Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinian Farmer Near Nablus

A Palestinian man was injured, on Saturday evening, after he was attacked by Israeli settlers near the village of Burqa, north of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

Ghassan Daghlas, a local official monitoring illegal Israeli settler violence, told WAFA that a group of colonial settlers attacked and physically assaulted a Palestinian farmer identified as Mahmoud Hussein Hajji, 58, while he was working on his farm near the village.

Hajji reportedly sustained a moderate injury and was moved to hospital for medical treatment.

It is important to note that recently the incidence and severity of these attacks have escalated in recent times.

Also on Sunday, Israeli soldiers and settlers attacked a group of Palestinian activists planting olive trees in the Jordan Valley.

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Twelve Palestinians Shot by Israeli Forces, Including a Journalist, near Nablus

Several Palestinians, on Monday, were injured, when Israeli soldiers opened fire at them as they peacefully defended a mountain in Beita town, south of Nablus, against a settler takeover, local sources reported.

Palestinians gathered on the Jabal al-Arma mountain to protect their land, located in the northern occupied West Bank, from Israeli colonial theft.

Ghassan Daghlas, local settlement monitor told WAFA Palestinian News Agency that the Israeli soldiers shot live-fire, rubber-coated metal bullets and tear-gas canisters in a show of excessive use of force.

The Red Crescent said two people were injured from live bullets, ten were injured from rubber-coated metal bullets, including a fracture as well as fifty protestors who suffocated on tear-gas.

Mohammad Sayeh, a reporter, was shot by Israeli forces, whose condition was not known at the time of reporting.

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PA denies plan to make 8,000 Gaza employees retire early

Palestinian Authority (PA) employees demonstrated in Gaza City against a PA decision to impose drastic salary cuts for its Gaza-based employees, on 8th April 2017

The Palestinian Authority has denied reports that it is planning to make 8,000 of its employees in Gaza take early retirement, sources at the Ministry of Finance have told Al-Watan Voice.

“We have not issued any statement about this,” the sources insisted. “All that has been published in this regard is propaganda and baseless claims.”

The statement was issued after several local media outlets mentioned a plan by the PA to make the move after completing a data review of all employees.

According to the media reports, most of those to be affected by the plan will come from the PA security services.

The PA’s denial is being treated with some scepticism because it has already forced thousands of members of its security and civil service employees in Gaza to take early retirement.

Such retirement, it was pointed out, means that the employees in question will continue to receive 50 per cent of their salary from the Ministry of Finance; they will not be registered with the Retirement Commission as pensioners.

Netanyahu: Annexation has started, PA and Jordan threats don’t matter

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Report details Israel’s February violations against Palestinian media

Anchors at Palestine TV at 9 o’clock News Bulletins show their solidarity with Palestinian photojournalist Mua’az Amarnah who lost his eye in an Israeli shooting that was aimed at him while covering an Israeli attack on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron 

The Journalists’ Support Committee (JSC) reported on Sunday that Israel committed 84 violations against Palestinian media during February.

The JSC said that Israeli occupation forces wounded 24 Palestinian journalists by shooting steel-coated rubber bullets at them while they were carrying out their work.

Israel also tried to prevent Palestinian journalists from covering the violations committed by its occupation forces.

As part of these efforts, the Israeli occupation forces arrested eight Palestinian journalists. Although four were released, the other four are still in prison.

The detention of five other journalists was extended by the occupation authorities during February.

The JSC pointed out that at least six Palestinian journalists being held by Israel have been prevented from meeting their lawyers and subjected to harsh interrogation, including verbal and physical abuse.

The Palestinian artist jailed by Israel for the ‘crime’ of inspiring his people

In the report, it was revealed that the Israeli occupation imposed very high fines on four Palestinian journalists before putting them under house arrest or expelling them from their home cities.

Journalists have been beaten by security forces and prevented from travelling in the course of their work.

Employment and Press accreditation documents have been confiscated by Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel is continuing to put pressure on social media sites to censor anything remotely pro-Palestine. Many journalists’ and media accounts have been suspended or closed accounts.

Ironically, three Palestinian journalists from the occupied West Bank, said the JSC, were taken before Israeli courts on the day that the Committee’s report was issued.

According to rights groups, there are 22 Palestinian journalists inside Israeli jails. There are around 5,500 Palestinians prisoners being held by Israel, including 42 women and girls, 250 children, 450 under administrative detention and around 1,000 in need of urgent medical care.

Report: 56 wounded in Israel crackdown on Palestinians in Jordan Valley

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Israel: Netanyahu pledges ‘immediate’ annexation of key Palestinian territories if re-elected

Israeli settlement of Givat Zeev, near the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on 19 November 2019 [AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images]

Israeli settlement of Givat Zeev, near the Palestinian city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, on 19 November 2019

In a last-minute bid for votes in today’s election, Benajmain Netanyahu has pledged to annex key parts of the occupied West Bank within “weeks” if re-elected.

Netanyahu made the pledge during an interview with Israeli public radio yesterday, envisioning the annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of the occupied West Bank.

Adding that the plan is part of “four major immediate missions” which would take no longer than two months”.

