Fail: Reuters Takes Down Tweet Referring To “Palestine”

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Media bias in the mainstream media outlets is not a new problem. Yet, as we increasingly hang on every word from news websites and social media,  you might be surprised at how deeply it colors our understanding of the world.  Most people have a basic awareness that “bias” is the emphasis of one particular worldview or moral compass, while the opposing views are intentionally oppressed. These days, however, there’s a lot more nuance to what’s keeping most audiences in a cycle of rage, fear, and confusion about everything. 

In reality, bias can be subtle, sometimes imperceptible. The problem of bias has become so prolific that the popular caricature of news outlets is one of unfair, inaccurate, and biased reporting. Public trust of news media outlets is low.

It was not a surprise to see Reuters news agency “correcting” a tweet referring to “Palestine” with another that doesn’t include “Palestine”.

The tweet, which read, “A man in Palestine uses his donkey-drawn cart to transport an old car to a scrap yard. See more from our oddly around the world gallery” was nothing but just a caption a photo in Palestine.

Within hours, Reuters issued a new tweet announcing that the tweet that “incorrectly” referred to Palestine had been deleted.

(Source / 24.03.2020) 

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