Watchdog: Concerns over lives of 28 Palestinian prisoners who spent over 25 years in Israeli jails

Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies said 28 prisoners are more vulnerable to coronavirus

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies expressed concerns for the lives of 28 Palestinian prisoners, who spend over 25 years in a row in Israeli jails and they are still jailed.

The spokesman for the center, Riyadh Ashqar, said in a press statement on Tuesday that the long-serving prisoners are more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus they are old and they spent many years in jail, which negatively affected their health. Also, most of them suffer from chronic diseases.

Ashqar called on releasing the long-serving prisoners amid the exceptional conditions due to the coronavirus epidemic, especially that an agreement between the occupation state and the PLO was made 7 years ago to release all the long-serving prisoners. The Israelis released three groups of the prisoners but violated the agreement and stopped releasing the prisoners after that.

26 of the 28 prisoners were supposed to be released in accordance with the 2013 agreement when only 74 out of the 104 prisoners were released. Three prisoners were released after that after serving 22 years in jail and Faris Baroud died in jail after spending 28 years.

Most of the long-serving prisoners have been arrested even before the Oslo accords and they served over 25 years in Israeli jails. 12 of them live in the land occupied in 1948.

(Source / 01.04.2020) 

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