The long serving prime minister previously said that Israel has the “full right… if we chose” to annex the Jordan Valley and other strategic parts of the occupied West Bank.

Netanyahu listed his three other “immediate missions” as “eradicating the Iranian threat”, signing a “historic” defence treaty with the US, and exacting major economic reforms to reduce the cost of living.

The self-declared Jewish state is going to the polls today for the third time in a year, with 6.3 million people eligible to cast their votes in polling stations.

Netanyahu is seeking to secure a clear victory, after previous elections in April and September failed to produce a winner.

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Special voting booths covered in plastic sheeting have been set up across the country to allow the 5,000 people under precautionary quarantine over coronavirus fears, to vote.

The election comes only weeks before Netanyahu is due to face trial on criminal corruption charges on 17 March.

The 70-year-old leader was indicted in November in three major cases, including allegations that he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in luxury gifts, such as litres of champagne, from wealthy associates, in return for positive news coverage.

The right-wing leader has termed the charges “false” and “politically motivated”, but, if convicted, could face up to ten years in jail.

Opposition leader and a former military chief of staff, Benny Gantz, has focused his campaign on Netanyahu’s character, arguing that a man accused of serious crimes is unfit to lead.

On 26 February, Gantz lashed out at the Israeli prime minister saying “Netanyahu, look me in the eye. Because of your obsession with evading trial, you’re lying, attacking, dividing, mudslinging, spreading malicious rumours and inciting.”

While, Netanyahu told Channel 12 that Gantz “is weak; he’s not a leader”, adding that the opposition leader was “not fit” to be prime minister.

Exit polls from the election are expected later today, after polling stations close at 22:00 (20:00 GMT).

Beyond Israeli Elections: Israel at the Cusp of a Bleak Era

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Israeli Defense Minister Admits An Attempt To Kill Islamic Jihad leader

Israeli defense minister, Naftali Bennet, admitted this week an Israeli assassination attempt of a senior Islamic Jihad leader in Damascus, in November of last year.

The defense minister’s assertion came during an interview with Israeli TV channel 12, in which Bennet spoke of his army’s actions to curb what Israel terms Palestinian terrorist groups, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The assassination attempt in the Damascus suburb of Almozza, claimed the life of Moaath Akram Aljouri, son of Akram Aljouri, who is a senior aid of the  Islamic Jihad’s leader in exile and the Diaspora, Ziyad Alnakhalla.

Bennet also admitted that the assassination attempt against Alajouri coincided with a similar attempt in Gaza, in which senior military leader of the Islamic Jihad group in the coastal territory, Bahaa Abhu al-‘Ata, 42, was killed along with his wife, when Israeli warplanes struck Abuelatta’s Gaza home, on November 12, 2019.

The two simultaneous assassination attempts sparked retaliation by the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, where the group fired several hundreds of projectiles on nearby Israeli areas, with few slight injuries and minor causalities, reported.

Bennet’s remarks came shortly ahead of Israel’s third round of parliamentary elections, in which his Likud party is a major competitor to other Israeli parties such as the White and Blue of Benny Gantz.

Both Likud and Blue And White parties failed in both September’s and April’s rounds of elections, last year, to bring an elected government, despite the fact that they both won major seats in the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset.

Over the past several decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel has carried out numerous assassination attempts against influential Palestinian political and armed resistance leaders, including seniors of the Islamist Hamas party, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestinian and the Fatah party of current Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

Targeted killing or assassination of Palestinians is regarded by international law as an extrajudicial killing.

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Updated: Israeli Army Reports to Palestine on Army’s Killing of Three Youth in Gaza

Updated: The Israeli army informed the Palestinian Civil Affairs, on Sunday evening, of the details of the deaths of three Palestinian youth from Gaza, for their alleged infiltration from the eastern part of the central Gaza Strip in January.

On Sunday, Palestine TV said that the Israeli army has officially informed the civil affairs department of the death of Muhammad Abu MandeelSalem Al-Naami, and Mahmoud Saeed, on the pretext of their alleged infiltration from the eastern Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, January 21, the Israeli army submitted a report about the killing of three Palestinian youth, for their alleged attempt to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the army said that its forces, behind the perimeter fence of the besieged Gaza Strip, monitored three young men who crossed the fence in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and entered a wooded area near the border, Maan News Agency reports.

The statement claimed that “the army forces rushed to the area, cordoned it off, before combing it in search of them”, claiming that the youth had dropped an explosive device towards the forces that resulted in no injuries.

Updated From:
Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Palestinians In Gaza
January 22, 2020 4:26 AM

Israeli soldiers killed, on Tuesday evening, three young Palestinian men near the perimeter fence, in central Gaza, after the army alleged they breached the fence and hurled grenades.

The army claimed that the three managed to breach the fence and advanced approximately 400 meters, before they hurled a grenade, or an explosive, at a military post.

According to the army, the soldiers fired many live rounds, and shells, at the three Palestinians, leading to their death.

Palestinians in Gaza said the soldiers executed the three Palestinians, and were not in any danger, especially since they ordered them to remove their clothes before killing them, the Maan News Agency has reported.

