Al-Khudari: $ 200 million in Gaza losses due to Corona

Jamal Al-Khudari, head of the People’s Committee to Face the Siege in the Gaza Strip, said on Friday that the economic losses in the sector amounted to 200 million dollars during the past month due to measures to confront the Corona virus, as well as the ongoing Israeli blockade on Gaza.

Al-Khudari explained in a press statement to him, that these losses are direct and indirect, and include all economic sectors, industrial, commercial, contracting, tourism and others.

He pointed out that the majority of businesses are stalled, and that the economic stalemate is controlling the sector, and that this coincides with a scarcity of liquidity, in addition to the continuation of the blockade.

He pointed out that unemployment and poverty rates have increased more than they were, indicating that the current situation is catastrophic and requires work to pressure the occupation to end the siege, and Arab, Islamic and international solidarity to relief the sector and provide it with medical, food and humanitarian needs.

Al-Khudari called on UNRWA to increase food allocations, work with donors to urge them to fulfill their obligations and increase food and drug allocations, calling on the Ministry of Social Development to work with the relevant authorities and Arab and Islamic countries, to support and compensate the segments that were directly affected in order to enhance their resilience, and increase the segment of families benefiting from support to meet This case is unprecedented.

(Source / 03.04.2020) 

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