Report: The occupation continues to implement its plans to annex settlements in Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank

“Preliminary steps to establish Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea”

Nablus – “Al-Quds” dot com – monitored the weekly settlement report prepared by the National Office for the Defense of the Earth and Resistance to Settlement of the Liberation Organization, the plans of the Israeli occupation authorities to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, on the one hand, and take preliminary steps to extend Israeli sovereignty On the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea, on the other hand.

The report, which covers the period from (11-17 April this year) in this regard, indicated that the occupation government continues to exploit the “Corona” crisis to stabilize its feet and plans, as it intends to link its settlements in the occupied city of Jerusalem by extending a light rail line.

The sources report that deliberations conducted by the so-called “District Committee for Organization and Building” show the entry of the light train to the (Armon Huntsev) settlement located on Jabal Al-Mukaber, east of Jerusalem, in a plan, aimed at increasing and intensifying settlement construction by a large percentage, and attracting more settlers by expanding the construction of settlement houses .

And the “Arab Center for Alternative Planning” inside the lands of 1948 revealed a few days ago a Judaic plan that the occupation began preparing for to build two railway lines linking the Jewish communities with the borders of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first underground line linking the western part of the occupied Jerusalem and the Bab al-Magharba All the way to the edge of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the second is a railway over the ground that travels the various neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

This plan joins a series of other projects implemented in secret, such as the “Temple Tunnel” that runs under the neighborhoods of the Old City and threatens their safety and stability, and the “City of David” project, whose various installations threaten Silwan and the Bab al-Magharba area.

The occupation municipality in Jerusalem revealed a settlement project on the lands of Jabal Al-Mukaber, south of occupied Jerusalem, with 410 settlement units, public facilities and a 100-room hotel, linking the new settlement neighborhood to the light rail network and that public network with the railway until 2024.

It also decided within its settlement plans that it will not stop depositing a settlement plan in the settlement “Gilo” south of the city.

The scheme, which focuses on building 1,300 housing units, includes 100,000 square meters for public buildings, 25,000 square meters commercial areas, 20,000 square meters for workshops, 15,000 dunums open areas, and an area of ​​83 dunums northeast of the settlement near two tracks of the light rail to set up a school Sports and cultural club.

It also includes the establishment of three “douars”, which form the entrance to the new neighborhood. In the vicinity, there will be commercial shops and workshops. The project includes the construction of 10 residential buildings with a height of 10-12 floors, and seven towers of 25-35 floors that constitute a substitute for the old absorption center consisting of about 290 housing units.

On the other hand, the occupation authorities continue the policy of restricting Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem. The occupation police released financial violations at the end of the week, at the weekly demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, at a value of NIS 5,000.

The occupation police surrounded seven demonstrators, seized their identities, and freed each of them a violation of 5 thousand shekels, with a total of 35 thousand shekels. The residents of the neighborhood have demonstrated since 2009 with activists from the Israeli left and in solidarity every week, against the policy of taking over homes in the neighborhood for the benefit of settlers.

The demonstrators were present as part of the preventive measures against the Corona virus by placing masks and maintaining a distance of more than two meters, knowing that all decisions taken to restrict movement during the past weeks did not prevent the demonstration.

Also in Jerusalem, and against the background of many occupation practices, Jerusalem leaders warned against exploiting the Israeli occupation and the arrival of the new Corona virus “Covid 19” to the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, in order to declare them “infested” areas, and thus to close them completely, which could pave the future for purification. Ethnic and demographic silence of the Palestinians in a number of neighborhoods of the city at the hands of the occupation authorities, as there are targeted areas at the political and security levels in East Jerusalem, such as the Silwan region, the Old City, and the Tur, and other crowded areas with narrow areas in the Shuafat camp, Qalandiya, and Kafr Aqab, these areas by Dead, in addition to all Arab neighborhoods Palestinian in Jerusalem, Israel is seeking to reach emptied of its population many justifications, but the great danger is to exploit the occupation virus “Corona”, and spread in these areas to advertise them as areas affected, down to the justification for ethnic cleansing and wide and fast for these areas.

The settlers continue their provocations against Palestinian citizens, taking advantage of the state of emergency in the Palestinian territories.

While the movement of citizens in the Qana Valley is restricted in the light of the state of emergency instructions announced by the Palestinian government and prevented the Palestinians from hiking in the valley as part of preventive measures to prevent the spread of the dangerous kurna virus, the settlers from the surrounding settlements are taking advantage of this for the intensive presence in the valley, What has become a threat to the health of citizens in that region, which lies between three governorates: Nablus, Qalqilya, and Salfit, and increases the possibility of transmitting the virus to Palestinian farmers, who have survived the valley, despite all the continuous expulsion attempts by them by the occupation forces.

In this regard, the report indicated that the settlements surrounding the valley have become foci of Corona virus, according to the mayor of Deir Istiya, which is confirmed by statistics in this field, in addition to that the settlers in the neighboring settlements do not adhere to the measures to prevent Corona virus, and they roam the valley in a way Provocative in the form of groups, which poses a threat to the Palestinian farmers, who number more than 70 farmers with owners of beekeepers, beekeepers and herders.