The three slain Palestinians have been identified as Mohammad Hani Abu Mandeel, 18, Salem Zuweid an-Na’ami, 18, and Mahmoud Khaled Sa’id, 18. The three are from Central Gaza. The three were from al-Maghazi Central Gaza.

The corpses of the three Palestinians remain held by the army.

(Source / 02.03.2020) 

Israeli army abducts 10 Palestinians from the West Bank

In pre-dawn raids on Monday, Israeli forces abducted seven Palestinians from various parts of the West Bank, and three from Silwan, in Jerusalem.

The Israeli army reportedly abducted a 25-year-old Palestinian man from the West Bank district of Salfeit, early Monday morning.

According to Said Zedan, the mayor of Deir-Istiya town, in the Salfit region, Israeli troops stormed the town and abducted Yusri Abdel Qader Zedan, 25, after having broken into the man’s home, early on Monday morning.

In Jerusalem, Israeli forces abducted Suhaib Arafat al-Aawar, Gabriel Abdel-Moneim Al-Awar and Abdel-Moneim Al-Awar, after they raided their homes in the town of Silwan and ransacked the interior of the homes.

In Hebron district, Israeli forces abducted a Palestinian from the village of Beit al-Roche al-Fawqa, southwest of Hebron, and searched several homes in the district.

Local sources told the Palestinian Wafa News Agency that the Israeli military abducted Hassan Nasser Harbi Kashur, after detaining him along with a number of other young men, and interrogating them, in the yard of the Beit Al-Roche Al-Fawqa Secondary School.

In addition, the Israeli military also searched the house of the freed prisoner Ali Salhab Al-Tamimi, who spent 18 years in the detention camps of the occupation. He had only been released a month ago.

The Israeli troops ransacked his home, located in the Bab al-Zawiya area in the center of Hebron..

In the village of Deir Samet, southwest of Hebron, Israeli forces searched and tampered with the contents of the homes of the citizens Hamza Ali Al-Hroub and Riyadh Mahmoud Safi Al-Hroub.

In Tulkarem, the occupation forces abducted: Ahmed Fayez Shallha (30 years), from Saida, and Omar Hamdan Ahmad Dahbour (29 years), from Tulkarem camp.

Pre-dawn raids are a nightly occurrence by the Israeli military, during which the troops terrorize the Palestinian civilian population as they lie sleeping. The army invades towns, forces down doors, and drags sleeping residents from their beds to take them to interrogation centers and military bases for ‘harsh interrogation’ and imprisonment without charges.

(Source / 02.03.2020) 

Israeli Settlers Raze Palestinian Land in Northern West Bank

Illegal Israeli settlers on Sunday began razing tracts of land in the Palestinian villages of Qusra and Jurish, to the south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, according to local sources.

Ghassan Daghlas, a local official in charge of monitoring settler violence, told WAFA Palestinian News Agency that settlers used bulldozers to raze lands in an area belonging to the aforementioned Palestinian villages.

Recently, the occupied West Bank has seen an increase in illegal settler attacks, storming of villages, vandalism, and physical assault and harassment against the Palestinian people.

It is important to note that settlers also recently cut down hundreds of olive trees, and grape vines belonging to Palestinians.

(Source / 02.03.2020) 

Closing Arguments Held in Case of Admitted Dawabsha Family Killer

5 years after a brutal act of terror by a gang of Israelis, who set a family’s home on fire, causing the deaths of the mother, father and baby, and leaving only the 4-year old alive, critically wounded with burns all over his body, the final arguments were presented Sunday in the case of the last Israeli charged with involvement in the murder of the Dawabsha family.

Amiram Ben-Ulliel was the ringleader of the group who set the fire, according to the prosecution and Ulliel’s own words. He led a group of teens, several of whom were underage, into the Palestinian village that night with the intent of harming Palestinians.

Ben-Ulliel has state in court and to police that he did participate in the murders, but prosecutors have so far failed to get a full conviction. Instead, the Israeli court ordered that his admission of guilt and description of the crime could be kept out of court because of Ben-Ulliel’s claim that he was tortured by Israeli police — a claim which police deny.

The indictment against Ben-Ulliel was changed five months ago, after a deal with the prosecution, from a charge of participating in the crime, to a lesser charge of planning to  commit a racially motivated crime.

The Israeli Central Court in Lod on Sunday held closing arguments in the case related to the burning and killing of the Dawabsha family by a group of settlers on the 31st of July 2015 who set their house on fire in the village of Douma, Nablus district.

Prosecutor Yael Atzmon presented a complex case, noting that in the many interrogations he underwent, there were points where he confessed to the arson murder, and that outside the course of those interrogations, he then reconstructed the crime at the scene in Duma.

But the relatives of the Dawabsha family have no hope that this final case will bring closure – since the lawyers for Amiram Ben Uliel had previously managed to get the charges against him significantly reduced.

This is despite the fact that Ben-Uliel has freely admitted his involvement in the crime, and had described the scene and progression of events in detail to Israeli interrogators in ways that he could not have known if he had not been a part of the crime.

The court set the date of April 26th for the release of its verdict in the case of Ben-Ulliel.

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