Palestinian Farmers Surprised By Israeli Army Closure Of Agricultural Roads

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Palestinian famers said on Tuesday that they were surprised by Israeli forces storming the greenhouses they were working in and forcing them to leave them while a bulldozer started to close nearby agricultural roads with dirt.

They said the bulldozer of the Israeli army closed with dirt mounds agricultural roads linking the villages of Kafa and Shufa with a number of neighboring villages southeast of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm.

Head of Shufa village council, Fuzat Droubi, told the Official WAFA news agency  that the Israeli army closed several roads used by local farmers to reach their lands and which are located near the illegal settlement of Avni Haifetz, built on village lands, and thus preventing the movement of farmers, access to their farmland and grazing their sheep.

He added that the goal of closing these roads is for settlement purposes, to seize more Palestinian lands, and to protect settlers, especially one settler who unilaterally set up a mobile home and three plastic greenhouses in that area, in addition to raising more than 100 sheep grazing on local farmers’ lands, and, who, under threat of arms and protected by the soldiers, assault farmers working on their land in that area.

(Source / 31.03.2020) 

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