Gaza (QNN)- A ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza and the occupation state of Israel is holding after two days of fire exchange.

Following Egyptian and international mediation, the truce came into effect at 11:30pm (20:30 GMT) on Monday, Ihsan Ataya, a senior Islamic Jihad leader based in Lebanon, said in a press statement.

The resistance had on Monday announced a ceasefire to give mediation a chance. The Israelis immediately approved on the ceasefire.

During two days of fighting, Israeli warplanes bombed dozens of targets in the Gaza strip, including civilian targets. The resistance responded with heavy missile fire at surrounding Israeli settlements.

The escalation resulted in at least four injuries among Palestinians.

The escalation began after Israeli soldiers on Sunday shot dead Mohammed al-Naim in Khan Yunis, Gaza.

In a graphic video that went viral, an Israeli bulldozer mutilated al-Naim’s body and held its remains to use it as a bargaining chip in any future prisoners exchange.

Islamic Jihad responded by firing a barrage of rockets and mortar rounds at the occupied land, which started a fire exchange.

(Source / 25.02.2020) 

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