Soldiers Close Many Roads South Of Hebron

Israeli soldiers closed, on Sunday morning, several roads in Masafer Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Media sources said the soldiers installed sandhills and concrete blocks on many roads leading to Masafer Yatta, located east of Yatta town, south of Hebron, and prevented the Palestinians from crossing.

The added that the soldiers frequently close roads in that area, and its surroundings, preventing the Palestinians from moving around, or entering their own lands.

Masafer Yatta is subject to constant Israeli violations carried out by the soldiers and illegal colonists and aim at forcing the Palestinian out of their lands.

The soldiers also frequently demolish homes, or structures and sheds, in addition to handing demolition orders, rendering scores of Palestinians homeless.

(Source / 23.02.2020)

PCHR: IOF Abuses the Body of Palestinian in a Humiliating and Degrading Manner

On Sunday, 23 February 2020, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) shot and injured Palestinian civilians whom were trying to rescue and evacuate two persons that were targeted by IOF in eastern Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip.

IOF made a 150-meter incursion into the border and evacuated the body of a Palestinian it killed in the area after desecrating his body in a humiliating and cruel manner, trying to lift the body with a wheel loader several times and dropping the body back to the ground, then removing the body to the Israeli side of the border.

According to PCHR investigations, at approximately 05:40 on Sunday, 23 February 2020, IOF fired three artillery shells and live bullets at two persons who were 100 meters from the border fence with Israel in eastern ‘Abassan al-Jadida, eastern Khan Younis.

Minutes later, a group of Palestinian civilians arrived at the area at Jakar St., followed by an ambulance, and tried to recover the dead bodies. IOF reinforced along the border fence and several military vehicles and soldiers deployed on sand berms in the area.

Approximately 1 hour later, 3 civilians took off their upper clothing, remained in their undershirts and approached one of the dead bodies while carrying a stretcher in an attempt to recover the body. They managed to pull out the body and place it on the stretcher and march westward a few meters.

IOF fired lived bullets at them, wounding Mohammed Khaled al-Najjar, 19, in his lower body; forcing the young men to leave the dead body on the stretcher and evacuated al-Najjar into a civilian car that carried him to an ambulance. They later returned to the scene to evacuate the person on the stretcher. Meanwhile, an IOF wheel loader and tank moved into the location and sped in their direction.

The group managed to carry the dead man’s body with the stretcher, but IOF opened fire at them, so he fell to the ground. An Israeli wheel loader arrived at the area and attempted to evacuate the young man’s body. According to eyewitnesses’ statement and video clips taken by Palestinian journalists in the area, the Israeli wheel loader lifted the young man’s body and threw him on the ground several times. When Mo’taz Hasan al-Najjar, 21, attempted to recover his body, IOF opened fired live bullets at him, wounding him in his lower extremities.

The Israeli wheel loader continued abusing the deceased man’s body for 3 minutes in an attempt to lift him in a way that violates the sanctity of death. The wheel loader carried him from his upper cloths as his body hanged in a tormenting manner, and retreated into the Israeli side of the border fence.

It was later discovered that the person killed, and whose body was desecrated by IOF, was Mohammed ‘Ali Hasan al-Na’em, 27, from Khan Younis. Al-Quds Brigades, the Military Wing of Islamic Jihad Movement, declared that the killed man is one of its members. Furthermore, the young men managed to evacuate the other dead body from the area, who was also a member of armed groups from the area.

PCHR condemns IOF’s inhuman treatment against the victim’s corpse, which was extracted in a humiliating and degrading manner. PCHR, also, denounces the use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians, who attempted to recover the body.

PCHR also reiterates its call upon the High Contracting Parties to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfil their obligations under Article 1; i.e., to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances and their obligations under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Protocol (I) Additional to the Geneva Conventions regarding the guarantee of Palestinian civilians’ right to protection in the oPt.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 

Illegal Israeli Colonists Install Fences Around Grazing Lands In Northern Plains

Many fanatic illegal Israeli colonists invaded, Saturday, Palestinian grazing lands in the West Bank’s Northern plains, before installing fences around them.

Human rights activist Aref Daraghma said the colonists invaded the grazing lands, east of Khirbat Makhoul village, and north of Khirbat Samra.

He added that the colonists installed fences around large areas of grazing lands in the two areas, to completely prevent the Palestinian shepherds from entering them.

It is worth mentioning that the areas where the attacks took place are near a small illegal outpost that was installed by a fanatic illegal colonist, who brought his herd with the help of other colonists and remained there due to the complacency of Israeli soldiers.

