40 cases of “Corona” of children out of 252 cases in Palestine

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that the number of confirmed cases of “Corona” virus in Palestine has risen to 252 infected, after registering 15 new cases of the coronary virus emerging on Monday morning.

A government spokesman in Ramallah, Ibrahim Melhem, said that 15 new cases of Corona virus have been registered today, raising the death toll to 252 cases since the outbreak of the disease in Palestine.

Melhem added in a press statement this morning that the injuries were distributed in the areas: Bedouin, northwest of Jerusalem, one injury, Al-Jadira village, northwest of Jerusalem, 6 injuries, Qatana village, northwest of Jerusalem 4, and the town of Bani Naim, Hebron Governorate 3, and the village of Khirbet Abu Falah, Ram Governorate God is one hit.

For his part, Kamal Al-Shakhra, Director General of Primary Care at the Ministry of Health, said that among the injured are 40 children and 183 injured, ages 18-59 in the West Bank .

Al-Shukhara indicated in the morning press briefing today that the Bedouin, Qatana, Al-Jadira (Jerusalem District) and Betonia (west of Ramallah) towns have become fully endemic areas after the virus has spread in them to encompass entire families. Calling not to wander in these areas .

He revealed that the random samples that were taken by the Ministry of Health from Yatta in the far south of the West Bank to Jenin in the far north indicated that there are a small number of individuals in this sample infected with corona. He pointed out that the results of the examinations of this sample will be announced at a later time .

 He noted that the contacts that took place with the Israeli crew revealed that they did not carry out checks for the crews working in poultry slaughterhouses in the settlement of Attarot, south of Ramallah, and the country in occupied Palestine in 48, to find out the reason for the spread of the disease in the factories and in the families of the workers quickly.

He stressed that all those infected with Coronavirus are in a good and stable condition, noting that there are 4 cases in intensive care at the “Hugo Chavez” hospital north of Ramallah, and their condition is stable until this morning. He noted that 12 new cases had recovered, “and they will be examined to ensure their recovery.”

However, “some tests were carried out on the previously injured patients at the National Center, Hugo Chavez Hospital and Tulkarm. We have 12 patients whose samples are recovering, pending their third examination.”

Regarding the regression of the disease:

“We are awaiting the arrival of the last worker from the inside, and if the smuggling of workers happens again, the ceiling of surrounding the disease cannot be determined. This depends on the closure of the borders and the full barriers, but it is clear that the Israelis are not concerned with that,” he said.

He stressed: “Until Wednesday, it will be a return for the workers, and we will, within 10 days of the last day of their entry, study the whole areas in order to take samples from them to make sure there are no cases. Commitment to the compulsory home quarantine for all workers to protect their families, which is the only way to block the virus.”

In turn, the spokesman for the “Ramallah Interior”, Ghassan Nimer, indicated that the number of children infected with “Corona” has reached 40 children as of this morning, in addition to 23 patients over the age of 60 and 183 between 18-59 years.

Nimer stated in the press briefing that 99 confirmed cases of “corona” in the occupied Jerusalem suburbs, 58 in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, 13 in Hebron, 52 in Bethlehem, 5 Tulkarem, 5 Nablus, 12 Gaza Strip, and one case in Salfit and Jenin .

(Source / 07.04.2020) 

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