Israeli Forces Kidnap Five Palestinians Near Jenin

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Israeli occupation forces on Monday evening kidnapped five Palestinian workmen near At-Tur twon in the west of Jenin city, north of the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said that the Israeli soliders kidnapped the five citizens during their attempt to cross into the 1948 occupied lands ‘Israel’ through an opening in the aprthied fence near the town.

They added that forces bundled them into a military vehicle and drove off.

Before the coronavirus spread in Israel, hundreds of Palestinians from the West Bank used to enter Israel every day for work through dozens of manmade openings in the separation barrier or fence.

According to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, many Palestinian workmen have no choice but to risk entering without a permit. 

“They are caught between a rock and hard place: On one hand, Israel issues permits sparingly, based on arbitrarily chosen stringent criteria. On the other hand, it prevents the development of an independent Palestinian economy by restricting imports, exports, industrial development and movement, and by taking over land reserves and other Palestinian resources. This leaves Palestinians with no possibility to make a substantial living within the West Bank. This reality serves Israeli interests, as it guarantees cheap [and] disempowered labor,” B’Tselem says.

(Source / 14.04.2020) 

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