Israeli soldiers also often attacked the Palestinian shepherds and force them away.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 

Israeli police kills Palestinian man in Jerusalem

Israeli forces block entrances around the Old City, after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli police for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]

Israeli forces block entrances around the Old City, after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli police for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020

Israeli police shot and killed a man who they claim tried to carry out a stabbing attack in the old city of Jerusalem on Saturday, Reuters reported a Israeli spokesman as saying.

According to the Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the man was armed with a knife when he came at police officers. The identity of the man was still being investigated, he said.

Israel has heightened security in Jerusalem in recent weeks due to elevated tension in the region after US President Donald Trump unveiled a Middle East Peace plan that Israel has embraced while Palestinians rejected as one sided.

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Israeli forces conduct a search of the area after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]
Israeli medical team carries a dead body of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]
Israeli forces block entrances around the Old City, after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli police for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]
Israeli forces block entrances around the Old City, after a Palestinian was killed by Israeli police for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli policemen at the Old City in Jerusalem on February 22, 2020 [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]

A number of local and international human rights groups have raised concerns that Israeli security forces have used excessive force when confronting Palestinians who carried out attacks or were suspected of doing so.

The Israeli police relaxed its open-fire regulations in December 2015, permitting officers to open fire with live ammunition on those throwing stones or firebombs as an initial option, without having to use non-lethal weapons first.

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(Source / 23.02.2020)

Updated 2: “Israeli Soldiers Kill One Palestinian, Injure Four, In Southern Gaza”

Update: The Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, has reported that the slain Palestinian was one of its members.

The Brigades stated that the Palestinian has been identified as Mohammad Ali Hasan an-Na’em, 27, from Khan Younis.

The slain Palestinian was unarmed and wasn’t even in military attire when the soldiers attacked him, along with many residents,  with their bulldozer, and live rounds.

Updated From Feb 23, 2020, at 10:58: Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Sunday morning, a young Palestinian man, and injured four, on Palestinian lands, in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli armored bulldozer was filmed repeatedly crushing the body of the slain Palestinian with its blade, then grabbing the corpse with the blade and swinging the body back and forth in the air.

The Israeli army claimed that its soldiers observed two Palestinians approaching the perimeter fence, before placing an explosive device.

It alleged that the soldiers then rushed to the scene and fired live ammunition at the two Palestinians, causing the explosive device to explode.

Israeli officials frequently make outrageous claims about Palestinians they kill, which are often proven later to be false.

Media sources in Gaza said several Palestinians tried to reach the two Palestinians to provide them with the needed medical care and move them to a hospital, but a military bulldozer sped towards them and drove over the corpse of the slain Palestinian, before scooping it using the bulldozer’s plow.

The second Palestinian was injured with a live round in his leg and was rushed to a hospital in Khan Younis after the Palestinians managed to evacuate him before the soldiers could reach him.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has reported that two other Palestinians were shot and injured by Israeli army fire while attempting to help evacuate the wounded.

Israeli sources initially quoted the army claiming its soldiers killed two Palestinians in the incident.

Despite the military claims, a video from the scene shows the corpse of the young man on Palestinian land in an area quite a distance away from the fence.

The bulldozer was speeding towards the Palestinians to prevent them from retrieving the corpse of the slain young man.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 

Palestinian Infant Among Dozens Who Suffered Severe Effects of Teargas Inhalation Near Ramallah

A Palestinian infant, only five months of age, along with dozens of residents, including schoolchildren, suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation, Sunday, after Israeli soldiers invaded Deir Nitham village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Media sources said the soldiers attacked dozens of residents, especially schoolchildren, by firing a barrage of gas bombs at the residents, particularly schoolchildren in their schools.

They added that dozens of Palestinians, especially school children, suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation, and received the needed treatment.

Furthermore, an infant, only five months of age, suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation while in her family’s home, especially when the soldiers fired the gas bombs at random, many striking homes and facilities.

The schools had to shut down and sent the students back to their homes in fear of additional Israeli military escalation.

It is worth mentioning that Deir Nitham has recently been subject to constant invasions and violations, especially after the soldiers closed it two northern entrances with sand hills, in addition to the permanent military roadblock on its eastern entrance.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 

Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians In Bethlehem, Abduct A Child In Qalqilia

Israeli soldiers injured, Saturday, many Palestinians and detained a photojournalist in Teqoua’ town, south of Bethlehem, and abducted one child in Qalqilia.

Media sources in Bethlehem, south of occupied Jerusalem, said the soldiers invaded Teqoua’ town, southeast of the city, and attacked Palestinian protesters with rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs.

