brothers are also serving time in Israeli jails, said the PPS: Mohammad, 37, serving two life terms plus 30 years, and Islam, 34, arrested in 2018 and sentenced to one life term plus 8 years.

A sixth brother, Abdul Meniem was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in 1994.

At one point, the entire Abu Hmeid family members were in prison. The Israeli army had also demolished their home five times, the last of which was 2019.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Palestinian Woman Second Corona Fatality In Jerusalem

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A 57-year-old Palestinian woman from Jerusalem has become the second fatality from coronavirus in the occupied city, according to local activists.

Munir al-Ghoul, from the Silwan emergency committee, said Nafouz Joulani has died at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem last night after contracting the disease. He said she had some chronic health issues.

Joulani is the second Palestinian woman to die from the virus in occupied Jerusalem. The first was also a woman from Issawiyeh neighborhood.

While number of corona cases in the occupied city is not clear, Palestinians believe they number over 120 and often add the number to the general Palestinian figure, which now stands at four deaths and 449 cases, including 327 cases in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and two fatalities in the West Bank.

Israel, which controls the city, has over 13,000 cases and 180 fatalities.

(Source / 21.04.2020) 

Nine Palestinians Were Detained , One Injured In West Bank

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The Israeli military detained nine Palestinians in raids across the West Bank and shot and injured one, according to various Palestinian sources.

Soldiers shot and injured last night a youth from the village of Taqoa, southeast of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, and detained him, according to Palestinian security sources.

The reason for the shooting and the situation of the injured youth were not immediately known but Israel claimed he was getting ready to throw stones at settlers’ cars near the village when he was shot.

Today, the Israeli forces detained two Palestinian youths from the Bethlehem-area village of Nahalin, said the security sources, after raiding and searching their family homes.

The sources also said the army detained four Palestinians from the Hebron district, also in the south of the West Bank, including two from the city itself, one from nearby Sair and one from Beit Ummar, north of the city, who was released from prison six months ago after serving five years in jail for resisting the occupation.

In the north of the West Bank, soldiers detained two youths from the town of Yabad, southwest of Jenin, after raiding and searching their homes, according to local sources, and one more, a 17-year-old high school student, from the town of Faroun in the Tulkarm district also after raiding and searching his family home, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

(Source / 21.04.2020)