15 raids into Al Aqsa mosque, 47 bans of Adhan at Ibrahimi mosque during last March

Ramallah (QNN)- The Ministry of Islamic Waqf said that the occupation stormed Al Aqsa mosque 15 times and banned Adhan 47 times at the Ibrahimi mosque during last March.

In its monthly report, the Ministry added that the occupation continued to follow its policy of exile against worshipers and employees at both mosques. The Israeli authorities summoned the manager of Al Aqsa mosque for interrogation and stormed the house of the head of the Council of Waqf, Sheikh Abdel Azim Salhab before imposing a 5000 Shekel fine (over $1300) on him because he performed Friday prayer at the holy mosque.

Also in last March, extremist Jewish groups called for mass raids into Al Aqsa mosque in several events, including the elections as well as Jewish holidays. Benjamin Netanyahu prayed in a tunned under the holy mosque to win the elections.

A plan by extremist groups surfaced last month as well. The plan aims at building a temple instead of Al Aqsa mosque but without demolishing the Dome of the Rock.

In regard to the Israeli assaults against native Palestinians in the city, the Israeli police confiscated sterilization pumps from Palestinians, who were sterilizing public utilities during the coronavirus crisis, and imposed heavy fines on them.

Israeli cops also attacked female worshipers near Hittah gate and started constructing a settlement road only for Israelis.

Israeli police closed the gates to the holy mosque in several incidents.

In the Ibrahimi mosque, the Israeli authorities banned Adhan in 47 times and closed the entrance to the Shuhada street under the pretext of allowing settlers to celebrate Jewish holidays.

The occupation state had closed the Shuhada street for Palestinians’ vehicles, which is the main street in the occupied city, back in 1994 then closed it for Palestinian pedestrians as well in 2000, making it a settlers-only street and deepening its apartheid system.

(Source / 05.04.2020) 

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