Citizens in the valley and the surrounding areas say that they are living in a state of fear when coming to the valley to take care of their winter crops. What settlers see from them raises their concerns, especially since the valley is surrounded by eight settlements where the epidemic has spread.

In a remarkable development, settlers belonging to the terrorist organization “Youth of the Hills” attacked Palestinians last week, and burned two vehicles that were on the spot near “Street 90” in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Members of the “Youth of the Hills” were masked, threw stones at the Palestinians and sprayed tear gas on them. The occupation army had collected twenty members of this terrorist organization, and put them in the home quarantine, in a facility affiliated with him, near the location of the attack, because of the possibility of being infected with the virus, and had provided them with beds, food, a generator, and additional equipment. They were carrying them, and they attacked the Palestinians.

It is worth mentioning that the settler attacks are carried out with the cover and support of the occupation army and government, and in recent years resulted in the martyrdom and injury of a number of Palestinians in organized operations, behind which is known as the “Youth of the Hills” organization, and the “Paying Precious” terrorist movement, the most prominent of which was the crime of burning the family home Dawabshe in the village of Douma, which led to the death of Saad Dawabshe, his wife and their child, the kidnapping and burning of the Jerusalemite child Muhammad Abu Khudair, and the martyrdom of Aisha al-Rabi. The perpetrators of these crimes, who are well known to the occupation army and its police, were granted exemptions and innocence certificates from the trial.

In another context, the reactions to the agreement reached by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his opposition partner, Benny Gantz, regarding the annexation of Israel to the Palestinian valleys and the northern Dead Sea region, are referred to in the agreement referred to in the last weekly settlement report.

International reactions to the policies of Israel and the violations by the occupation authorities of Palestinian rights continue. The United Nations has confirmed its rejection of any approach to an agreement between “Israel” and the United States of America regarding the annexation of more Palestinian lands, considering it “to undermine the peace process.”

The Norwegian Refugee Council also warned that the Israeli authorities’ continued demolition and targeting of homes and water and sanitation facilities in the occupied West Bank is undermining efforts to limit the spread of the “Corvid 19” virus.

The following is the total weekly violations documented by the “National Office” during the observed period:


The Gush Ezion settlers flooded the land of the citizens in the Wadi Ashkheit area, north of Beit Ummar, planted with grapes, which belonged to the families of Sabarna and Awad for the second time in a week.

While two citizens were injured in an attack by settlers in the old city of Hebron, the families and activists succeeded in youth against settlement, preventing the settlers from setting up a new outpost in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in the center of Hebron. Shepherds also suffered bruises in an attack by settlers in the Hamra area of ​​the village of Tuwani east of Yatta in the south .


The settlers of “Sidi Bouaz” built on the lands of the citizens of Ain al-Qassis in the town of Al-Khader, south of Bethlehem, broke up 50 olive seedlings, in lands belonging to Safi al-Din Muhammad Da`du.

The settlers of “Sidi Bouaz” also uprooted 350 olive seedlings in the Al-Sha`f area from the town’s lands, and seized them, which belong to Khaldoun Ibrahim Sobeih.

Yesterday, settlers erected a mobile home, “Caravana”, in the lands of “Jeb Al-Deeb” near the village of Al-Fardis, east of Bethlehem, taking advantage of the state of emergency in the governorate, as part of their efforts to expand the borders of the Zdebar settlement built on the lands of citizens.


The “Berkane” settlers, established on the lands of Salfit governorate, put a worker who has been staying in the settlement for several days, on the road, because he has symptoms of the Corona virus.

The Community Protection Committee monitored the occupation forces’ assault on the project “protecting the rights and dignity of the Palestinian population under occupation in accordance with international humanitarian law.


Settlers cut down a number of olive trees planted within the lands of Qaryut village, southwest of Nablus, using automatic saws. It is owned by Mahmoud Ratib Hussein, and it is located in the (Al-Khula area) west of the village, near the “Ayleh” settlement.

This attack on trees was discovered after the occupation forces allowed farmers, through coordination, to reach their lands in that area to plow them. The settlers also cut about 36 perennial olive trees on the lands of Qaryut at the end of the week, while the “Shilo” settlers installed a mobile home in the Ras Muwais area of ​​Qaryut lands.

Jordan Valley

The occupation forces stormed two barriers established in the Ain al-Bayda and Bardala regions in the northern Jordan Valley, to limit the movement of citizens, as part of a plan to confront the “Corona” epidemic.

A group of settlers assaulted a number of citizens in the Jordan Valley with stones and tear gas. And they left their cows grazing wheat and barley crops for a number of citizens in the “Umm al-Quba” area. The Occupation Authorities also notified the removal of a number of agricultural facilities in the villages of Al-Jiftlik and Frosh Beit Dajan in the Jordan Valley. And orders to remove facilities were attached to the Jordan Valley.

(Source / 19.04.2020) 

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