Israel’s DM twitter hacked with ‘freedom for Palestine’ tweet

Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett, 6 December 2015 [Brookings Institution/Flickr]

Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett, 6 December 2015

The Twitter account of Israel’s defense minister suffered a hack, Anadolu Agency reports.

The anonymous hacker of Naftali Bennett’s account posted a tweet demanding “freedom for Palestine” with the Palestinian flag.

Another tweet showed the Turkish flag with the Turkish national anthem in English.

Israel’s DM threatens Gaza: ‘We’re preparing something’

Although Bennet later recovered his account, he did not comment until 8.00 GMT on the incident.

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Um no one screenshot it it’s already Unavailable what happened?

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Screenshot of tweet by Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett #FreePalestine

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PA security services ‘brutally’ arrest Fatah MP in West Bank

File photo of Palestinian Authority (PA) security services.

Palestinian Authority (PA) security services

On Friday, Palestinian Authority (PA) security services “brutally and barbarically” arrested Fatah MP Husam Khader from his house in the West Bank city of Nablus, his daughter, Amira Khader, revealed.

On her Twitter page, Amira Khader announced: “[PA] Protective Security Services broke into our house, accompanied by the Joint Forces (formed to crackdown on Abbas foes) in Balata Refugee Camp [in Nablus] and took my father forcefully.”

She added: “They took my father brutally and barbarically. I saw this brutality and barbarism in 2003 and 2011, when the Israeli occupation forces broke into our house and arrested my father. They attacked me as two armed officers prevented me from moving, pushed me and beat me.”

Abuse, Oppression and Murder: The PA Does Israel’s Dirty Work in the West Bank 

Khader’s detention came following his criticism of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s criticism of Palestinian doctors, who have been on industrial strike.

Khader stated that the abuse and “dirty insults” should disqualify Abbas as president and called for him to apologise to the doctors.

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Refusing to take yes for an answer

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas holds a press conference on Trump's so called peace plan in Ramallah, West Bank on 28 January 2020 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas holds a press conference on Trump’s so called peace plan in Ramallah, West Bank on 28 January 2020

By Asa Winstanley 

Some of Israel’s most successful strategies are simply its intransigence and extremism.

Even those of us opposed to Israeli war crimes – apartheid and occupation – should be honest enough to recognise the strengths of the enemy. It is only by knowing your enemy that you can work to defeat it.

Refusing to take “yes for an answer has been vital in the survival of the Zionist movement.

Every time I see Israeli officials and propagandists condemn the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a dictatorship, I think of this. The PA does almost everything within its power to help and protect the Israeli state, and yet it is never enough for the occupation. Israel refuses the take the PA’s “yes” for an answer.

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“When will you stop pushing for Palestinian refugees to return to their homes?” “Yes, we will,” answers the PA, in the person of the corrupt puppet, Mahmoud Abbas. The long-expired president of the PA, some years ago, announced that he would relinquish his right to return to his home in what is now present-day Israel.

In 1948, when he was a young boy, Abbas and his family were forced out of their home in the Palestinian city of Safed. This was part of the “Nakba, the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist militias.

But, in 2012, Abbas stated that he should only be able to “visit” Safed, and not to live there.

It was a shocking statement to many Palestinians, but nothing really new for Israel’s collaborationist PA. The right of return of all refugees to return to their homes after a war is inalienable, and enshrined in international law. No matter what Abbas’s individual desires are, Palestinian refugees have the right to return.

Abuse, Oppression and Murder: The PA Does Israel’s Dirty Work in the West Bank 

Yet, as usual, Israel determinedly and stubbornly refused to take Abbas’s “yes” for an answer. The attempted relinquishment of the right of return by Abbas was not enough. Israel insisted on complete and total surrender, demanding a return to “negotiations” before they would even allow Abbas to visit his home town.

As a more recent Israeli election poster put it: “Peace is only made with defeated enemies.” The billboard featured Abbas on his knees wearing a blindfold.

Israel has correctly recognised that Abbas’s abrogation of his right to return is all but useless, as long as the Palestinian people as a whole continue their century-long refusal to accept that they are a defeated people, and their 72-year-long demand for the right to return to their homes in Palestine.

Internationally, too, Israel in its propaganda, black-ops, lobbying and diplomacy, continuously refuses to accept “yes” for an answer.

The sad state of affairs in the Labour Party since 2015, demonstrates this more than ever.

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While he was leader, Jeremy Corbyn very timidly encouraged moves towards a minor shift in Labour Party policy towards something approximating solidarity with the Palestinian people. Thanks more to the Labour grassroots, and to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Labour’s manifesto last year did include a commitment to stop allowing British arms to go to Israel.

