Coronavirus Outbreak: Ministry Of Health In Gaza Warns Serious Conditions

A Media Forum held by Alresalah Media Institution for the health situation in the besieged Gaza Strip under the Coronavirus epidemic on Wednesday.

Doctor Medhat Abbas, the head of international cooperation in the Ministry of Health in Gaza, warns that the health sector is at the edge of a catastrophe in light of the coronavirus epidemic and the ongoing Israeli siege.

“Gaza strip is in urgent need of medical equipments and the Ministry of Health appeals to all international organizations and institutions to provide emergency assistance to just over two million people in the enclave,” Dr. Abbas said.

He noted that the Ministry of Health of Gaza’s first priority in light of the Coronavirus outbreak is to prevent the pandemic through taking serious measures to keep it away from Gaza Strip.

The 14-year-old Israeli siege and the three deadly wars on Gaza Strip caused catastrophic consequences on the Medical sector in Gaza, he added.

Five schools and all the medical facilities were prepared to be quarantine centers in case of coronavirus outbreaks in the Gaza Strip, the most densely populated area in the world, he continued.

“We face a very serious lack of testing KITS of COVID-19, and the Israeli siege aggravates the situation,” he added.

Dr. Abbas called on the world to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to immediately leave the suffocating siege on Gaza as the situation is horrifically dangerous and the medical sector is fragile as well.

(Source / 09.04.2020)

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