Father Of Palestinian Killed By Israeli Soldiers Sentenced, Mother Delayed Release

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The father of a Palestinian killed last year by Israeli occupation soldiers was sentenced today to 18 months in prison plus 12 months suspended sentence as his mother, who was supposed to be released from prison today, was kept in jail to serve more time, according to the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Commission.

It said an Israeli occupation military court in the north of the West Bank sentenced Walid Naalweh, from Shweikeh neighborhood in Tulkarm, to 18 months in prison, 12 months suspended sentence for five years, and 3000 Israeli shekels (around $800) fine.

Naalweh’s wife, Wafa Mehdawi, 56, who was supposed to be released today by an Israeli court order after being detained for 18 months, was delayed freedom for few more days.

An Israeli occupation military court at Ofer army camp near Ramallah had rejected an appeal by the military prosecutor to keep Mehdawi in prison and ordered her release on March 19 after imposing on her a fine of 40,000 Israeli shekels (around $10,000).

The military prosecutor has appealed in December of last year an earlier military court’s ruling sentencing Mehdawi for 18 months and $13,000 fine in an attempt to keep her in prison for a much longer period.

At the same time, a military court had extended the prison sentence of Amjad Naalweh, son of Walid and Wafa, by one more year and a fine of 70,000 Israeli shekels ($app. 19,000), while their daughter, Fayroz, and her husband were released from prison after being held for several months.

The army had also demolished last year the Naalweh home in Shweikeh.

The Israeli measures against the entire Naalweh family came in reprisal for their son’s, Ashraf, alleged killing in October 2018 of two Israeli settlers in the illegal settlement of Burkan, near the Palestinian city of Salfit in the north of the West Bank.

Ashraf was later killed by soldiers in Askar refugee camp in Nablus two months after being pursued by the army.

(Source / 19.03.2020) 

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