But all of this came at a cost: a relentless and incessant smear campaign claiming that Corbyn and the party at large were anti-Semitic.

Attempting to get them off his back, Corbyn relented time and time again, making more and more concessions. Good left-wing comrades were thrown under the bus – investigated, suspended, disciplined and expelled.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

A totally bogus, pro-Israel mis-definition of anti-Semitism (the IHRA’s so-called working definition, which defends Israel even while failing to protect Jews) was imposed on the Labour Party in 2018.

John McDonnell claimed at the time that it would draw a line under the years of smears. Everyone knew he was wrong, but far too many people complied regardless – reluctantly or otherwise.

Every time another concession was made by the leadership, members were told it was this that would finally bring an end to the issue of the smears.

By the end, Corbyn himself seemed changed. It was a very sorry state of affairs. He gave up so much, but won nothing – he was relentlessly and mercilessly smeared as an anti-Semite, regardless of how many times he condemned anti-Semitism, or lied that Labour had a major  “problem” with anti-Semitism.

In the end, this was a major factor in his electoral defeat.

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Throughout it all, Israel and its British propagandists doggedly refused to accept “yes” for an answer. No matter how many times Corbyn backed down, it was never enough. In fact, each and every concession and apology was pocketed and waved around as if it were proof of the “problem”.

And then, they would demand more and more and more.

From Israel’s perspective, this is the correct position to take.

The left should learn from the enemy and start refusing to back down – to start fighting back. It is only when you stop running, that they will stop chasing you.

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

Israel detains six Palestinian travelers from Gaza

Israeli authorities have been reportedly detained six Palestinians from Gaza since early 2020. Those arrested are said to be travelers, who were passing through the Israel-controlled Erez checkpoint, north of the Gaza Strip.

According to a statement, released on Friday by the Ramallah-based Palestine Center for Detainee Studies, the sixth Gaza traveler is a trader, who was held in custody by Israeli authorities, after he passed into Israel earlier on Friday.

The statement read that the trader is called Ammar Jundiya, 38, and resident of the Shija’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza city. Jundiya was crossing through Erez, en-route to the Palestinian West Bank, when Israeli security personnel detained him, the statement noted.

Between January and February of this year, Israeli security personnel have arrested three other Gaza-based traders, while they were en-route to Jordan, via the same Erez crossing. Two other residents from southern Gaza were detained when they applied for permits for movement, right at the crossing itself.

The Palestine Center for Detainee Studies said that Israeli authorities use the crossings, under Israel’s control, as a means to extort Gaza residents by trying to coerce them to act as collaborators and informants for the Israeli military, in return for  meeting their various needs, such as movement, working, trading or even medication.

Over the past 13 years of a crippling Israeli blockade on Gaza, Israel has imposed widespread restrictions on movement of Palestinian Gaza-based residents and goods, under alleged security reasons.The Erez crossing is considered to be a main outlet for the residents of Gaza, in and out of the coastal enclave. According to international law, Israel remains an occupying power that should be responsible for the welfare of the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip, according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory. 

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

15-Year Old Boy Hit by Israeli Rubber Bullet While in School

In the al-Isawiyya area of Jerusalem on Tuesday, Israeli forces fired a rubber-coated steel bullet into a schoolyard, injuring 15-year-old student Mohammad Awni Atiya in his hand.

The incident took place at the “Boys Secondary School”, in the village of Al-‘Isawiya.

The Silwan Information Center reported that the Israeli Special Forces stormed Al-Madares Street in the village, in conjunction with the school’s break between the classes.

While students were buying from the vendors through the main school gate as usual, the soldiers got off their vehicle and walked parallel to the main gate.

Abu Al-Hummos added that the occupation forces attacked the school gates and pointed their weapons towards the students through the gates’ separators and fired rubber bullets without regard for the crowded courtyards, where the student Atiya was injured; he was immediately transferred for treatment.

The parents’ committee in al-‘Isawiya denounced the disregard for the lives of students and the failure to provide them with a safe environment even when they are inside their schools, not to mention the storming and deployment in Al-Madares Street in the morning and afternoon time.

The committee said: “The school yard was full of students, and the occupation’s claim that boys were throwing stones at the forces passing by in the area does not give them the justification for endangering the lives of all students,” noting that about 300 students study in the high school aged between 15-18 years.

The committee indicated that the 8-year old boy Malik Wael Issa was injured after the end of his school day while he was on his way to his home in the village last month, which led to the loss of his eye. The forces also raided the same school last November, and assaulted the administrative and educational staff and arrested a student, not to mention the daily provocations of students while going to their schools or returning to their homes.