They added that many Palestinians suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation and received the needed treatment by local medics.

Furthermore, the soldiers attacked many journalists and detained a photojournalist, identified as Emad Jabarin, for several hours.

In Qalqilia, in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted a child, identified as Ahmad Sameeh Labbat, 13, after the army attacked protesters near the military roadblock, south of the city.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 


Gaza (QNN)- In a heinous crime, the Israeli army murdered a Palestinian young man and wounded another in Gaza before sending a bulldozer to ram the body of the martyr and hold it.

Witnesses and video footage confirm that the Israeli army opened fire at the two young Palestinians in southern Gaza on Sunday, executing one of them and wounding the other.

Locals and medical teams tried to reach the young men before the Israeli army does. The army, however, sent a bulldozer that rammed and mutilated the body of the martyr Muhammad Na’em before confiscating it.

The video shows the Israeli bulldozer ramming the body of Na’em then hanging it on the bulldozer’s shovel in a barbaric act that stirred wide public outrage.

Locals succeeded to save the wounded young man although of the Israeli heavy fire that wounded many of them.

The Israelis claimed that both young men had explosive devices but the video clearly shows two defenseless young men, who were within Gaza borders. It also shows Israeli vehicles intruding into the strip while other soldiers waiting outside the border.

The despicable crime stirred controversy amid Israelis, not because of its sadistic nature but because the resistance was able to attack the bulldozer, which would endanger the lives of the soldiers for a small price.

The reporter of the Israeli Kan channel wondered about the reasons that pushed the army to “endanger the lives of its soldiers, sending them to confiscate the body of the martyr.”

“Does anyone really believe that pieces of the body of a Palestinian man would be a wild card in a prisoners swap with the resistance”, Gal Berger said.

Elior Levy, a political analyst for Ynet, said that the crime reflects the new policy of the minister of war Bennet, who wants to gather as many bodies as he can to put pressure on the resistance and make a prisoners swap deal.

“Why do they put the life of the military bulldozer’s driver in danger while he could be hit by a cornet missile.”

On the other side, the resistance factions made strong statements, commenting on the crime.

Islamic Jihad movement said that it will retaliate to the martyr, who was a member of the movement.

“Our fighters will retaliate to the blood of our martyrs the same way they did before, shelling Tel Aviv”, the movement stated.

“The hand that assaults our people will be chopped off.”

Hamas held the occupation state responsible for the aftermath of the crime. It added that the Israeli fascist policy is very dangerous as it underestimates any crime against Palestinians.

The PFLP confirmed that the crime reflects “Zionist organized terrorism based on Talmudic hallucinations.” Meanwhile, Fatah condemned the heinous crime and called on the world to protect the Palestinian people.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 


Halima Khandakji, a captive Palestinian woman has uncovered details of her suffering during interrogation inside Israeli detention cells, saying how investigators forced her to undress, prevented her from entering the toilet and tortured her.

Khandakji, 45, is a mother of three and resides in Deir Sudan town, Ramallah District. She was detained on Feb. 12 and is still in prison.

According to a report by the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, a lawyer has met Khandakji and listened to her complaints.

She said the Israeli police arrested her with no clear charges and transferred her to Moscovia Detention Center for interrogation.

The interrogation rounds lasted for long hours with verbal insults, she said. The occupation police threatened to keep her in detention cells and to arrest her child as a pressure to make her confess to the charges.

Khandakji also said forces handcuffed her at wall mount restraints, causing her to suffer severe aches in her back, hands and legs.

Over her nine-day stay in the Center, she said 13 detectives interrogated her before transferring her to Damon prison.

The condition of the cells in which she was detained was very bad and not suitable for humans.

The cell is very narrow and cold and its walls are made from rough concrete, which makes them difficult to lean on, she explained, adding that the mattress is thin and without any cover or pillow, and the light is kept on for 24 hours, and the bathroom smells bad.

(Source / 23.02.2020) 


Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian resistance on Sunday retaliated for the Israeli crime against Muhammad Na’em (27 years old) in eastern Khan Yunis, firing several missile and mortar barrages at surrounding settlements.

According to Israeli media, over 20 missiles were fired from the strip at surrounding settlements, where sirens sounded. Several injuries were reported among settlers due to panic and stampede.

Israeli authorities ordered to open shelters in Asqalan in addition to other places close to the Gaza strip.

The retaliation comes after the Israeli army murdered and mutilated the body of a Palestinian young man before holding what is left of it and wounded dozens of locals, who were trying to pull out the martyr’s body.

(Source / 23.02.2020)