Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- He was standing in front of his grandfather’s house, eating a sandwich and waiting for his two sisters, who were still waiting to get their sandwiches from the sandwiches stand. Only then, Malek’s eye was shot with a sponge bullet by the lurked Israeli soldiers.

Malek Issa (8 years old) is a student in one of Issawiyyeh’s schools. He left his school on Saturday with his sisters to their grandfather’s near house, from where their mother usually comes to pick them up home later.

As soon as they got off the school bus, they ran to a sandwiches stand in front of their grandfather’s house. Malek got his sandwich first. However, Israeli forces raided the neighborhood while school children were leaving schools.

Malek’s uncle, Mahmoud, told QNN that “everyone at the scene told us that Malek was eating a sandwich and trying to cross the street when a sponge bullet hit his head. He fell on the ground. His face was covered with blood but we found out that the bullet hit his forehead, above his nose and very close to his eye.”

Mahmoud added that the child was evacuated to Hadasah hospital in Issawiyyeh before being transferred to Hadasah Ein Kerem hospital to make more check-ups and surgeries, which did not stop until the early hours of Sunday.

“He was subjected to surgeries to fix fractures in his forehead and head. A gland in his nose was directly hit, which raised concerns that it would produce secretions that may cause a lethal inflammation if they reach the brain, but they could not control it”, Mahmoud added.

Mahmoud also told QNN that Malek’s eye was badly damaged, according to the doctors, and that Malek has probably lost it.

The child will stay under observation for 24 hours so that the doctors decide how to deal with his case.

Issawiyyeh has been subjected to daily Israeli raids, which put its citizens in constant danger and increase their concerns regarding the safety of their children.

(Source / 16.02.2020) 

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