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen 37 times

These Israeli violations came as part of Israeli restrictions imposed on Palestiniians’ movement

Israeli occupation forces and opened fire at Palestinian farmers and fishermen 37 times this week, UN OCHA’s Protection of Civilians Report said.

The report said that these Israeli violations came “in the context of ongoing access restrictions.”

It pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire in the areas adjacent to the eastern fence between Gaza and Israel, as well as off the coast of Gaza.

On one occasion, the Israeli occupation forces invaded Gaza and levelled Palestinian farms east of Gaza city of Khan Younis.

Also, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two Palestinians; one while he was near the eastern fence and the other was detained at Erez, while on his way out of Gaza.

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

UN: Israel wounded over 418 Palestinians in West Bank last week

The Palestinians were wounded as they were protested against the US deal of the century

Israeli occupation forces wounded over 418 Palestinians, 60 children during the last week across the occupied West Bank, UN reported revealed on Friday.

According to the report, “over 250 Palestinians, including around 60 children, were injured” when the Israeli occupation forces cracked down on two protests against settlement expansion south of the West Bank city of Nablus.

“The protests, which took place on 28 February and 2 March in Beita village in Nablus, were organised against past and expected attempts by Israeli occupation settlers to take over a hill near the village located in Area B,” the report said,

“An additional 168 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli occupation forces in other crackdowns across the occupied West Bank,” the report added.

It continued: “The largest incidents erupted during various protests, against the US deal of the century, which have been ongoing since 28 January; during a protest in ‘Asira al Qibliya village in Nablus, Al Fawwar refugee camp Al Khalil, Kafr Qaddum village in Qalqiliya.”

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

IOF Injures Dozens Of Palestinians In West Bank Protests

Photos File

Dozens of Palestinian citizens were wounded on Friday when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) quelled weekly marches in the West Bank.

Local sources said that violent confrontations broke out between Palestinian demonstrators and IOF soldiers in Kafr Qaddum village east of Qalqilya City.

The IOF attacked the peaceful protesters with live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters injuring a number of them.

The Palestinian residents of Kafr Qaddum take to the streets every Friday to protest the settlement expansion on their lands and call on the Israeli occupation authorities to open the village’s main road which has been closed for about 16 years.

Other clashes were reported between Palestinian youths and IOF soldiers at the northern and southern entrances to Qalqilya City.

Eyewitnesses said that the IOF fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters at the youths who responded by throwing stones.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian woman was wounded after the IOF opened fire at a Palestinian car near Tulkarem.

Local sources said that a woman in her fifties suffered moderate injuries in the upper part of her body after the IOF opened fire at the car which she was inside at a checkpoint near Tulkarem.

The woman was rushed to a hospital for treatment. No further details were given on the incident.

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

As A Precautionary Step, Ramallah City Sterilizes Mosques, Churches And Homes For The Elderly

Photos File

As part of its effort to combat the deadly coronavirus disease, the Ramallah municipality decided following an emergency meeting to take preventive measure starting with sterilization of a number of the city’s institutions as per the priority plan set by the municipality.

According to this plan, all places of Muslim and Christian worship as well as Ramallah City Hall in all its sections will be sterilized in the first stage, which will be followed by sterilization of homes of the elderly, societies and municipal facilities, and then waste containers and their environs and waste transport vehicles.

Ramallah Mayor Mousa Hadid said these measures were necessary in order to secure the safety of the city’s population and visitors.

The Ramallah municipality decided as well to postpone all activities it has organized and scheduled for March, close many facilities including the Tourist Information Center, the Recreational Complex, the Cultural Palace, the Old City Hall, the municipal theater and all public parks.

(Source / 07.03.2020) 

Coronavirus cases in Palestine rise to 16

JERUSALEM, PALESTINOW.COM – Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Keileh announced Friday that the number of cases of COVID-19 in Palestine has risen to 16.

She said in a press statement that nine new cases were confirmed in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

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The statement also said that there are 120 cases under home quarantine.

On Thursday, al-Keileh announced that Palestine’s first seven cases were detected in Bethlehem.

Following al-Keileh’s announcement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday declared a state of emergency in Palestine for 30 days.

In Gaza, schools and universities announced on Friday afternoon that they decided to close until further notice.

The United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East also announced that it decided to temporarily close all its schools in the Gaza Strip as a precautionary step.

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Meanwhile, the local health ministry in Gaza announced on Friday afternoon that the Gaza Strip is so far free of the novel coronavirus.

It called on the populations of the Gaza Strip to abide by the instructions of the health ministry and the World Health Organization.

(Source / 07.03.2020)